new hand In emerge lrnm l.i\erpnnl in recent years li;t\ taken its cue ll'iilti pupix gilltlcll decade and Ice Mayer's linext 37 minutex. l’ayne ix hnw ey er. quick tn delend her musical hrethren.

‘llands in l.i\erpnnl are just intn really gnnd music.' she explains. '.\lelndy seems tn he quite itnpnrtant tn Scnuse hands. .\layhe it‘s the Irish inlluence. xtrnng melndiex and really nice parts in snngx.‘

l'nt' years nnw. l’ayne has heen immersed in the city's thriying grassrnntx music scene. She has twn hrnthers in the hi/ already llnwie l’ayne. erstwhile l’rnntman nl much underrated iangle pnp cnmhn 'l'he Stands. ix nnw a snln perl’nrmer. while Sean is the drtunmer with thnse era/y. allrcnnquering pnp charmerx 'l‘he /.tttnns.

It was generally accepted in the l’ayne clan that the hrnthers were the mitsicians nl' the lamily. while their yntmger sister was the artist. But then she was asked tn sing nn a cnyer nl‘ l)nlly l’artnn's ‘.lnlene' h} her then ht’)lriend's hand. ‘And I'm nnt the xnrt nl~ girl whn'd say nn

tn snmething like that.’ says l’ayne. 'll‘

snmehndy dares tne tn dn snmething ntit nl' my enml'nrt /nne. l'll dn it.‘

l-irnm that pnint nn xhe w as hnnked itnrnediately. inining annther hand lnr a titne. 'I'here was nne small prnhlem: she had neyer written any inusie hersell until she was intrnduced tn Simnn l)ine. whn has preyinusly recnrded a cnuple nl‘ alhums nl' lush snundtrack esntiea using the name Nnnnday l'ndergrnund. The pair started wnrk nn what was tn heenme her dehut alhum. 'l‘he painstakingly-cnmpnsed result w as released earlier this year nn l.i\erpnnl‘s l)eltasnnie lahel which happens tn alsn he hnme tn 'l’he /.utnns. xn l'raternal xuppnrt is always clnse at hand.

‘ll‘ey'er I need ady ice ahnttt anything at all. my hrnthers will sit tne dnwn and giye me a l‘ew hnurs nl their time. hecattse they‘y e heen there and they'ye seen a lnt nl it hel’nre.’ says l’ayne. 'But I think mnst tixel‘ul l'nr me was watching their experiences hel'nre I went intn inusic. knnw ing hnw dil‘licult it is. and hnw hard ynu'y e gnt tn wnrk. It made me think a lnt mnre xerinusly ahnut it than may he kids that gn nn .\’ l-iu‘tnr and think that it's all nne hig hurrahf

'l'he mi\ed l'nrtunes nl‘ her xihlingx may help tn shape l’ayne the ynunger‘x l’eelings nn the enntradietinnx and pitlallx nl the inuxie husiness htit she is extremely upheat ahnut the w hnle adyenture. In an industry teaming with altnnxt- ranx and nearly men mnying intn the spntlight in ynur nwn right takes nn little nerye. But ha\ ing taken an une\peeted leap nl laith tn start singing in the tirst place. dnex she nnw l'eel that she ix in her cnml‘nrt /nne'.’

"l‘he nature nl the jnh ix tn always push ynursell nut nl‘ ynur enmian mm in a way. always trying tn imprny e and he hetter and dn things that ynu'ye ney er tried hel‘nre.‘ she says. ‘But in the sense that I think I‘m dning the right thing. l'\ e picked the right career 7 yeah. I am in my c‘tilliltill xnnef

T on the Fringe, Cabaret Voltaire, 0870 169 0100, 9 Aug, 7pm, £7.50. A single, ‘One More Chance’ is out 3 Sep on Deltasonic.

Part of the furniture

You wouldn't get this kind of thing at IKEA but inventive Polish rock outfit Karbido have brought their music skills to bear . . . on a table

t's the kind (it thing any hand cnuld haye dreamt up nn a hnn/y night alter a gig. 'lnstead of playing nur guitars and drums] nne musician wnuld say'. ‘wnuldn't it he great il‘ we all played nne hig instrument." liyery'nne would agree and. iii cnurse. they wnuld l'nrget all ahnut it by the mnrning. lixeept in the ease nl Karhidn. a jaH-rnek l'nur-pieee l‘rnm Wroclaw. l’nland. they didn‘t l‘nrget. (‘alling nn a carpenter friend. they put their mad idea intn practice. They came up with the specifications l‘nr a maplewnnd tahle. inlaid with strings tn pluck and tubes In hlnw dnwn. resnnant ennugh tn serve as a marimlxi-style drum and wired up tn el'l'eets pedals and Innp generatnrs'. liaeh musician wnuld sit arnund this etistnm-huilt curinsity and truly play tngether. They devised a 50—minute piece nl' music that

emhraces Al‘riean laments. didgeridnns. linger

piann. death metal. ‘I Wanna he Ynur l)ng'. rhythmic hreathing. 'Walk nn the Wild Side‘. spinning cnins. knitting needles and mum hlades. The result is a mesmerising per‘i’nrmanee. equal parts nny‘elty' yalue. imaginatinn and skill. In nther wnrds. the perfect lidinhurgh Fringe shnw.

‘We were rehearsing in winter. it was mimis twenty and the tahle was liree/ing.‘ says samplinnist aitd llautist Michal Litw iniee in the dressing room alter a hnme-tnw'n gig. 'We had l8 days In the premiere and we had tn create the sound. the conception. eyerything. We almost killed nurselyes. we were quarrelling so much.’

What sparked their ereatiy ity wax the idea nl' structuring the piece arnund the l'nur pnints nl' the enmpass. taking nn mnnds and musical influences l'rnm the nnrth. snuth. east and west. ‘.\'nw w e'y'e l‘nrgntten nur arguments hecause it seems sn simplef says iniec. "l‘he idea was that we wnuld play nnee. then we cnttld destrny the tahle. But penple thnught it was sn great that we started playing it mnre and mnre.‘

Part til the jny' til the shnw l‘nr the attdienee is watching the interaetinn hetween the musicians. whether in the way they catch each nther‘s eyes nr in the rehearsed mnments nl‘ husiness where. l‘nr example. nne heats nut a staeeatn rhythm and the nther mimes a typewriter spnnling nut a piece nl' paper that xnmenne else l‘nlds intn a paper hnat. l‘rnm the hands perspeetiye. they haye aehiey‘ed their atnhitinn tn get clnser tn each nther thrnugh playing the same instrument.

'lt's like were telling a fairy tale hetween each nther.‘ says l.itw iniee. 'When we sit arnund this tahle I feel we are gning intn snme kind (it spaceship and flying tn snme dillerent planet we are the space team. When ynu play a nnrrnal enneen ynu haye a similar emntinn. but this is much deeper. lt’s snmething hetween theatre. music and meditatinn: many times alter dning 'I'ln' Nib/e I feel I w ill just sit there l‘nr an hnur.’

Assembly Aurora Nova, 623 3030, 4-27 Aug (not 7, 14, 21), 3.10pm £12—13 (£9—£10). Preview 3 Aug, £5.