Tall Stories have become synonymous with quality children‘s theatre over the past ten years. and missing their Fringe shows is no longer an option. This year they're bringing two monster-themed productions to Edinburgh: Monster Hits. a fun. song-filled show for ages 3+. and a mysterious whodunit for ages 6+ called Does A Monster Live Next Door? Your Fringe kiddie Viewmg starts here.

Louis Pearl (aka The Amazing Bubble Man) explains why his Fringe show, The Greatest Bubble Show On Earth should float your boat

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Give 4 reasons why people should see your Fringe show

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What 3 words best describe your talent? Suprtsingly funri, ca,

Tell us your 2 favourite bubble tricks

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What 1 word sums up The Greatest Bubble Show On Earth?

H'llel. I'T‘J.

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:2: The Elves and the Shoemaker The creators of last year’s Superb [he King's ()trt Donkeys tars; return WlIlt lllt)lt‘ l’)eautilully crafted puppets and Wllly storytelling (Quaker Ar4tk3l/rlg} House, 220 6 709, 6 (’5 Aug (not 72, 79). 2.80pm, if? it?»

:1: Silly Billy Bum Breath Strikes Back Old Burn Breath is back and that can only spell trouble. Zany sketch show comedy from the French 8. Saunders of children's theatre. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550. 5—27 Aug (I lot 2’0 8 P 7), 2pm, £7.50. Prevrews 3 8. 4 Aug, £6.50.

:2: Monster Hits and Does A Monster Live Next Door? Two new shows from the inimitable Tall Stories. See Big Pic. left. C too, 0845 9607234, 2—27 Aug (not 13). 2. 10pm (Monster Hits) 3. 20pm (Does A Monster), 86.501850 (81.506650).

:3: The Big Filling: This Time It’s Pie-Sonal Atmospheric detective thriller laden with groan-worthy pie puns. See preView. page A 1. Underbel/y, 08/0 7453083, 4—27 Aug (not 75/, 70.45am, {TB—£9 (ES—£6). Previews 2 44 Aug, {)4 =2: Claytime Get your hands dirty at this wonderfully interactive show forages 3—6. See preview, page «10. Assembly Universal Arts, Freemason '5; Ha//, 623 3030, 4—27 Aug (not 75/. 70.45am, £8 (£7). Prevrews 2—3 Aug, E5.

:1: The Man Who Planted Trees Comic puppet adaptation of this timeless ecological tale, in which one man transforms a landscape wrth thousands of trees. Scott/sh Storytel/i'ng Centre. 556 9579, 4—27 Aug. 7pm, £7.50 (E5).

:3: The Selfish Crocodile Usmg beautifully made puppets, the excellent Blunderbus Theatre Company bring this colourful storybook to life. Venue 45, 556 0476, 2—25 Aug, 70. 75am (5, 72 8 79 Aug 2.35pm), £6.50 (£5.50).

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