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David Pollock talks to Ninja Tune’s Strictly Kev about the new KEEP IN TIME movie and Solid Steel associated club night.

mongst the many mixed-genre crossovers that form a staple ingredient of the l‘ringe's diet. this one must rank as one of the most

exciting. Kicking off with a preview screening of

photographer and filmmaker Brian (‘ross‘ Keep in Time movie at the (‘amco (‘inema (ahead of a joint DVD and soundtrack release from Ninja Tune). things continue with a Keep in Time themed night from the lidinburgh arm of Ninja‘s own Solid Steel night at the Bongo (‘|ub.

‘Brian (‘ross has worked with people like DJ Shadow and the Stone‘s Throw record label over the years.‘ explains Strictly Kev of Ninja Tune (also the incumbent of the DJ l‘ood name after it was passed to him by originators (‘oldcut almost a decade ago).

‘His plan for Keep in Time was to get a load of

session drummers from the west coast -— people like Paul Humphries and Roy Porter. who have worked with the likes of David Axelrod and other jazz greats »- and put them in a room with a bunch of turntablists. Then he filmed the results. with them riffing and

remixing. So this release we're putting out is the whole film. remix and live experience.‘

With it being as much an opportunity for a party as a celebration of Keep in Time. Solid Steel have

invited a whole crowd of DJs and performers for

their ilflcr-hUUI‘S. late curfew show. Brian (‘ross himself will be [)Jing under his alias 8+. while Will Quantic of the ()uantic Soul ()rchestra will be headlining a bill which also includes 1)] liood.

jamming off each other. collected the people together again to record a gig. and farmed out certain parts of this to [)Js like Shadow and (‘ut (‘hemist for

Strictly Kev himself. with UK. Daedelus of Ninja

Tune. Brian (‘oleman and a live set from Solid

Steel‘s lidinburgh emissaries. funk and hip hop fusion outfit Livesciences.

‘We‘ll be playing selections from the Keep in Tillie soundtrack at the club.‘ says Kev. ‘But it‘s going to be a frecform dance night in general. the sort of party we always try to deliver with Solid Steel. Dacdelus will be doing a semi—live set. he l).ls. but he also has a lo-track sequencer which he plays live samples from. It‘s a really odd sound. ()n the other hand I’ve never seen Will Quantic DJ. but I‘m led to believe he‘s pretty funk heavy. 'l‘hat‘s the essence of the whole Keep in Time thing. the film as well. it's funk. making a feature of the drum and the bass. with the I)Js doing their thing over the top.‘

Anyone who knows either Ninja Tune or Solid Steel will be aware that such eclecticism is the watchword. as the latest l).l liood and DK style proves: "l‘he thing we‘ve currently been working on spans across the board. from pop to drum 6’: bass. with hip hop and some classic house thrown in for good measure. It‘s sort of similar to the set we'll be playing in lidinburgh. although we'll be emphasising the drum—heavy parts to fit the night.‘

Solid Steel at the Bongo Club, 19 Aug. Keep in Time will be shown as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, along with a director’s Q&A session, at the Cameo Cinema, 19 Aug. Cut price joint tickets for both the film and the club night are available at


‘A great philosopher once wrote: Naughty, naughty, very naughty’ - the Shamen

:1: Progression Latin house and beyond from Tim Deluxe for this Festival special as the Unden/vater Records man makes his Progression debut. The Liquid Room, 225 2564, 20 Aug,

7 lpm—Sam, £7 0.

:1: Motel Hot house action from the Beginerz production duo who gave us the instant classic ‘Reckless Girl' as they take over the mainroom at Huggy's new club venture. Cabaret Voltaire, 220 6 7 76, 20 Aug, 11pm—3am, £70 (£8 members).

2:: Dogma The best in homegrown techno action with a plethora of local live acts and DJs such as Stick 430, LRDG, Bass Invaders and R-Tech. Hardcore, you know the score. Studio 24, 558 3758, 79 Aug,

70. 30pm—5am; £9 (£7 members).

:1: Manga Hard jungle and drum & bass terrorism from special guest DJ Fresh (Bad Company) who should be tearing things up good and proper. The Honeycomb, 530 5540, 79 Aug, 7 7pm—5am, £70 (£8 members). :1: Solid Steel presents Keep in Time Ninja Tune take over the Bongo as they celebrate the launch of their brand new movie with a whole host of DJs, live acts and guests form one of the best dance labels of all time. The Bongo Club, 558 7604, 19 Aug, 7 7 pm—Sam, 2 70.

:2: Curios 8. Littler Hobo The ever eclectic collective treat you to more of their musical mischief in their Toy Box special and album launch party for MIR (Outerlimits Advance Recordings). The Bongo Club, 558 7604, 27 Aug, 8pm—Sam, free.

:3: Slam Dex'n'FX from the head boys at Soma for this T on the Fringe special with a little help from label mates Alex Smoke, Vector Lovers and Silicon Soul. Cabaret Voltaire, 220 6176, 21 Aug, 9pm-3am, £70.