Visual Art

Painting, photography, installation, sculpture

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Say it like it is. Freed from the constraints of real parameters and real public, those ad creatives can let their smart, bad minds run riot. The Chip Shop Awards were created to reward what only usually gets as far as the drawing board late at night. This design is nominated in the best charity ad section and the client was the British Heart Foundation.

Chip Shop Awards. Elmwood Gallery; 22-25 Aug; winners announced on 25 Aug, the Underbelly.


binding chopsticks into sturdy pyramid shapes. They are now piled up in a ten foot heap in the rear square of an ancient herb garden, down Dunbar’s Close, just off the Canongate. It’s a sanctuary at any time of the year - in August it’s a godsend. Kageyama gives us the zen on colours, farmers and inspiration.

Communication between we and everything (people . . . everything) inspires me.

There is not particularly one artist | most admire from the past. I respect all the people. not only artists. but also farmers or Buddhists.

Blue is my fav0urite colour Earth is blue.

In Edinburgh I’m most enjoying communication with people.

I’m least enjoying something scheduled or programmed.

The words of advice or inspiration I've found to be most useful in life so far are: once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I Ken Kageyama features as part of liamwashi. See review, page 7 I.

KEN KAGEYAMA has spent the last three weeks

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‘Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere’ GK Chesterton

2:: Sentences Exquisiter drawn lines, forming words of Ian Hamilton Finlay wisdom in fonts, colours and sizes that work like a dream in the space. Take

“A Iiberal's compost heap is his castle' for example. See review, page 70. lnverleith House, until 23 Oct.

:1: L’Idylle des Cerises Sculpture, carving and prints plus a wonderful assortment of pamphlets and plans for radical gardens. Ingleby Gallery, until 77 Sep

:1: Jannis Kounellis First retrospective in Scotland of this internationally acclaimed Greek artist who uses a signature motif of a hat and coat suspended from a meathook as a representation of a trampled everyman. Edinburgh College of Art, until 18 Sep and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, until 8 Jan, 2006.

it: Darla Martin ‘Man and

the Mask', the specially commissioned film from the Beck’s Futures nominee, is shown with the white, rainbow- streamed film ‘Birds'. Collective Gallery, until 24 Sep.

2:: Cal Gue-Giang Assemblage of work haunted with themes of ghosts and spirits in plantain groves. gunpowder p0rtraits and funerary dolls. Fruitmarket Gallery, until 25 Sep.

:2: Paula Rego A proliferation of prints by the London-based Portuguese artist who was recently celebrated by art critic Robert Hughes in a lecture on the occasion of Talbot Rice's 30th anniversary. See review, page 71. Talbot Rice Gallery, until 24 Sep.

:2: Jackie Anderson Beguiling figurative painting from this Duncan of Jordonstone graduate who uses oil to paint portraits of people as they’re caught unaware and turpentine to streak it away. See review, page 71. Amber Roome, until

8 Sep.