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2 Market Street. 52‘) 3093. Mon Sat ltlam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. Showstoppers t'ntil Sat It) Sep. The (‘ity Art (‘entre celebrates its 25th anniversary with a selection of its best works from the permanent collection. Looking Both Ways: Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora 0... [mil Sun 1 1 Sep. The work of 12 African-born contemporary artists now living in Western countries. Identity. nationalism and memory are explored by (ihada Amer. Kendell (ieers. Wanhechi .‘vlutu. Yinka Shonibare among others.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina l'ntil Stm

l 1 Sep. The story of the massive international collaboration that led to the building of Bibliotheca .-\lexandria which hotises a huge collection of books and rare manuscripts from the area.


22 28 (‘ockburn Street. 221) 1260.

Tue Sat noon 5pm.

Kate Owens .0. l'ntil Sun 28 Atig. noon 6pm. ()ff-site project ‘The (iate of Ades‘ on fifth floor of the Tun. Holyrood Road. that aims to provoke divine aspirations from over 1000 bottles of pop. (‘heck with gallery for venue. Daria Martin - Man and Mask 0... l'ntil Sat 24 Sep. ()ne of the shortlisted artists in Beck's Futures this year. .‘vlartin returns to Scotland with a solo shovv. featuring a new 16mm film. ‘Man and .\lask'. See review. page 72. and Hitlist.

Hero of Two Worlds t'ntil Sat 24 Sep. Project Room. First solo show from Kate ()wens tising cheap materials to reproduce historic feats of artistry.


7} Bell-ord Road. (i24 (i200. Daily

lllam 5pm.

Surrealism in Britain t'ntil Sun 18 Sep. A display drawing on collections of the Scottish National (iallery of Modern Art. following the growth of the British Surrealism movement in the late 30s and 4()s through paintings. drawings. photographs. objects and printed ephemera.

Henri Cartier-Bresson t'ntil Sun 23 ()ct. £5 H.350). (‘omprehensive retrospective. organised by the (‘artier- Bresson Foundation in Paris. featuring more than 200 of the great photographer‘s work. This is the only l'K venue for the world tour.


74 Lauriston Place. 221 (i()()(). Mon Thu Illam 8pm; Fri Sat lllam 2pm.

* Jannis Kounellis t'ntil Sun 18 Sep. First ever exhibition in Scotland of this (ireek artist. in collaboration with the Scottish National (iallery of Modern Art. See Hitlist.

I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS 23 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat lllam (ipm.

Practice and Process - A CEL Scotland Exhibition 0.. lfntil Sat 17 Sep. Latest multiples by some of Scotland’s leading artists including .‘vlartin Boyce. Katy Dove. (iraham l-‘agen. Kenny Hunter. (‘allum Innes. David Sherry and Alan Shipway.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat

1 lam (ipm; Sun noon 5pm.

* Cai Guo-Qiang: Life Beneath the Shadow 0... t'ntil Sun 25 Sep. Site-specilic artwork commissions within the l-‘ruitmarket. an off-site installation to mark the lidinburgh Art Festival and collaborative presentation of portraits and death masks at the Scottish National Portrait (iallery by this significant international artist. He will be exploring the realm of ghosts and non- bodily forces. linking his interest in the

underworld of spirits with Edinburgh's history of netherworld activity. See Hitlist.


75 Belford Road. 624 (i200. Daily

Illam 5pm.

Francis Bacon: Portraits and Heads .0... L'ntil Sun 4 Sep. The first museum exhibition to explore in depth Bacon's portraits of friends. lovers and other artists. comprising over 5() works. His life was notoriously volatile and complex love affairs with Peter Lacy and (ieorge Dyer who killed himself on the night of Bacon’s big opening in Paris provided intense sources of inspiration.

Jon Schueler: The Sound of Sleat t'ntil Sun 5 Mar. A display of work celebrating the American Abstract lixpressionist painter who set tip a studio in Mallaig. on the Sound of Sleat.


