DANCE BASE PRESENTS . . . Once again, our National Centre for Dance has assembled an eclectic Fringe programme. With artists hailing from the USA, Denmark, Finland,

Korea, Canada, England and of course Scotland, this is

a truly international line-up. With four separate shows on offer - ‘Stratospheric‘, ‘Timeless', ‘Quantum‘ and ‘Global' - as well as kids show, HipHopScotch. Dance Base is

a one stop

shop for quality contemporary dance this August.

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Alan Greig, artistic director of Scottish contemporary dance company, X Factor lays it on the line

Give 5 reasons why people should come and see your show, Morceaux Choisis 8: Ragnarok

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Name 4 things you’re looking forward to

seeing at this year’s Festival Saar: t-lufla-f.

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Which 3 words sum up the X Factor style?

8?; '1. 7A.». ,1

Name the 2 biggest inspirations behind your work

Kat:- Eb‘..s" :t'r: De. : -1.

What 1 word describes how you feel about contemporary dance? 1": , tat/.1”: I Zoo 33.1:"90’5. 662 (5892. :”:~ W2? Ct.

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=i= Dance Base Presents . . . . Four itvttrgrgtihvtv‘:s; ()l unwise (thhttzihprtrgtry' (ltthrwa from Across tht; QINlX‘. 8w: Btu Pit . Kill. DUNN) “(Huh 1):)"; '3"), "h,

70- lH/lut; mu! ’HHU‘I 5‘]? t.‘ [t [)lt)‘.’lt)‘.‘. {~18 F) Aug. {‘6 ER.

:z: Druthers [)ttrtrtt; {>l1‘7",.(i(tf ill(;£lll‘:£1ll(lltfflllltftitxjt,’Vinita hand in hand, in thus hzttlt octane 'rtok (ti what lrtt: hm. tr otter. Sutl‘ preview page L‘Lt‘t. /")r‘ Southsrrln, {it}? (>F‘?.'~’).”‘, 5) Pf/‘tuu Hm! (it, 11‘ RON/.77, (F731. Prov/(ma; r“; J Aug. 5‘4.

>l< Maximum Crew ()rtr; wt Korea's hottest h-hug/ 0mm; explodes; onto thr: l rrhr;r;. with S‘yllClttUltlfstfll :hm'm Etlt’l ,‘zm (tropi‘nnr; rhahr)r2uvr'r;f;. Sue txewew. page (it). Assumh/y ’0' Assemh/v Halt 023‘ (3030, .1 2/ Aug. [‘72 [‘73 ti‘ltH‘l 7/. Previews 2 r”. 3 Aug, 5“).

=i< Sorry, Love! P; ")FSIUltéjlt’: narrative (lance. exploring the highs; and totals of relationships). Set; l)l(:‘/l(3‘.'/. page 36. C. 084:3 2607.234, / 27 Aug (not 73/.

7. 359/7), 537a) :3()~.i 70:30

(2’ 7130—9950;.

* State of Matter Young. feisty hreakdance contemporary (got'hpahy. 2FaCCD DaNti tut you right between the wee, Set; prr;'/tt;'.'/. page 37. Zoo SOut/mdf} 66‘? 6892. 5— 78kt} mot 72/, 7pm, £8 (£6). Prev/9W8 3 8 4 Aug, {5. >2< Tap Olé Flamenco rent the only string to the Spanish dance bow. as this eXCIting lTlIX of Spanish gttrtar and tap dance demonstrates. See preview. page 36. C. Chambers Street. 0845 260 7234, 7—27Aug.

5. 75pm, 88.50-i 70.50 (55.50-89.50;

For venue addresses see index page 80