Festival Agenda

JOSIE does Edinburgh

Despite being up to her elbows in paint and fearing the damage to her pancreas and heart, The List's columnist is delighted to be back at the Fringe

This August marks my seventh Edinburgh Festival. I love it so lll;i(,.’i and every year that I come back | feel more a part of the Fringe. My preparations seem to be the same every year. Basically I spend the month beforehand .ieering between thinking 'thit, is going to be 'ivonderful' and ‘not only do I not have a show but I am not a r,oriierli;-iri. lama despicable iiiipostor‘ on a daily basis. That and iriakirig soiiie kind of ludicrous prop or other.


'i‘a. inlllflf'él‘.) trial ‘.‘.’i|l tn " lillllixlli’} shill-«h, 'lilatw “i‘

hilly late t“ ll.it";"ll1;tii

Two years ago it was life-size (Lilli » liitit' St :tip or a ll' . l cutouts of pop singers; last year it and the stnivrii r‘ 'leuli". if .at was badges and this year l have .'.'lii «me M in; initivii; ii ~ -ri 30 did YOU think he was dead tOO? been painting the sariie painting fried haitiis at Tl." l" f"*~- The Grand ViZler Oi BBC kids telly in over and over again. Also I morning the 705 and 805. including Trumpton. spend a lot of time telling l g.iii'l nail ‘. pair: Chig/ey. Playaway. Play School and

rm, yr i/til. .i many more pops back into our conciousness with Trumptonshi're

all of my friends that I can't do anything because I

:,oiiieiliiin:. Ilia.

am so worried about riiy haxeii't leer: .it ti. Tales, a show about - what else? show and then panicking to see all gear. kids TV. Here's hoping his post- while playing spider \.‘.’ll(:ll(-‘,lé.’ I‘m on Fringe career goes skyward and solitaire on my my .va. to doesn‘t do a Jim Bowen. Good luck

Conunnep itilffi’ilt 3H ‘. ill ll}. I like the fact

that the Festival

to ham: to tell

I)(}\)I lit: l)‘.f,‘l

P la

is so different and o.ei

every year and again WEATHER-PREDICTERS yet some things '.','heie

never change. I and

am looking forward to walking past groups of students lying down as if they are dead on the Royal Mile

to somehow promote

their mus‘ical theatre show. I am looking forward to overhearing the followrng

'.'~./hen ill,’ I show is. i:arl't wait for the third week of the - Fringe where everyone

goes mental; for £l‘.‘.’£tltif; hype and f$[)(}(llliilll()ll. for Mark Watson's ‘.‘J()ll(I(:l’illl ! experiiiieiltal shows: to lose

. er

conversation: my voice suddenly and Try to predict the weather in Comedian 1: I got a great revrew inexplicably, Scotland and you‘re going to be on a in the Scotsman. It's going to be a great F£ff$ll‘.’r’li hiding to nothing. Dry in August? Person (any): 'Oh that's nice. this year. Unlikely. But it it is sunny you'll find Comedian 1: Yeah. it was two stars I Josie Long is in Trying is Good. yourself watching a show in a venue but it read like a four stars. P/easa/ice Courtyard. 5:36 (5:350. 54/," with no air conditioning. We at The I've also built up my own Festival Aug trio! )3. 2w 7. 75pm, List have ordered nice weather habits that I've been dying to pick up l‘S).50—£ 70.50 if‘B—l‘si. Previews iintii specially, but would advise you to again. There is the ineVitable strain on 3 Aug, £5. bring your wellies just in case.

TAKE 5 Putting on a show in a common or garden theatre just ain‘t enough any more. Here are some interesting alternatives


In your house A gypsy caravan A bouncy castle A container lorry Wherever you are

Leta bit at culture into your lite, Leave the real world behind and See Macbeth as you've never The Container depicts the purney God might have given y0u legs and your home. The cast of transport yOurself to a more seen it before. Hang on to your of five people seeking asylum in for walking, but he also gave the Happy will pop round to your magical place, A Gypsy Caravan in lunch as the worlds of Britain. stuffed into the back of a ange This Sketch Show

house and perform in whatever the Grassmarket is a small but Shakespeare and inflatables freight lorry. with only 20 seats Belongs to Lionel Richie: Dial-a- room you want. At Your House, perfectly formed venue in \NhICh to unite. BounCy Castle Macbeth. available, it promises to be a Sketch. Call the box office. tell Wherever You Live. 07921 watch Vulpine. a children's puppet Rocket @ Demarco Roxy Art gripping it claustrophobic them where you are and rest 645517, 4-19 Aug. from 2pm, show. Sweet Mobile Children '3 House. 0871 750 007 7, 5 Aug, experience. Ed UdderBELLY's your weary pins as the show £64 (eight person basic rate). Theatre, Grassmarket, 0870 247 4.40pm, £6.50 (£5.50). 6— 78 Aug Pasture, 0870 745 3083. 5—26 comes to you. Various locatrOns. Previews until3Aug. £32 (eight 0736. 5—27 Aug, 7 lam and 3pm. (not 72), 4.40pm. £8 (ES-£7). Aug (not 73). times vary. £70. 0780 716 4987. 4-26Aug (not person basic rate). £6.50 (£4.50). Previews 2—4 Aug. £6.50 (£5.50). Prewews 3 8 4 Aug. £5. 15. 25), l 1am-2pm, free.