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GIRL AND DEAN Sketch duo can't stop pulling the wool over our eyes

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GLENN WOOL Confused Canadian in serious trouble with his identity

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dictionan, for the world] he ventures: of As befits someone who plays, by his own admission, ‘mad adults wrestling we? at a worm/t. " a" '1 the show. written by t‘tillltltllilll James with technology and the modern world’, Will Adamsdale has asked me to rrvx,r..e~:rl a ,' aw: ina- rt '1 Campbell, "It's a lot of words about read the press release for his new show back to him. ‘What sort of "‘arza';e r ’J. 'yr' frie'ww .eu 1 words that I don't really understand. It}: information do they give? I did try and write a press release once. . . oh by arr/“:3. w'r‘r'rr ‘r'tit’rrsr; . always tlittit‘nlt when \.ot:'r'e in a plax right. . . that’s quite good that first bit.‘ This is classic Adamsdale: Latirtt‘ or; New. ".’.e In?“ ’l’, u r f n‘ and um don't know what it rneans‘.‘ charming, self-effacing and slightly bumbling. His sentences start, stop cross-at at”) i a_.r;' r r; ‘riw a ' are After hone in tontlon for t 1 years. the and change direction, bearing no resemblance to the clarity of his qua-r at: T':!‘, Cash" ere." ' . 2‘, tr SQwear old is undergoing art itlentin performances on stage such as his leftfield motivational speaker, Chris 'V-Vr‘“: LBW“? ‘9' i‘r’l ‘5' » ' l' " (TllSlS about whether he‘s “English, John Jackson, in his 2004 Perrier-winning show Jackson’s Way. swarm. wetter: "rm ) ‘3' ‘."‘:r .r a 'r' ’1 Canadian or inst Glenn'. the tfonttituar‘ Since then the 32-year-old actor has enjoyed being ‘a tourist in the twee i punt . r r l‘ ' a‘tar u r r . l proxrtles the bat‘kgrouna to his nee. comedy world' while still keeping one foot planted in theatre. Last year he f' w: “A”: ' gr ', ' x? " SWM-Ul‘ 80!. p/t‘.'?‘/.\‘e:i. Pro/mes. but scored another hit with The Receipt, which told of a simple but obsessive Fir ' 3v: arr/mar " m ' -‘r "r’r' 1“” '1 he believes his twdeerrnent won't :zet task amidst a confused world and one that he is talking about turning into "4:? u‘ ~' ‘10". e"? " llllll apart in August. 'You hate to pat ;t a film. This year’s show, The Human Computer, is Adamsdale‘s attempt to n’w: tee in '17:". ‘r '5‘ «’1‘ on a spoon tor people in Etiznbarart rationalise his basic knowledge of them and ‘tap into memories, thoughts i: get meg/x e r "r ': Kit" A: t’ and parts of me but in a slightly oblique way.’ “V 91' ""1 ‘: 5' wi/ "‘ 1 " I i '1 Transforming the stage space into a computer, the show sees Adamsdale t»,- rza '1: war,- ' M: w 'r ,' ‘,' turn into ‘a little man running around the screen’ and as with Jackson’s I Planar/y; C'/_i"‘./N'}. '3’, £220. Way, this has elements of comedy and theatre to it but is ultimately hailed 4—26 Air; c' 7'1. ’2 Cir/M 5 x? as a return to the genre which brought him the initial acclaim. Well, that’s 2' C :7,» —:' €770 Prwr‘n‘w 1' 9/ '3' AW}-

what it says on the press release at least. ‘I enjoy the freedom of the comedy world and still do. I don’t think there are clear divisions between comedy and theatre, just perceived differences.’ It seems that Adamsdale won't be put into a box, except perhaps for the ones he creates for himself on stage. (Julian Hall)

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