The Mound. 624 (i200. Mon Wed & Fri Sttn 1()am 5pm; Thu lllam 7pm. Gauguin’s Vision .00 t'ntil Sun 2 ()ct. Royal Academy Building. Taking (iauguin's wonderful ‘Vision of the Sermon’ as a starting point. this exhibition brings together 84 works by (iauguin and his immediate mentors such as lidgar Degas and (‘amille Pissarro. artists who he admired such as Paul ('e/anne and (itistave .\1oreau. and his younger contemporaries and followers. including limile Bernard. Louis Anquetin. Paul Serusier and Maurice Denis.


1 Queen Street. 624 (i200. .\lon Wed & Fri Sun lllain 5pszhu 10am 7pm. New Acquisitions of Photography l'ntil Sun 1 1 Sep. Includes photographs by Stewart Lockhart from linperial (’hina. pictures of Skye by mountaineer and photographer (iP Abraham and abstract prints by Paul Kenny. who uses materials such as seaweed and saltwater to develop his photographs.

The Healing Touch l'ntil Sun 27 Nov. lixhibition charting key periods in learning. training and teaching in medicine and portraits of the pioneers by Ramsay. Reynolds and Zol'fany to coincide with the Royal (‘ollege of Surgeons quincentenary celebrations. End to End l'ntil Sun 11 Sep. Daniel Reeves explores themes of resurrection and metamorphosis in digital printing inspired by sources such as Hieronymous Bosch. Stanley Spencer and Lithuanian poet. ('zeslaw Milosx.

I THE QUEEN’S GALLERY Palace of Holyroodhottse. 55b 5 l()(). Daily ‘).3l)am 5pm. £5 (£3-L‘4): family ticket £13.

Watercolours and Drawings from the Collection of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother t‘ntil Sun 25 Sep. First exhibition of 73 watercolours and drawings from the Queen Mum‘s collection. And we thought she jost drank gin and bet on the horsies all day.


15 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7545. Mon Fri ‘)am 5pm.

Buildings That Made a Diflerence l'ntil Fri 2 Sep. Ten buildings from the last ten years that have made a difference culturally. environmentally. economically or jitst by raising the standards of good design.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnvcrleith House. 552 7171.

lllam 5.30pm.

>i< lan Hamilton Finlay - Sentences CO... t'ntil Sun 23 ()ct. Sentences composed by Finlay while working in his garden at Little Sparta. chosen by the artist and painted by his collaborator Les lidge in shades of blue. green. red and

grey - they express ideas and feelings about gardens. friendship. weather. culture and nature. See review. page 7() and Hitlist.


lixhibition Hall. lnvcrleith Row. 552 7171. Daily lllam 5pm. Free.

With the Grain: The Life and Work of Tim Stead l'ntil Sun 4 Sep.

10am 5pm. Free. An exhibition celebrating the life and work of post-war Scotland‘s most inspirational and influential furniture maker. charting his career as a conservationist. poet. designer and sculptor.


Royal Botanic (iardens. Arboretum Place. 248 2‘)83.

Little Sparta Visits 00000 livery Wednesday and Saturday. until Sat ll) Sep. 12.45 6pm. £12 (£8). To celebrate the 80th birthday of Ian Hamilton Finlay special bases are running to his garden. Little Sparta. in the Pentland Hills. Departure is from otttside the west gate of the Royal Botanic (iarden. returning via the Scottish Poetry Library and lngleby (iallery. Booking essential. See review. page 70.


2 (‘hambers Street. 247 4219/4422. .\1on & Wed Sat 10am 5pm: Tue 1(1am 8pm: Sun noon 5pm. Free.

Nicholas and Alexandra, the Tsar and Tsarina t'ntil Sun 3() ()cl. £51L‘4). The story of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife. the limpress .»\lexandra the last royal family of Rtissia told through court costumes. icons from the collections of the state Hermitage museum. St Petersburg and objets d‘art by Faberge.

Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2004 t'ntil Sun 18 Sep. A (‘rafts (‘ouncil touring exhibition. featuring work by Jerwood winners including Barber ()sgerbyb‘s ‘1.oop'1‘able'. a sell- consuming barbecue by Jim Partridge and ‘Mirror Balls' by Tom Dixon. RE:fresh t'ntil Sun 2 ()ct. liightecn new acquisitions go on show. including a bracelet made of recycled tomato tins and a silver brooch in the shape of a Ferrari.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The .‘Vlound. (1131 225 (lfi7i. .\lon Sat lllam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

I 179TH ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY ANNUAL EXHIBITION 2005 t'ntil Sun 25 Sep. Free. The Royal Scottish Academy's l7‘)th Annual lixhibition w ill be a curated show of exciting and innovative work by- Vibrant artists from and currently working in Scotland.

I SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY 5 (‘richton's (lose. (‘anongzltth 557 287(3. Mon Fri llatn (rpm; Sat

noon 4pm.

Early Works from the Wild Hawthorn Press 1964-1971

COO l'ntil Fri 7 ()ct. .v\ selection of early works from the Wild Hawthorne Press by Ian Hamilton Finlay. gifted to the Scottish Poetry Library by the poet lidvv in Morgan. (mated by the lngleby (iallery. See review. page 7().


23 (’ockburn Street. ()22 (i2()(). [)aily 11am 6pm.

Low-Fi Net Art 0.. l'ntil Mon 3 ()ct. New projects from artists working with networked teclmology. See review. page 72.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'niversity of lidinburgh. South Bridge. 65” 2210. Tue Sat Illam 5pm. Cordelia Oliver t'ntil Sat 24 Sep. Works on paper by the highly esteemed critic and artist.

A Labyrinth of Delight - William Drummond of Hawthornden Until Sat 24 Sep. Portraiture in partnership with the Scottish National Portrait (iallery.

* Paula Rego 0000 Until Sat 24 Sep. Prints and works on paper. including ‘The (‘hildren's (‘rusade'. ‘Nursery Rhymes'. ‘The Abortion Series”. ‘Jane liyre' and a selection of early prints from the l‘)5()s by this celebrated artist who is 7() this year. See review. page 71 and Hitlist.

Paula Rego Printmaker Tue 23 Aug. 5.30pm. Free. After working with Rego for over 2() years. Professor Paul ('oldwcll shares personal insights. exploring printmaking within Paula's practice. the roots and influences of her graphic work and the physical process of printmaking.


at ('ity Art ('entre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3930.

The Travelling Gallery Sat 2(1Aug. Illam 5pm. New collaboration by .»\nne-Marie (‘opestake and Sophie .‘vlacpherson.


National (iallery of Scotland. the Mound. 624 ()5()().

Bacon and the Close-Up Mon 22 Aug. 12.45 1.30pm. Free. Richard (‘alvoccoressL director of the (iallery of Modern Art and co-curator of the Francis Bacon exhibition. discusses the relationship between Bacon’s painted heads. film and photography.

Francis Bacon’s Studio Tue 23 Aug. 1245- 1.30pm. Free. Dr Margarita ('appock. head of the permanent collection at Dublin ('ity (iallery. discusses how Francis Bacon's reconstructed studio has provided an unprecedented insight into his working methods.

Galleries I AMBER ARTS

78 Montrose 'l‘errace. Abbeyhill. (vol l 107. Tue Fri lflam 5pm; Sat

Illam 2.30pm.

Alina Kisina l'ntil Sun 4 Sep. The t'krainian photographer‘s response to the light reflected within the intimate space of her flat.


75/7‘) (‘umberland Street. 558 3352. Wed Sat 11am (ipm.

Jackie Anderson .00. Thu 1 1 Aug Thu 8 Sep. New figurative painting. See review. NEW SHOW.


5t) Thistle Street. North [fast Lane. 225 2(1‘)3. .‘vlon Sat 11am opin.

Ursula Mumenthaler tintil Sat 27 Aug. The Swiss artist takes photographs of constructed scenes. playing with light and the passing of time.


(i Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon Fri ltlam 6pm; Sat 11am 2pm. Alexander Nasmyth: His Circle and Times t'ntil Sat 3 Sep. Landscapes by this great Victorian painter.


3 Doune Terrace. 225 718‘). Mon Fri 9am 5pm.

The Hans Christian Andersen Travelling Exhibition l'ntil l-‘ri ‘) Sep. An exhibition from Andersen‘s city of birth. ()dense. telling the story of his life in words and pictures.


18 Ramos; 90051115 LIST FESTIVAL MAGAZINE 7s