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PRESTON PFANZ AND THE SEATON SANDS Straight outta the garage!

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l‘he new shows follow an appearance at lrrptych ear'lrer thrs; year wrth garage hero erly Chrltlrsh. and at the grgt; on the ltlth anrl llth Preston l’lan/ play Wllll another garage legenrl, lhe Masonrcs. If that wasn't enough, check out the Sarrrls;' rnsr‘rrred lrench (30:; tr'eakheat rncarnatron les; Bot who teatrrre a parr of male anrl lernale Hench vocalrsts, who play litlrnhtrrgh a week later (more on them next ssner. All of the grgs are or'g‘Janrsetl hy McPake anrl hrs pals' excellent nev.’ Etlrnhtrrgh record lahel, Heattwrlle. (Mlles Freloer'l I Underbel/lc (>870 7-15» (€083, 5) Aug. 39pm, 5‘8; Hen/t 's Cellar Bar. 0 r'3l (‘38 9393, l 7 Aug. ltlprr‘, l‘thc.

THE LAW More cocky swagger and rattling melodies from the Tay

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MEOW MEOW IN BEYOND GLAMOUR: THE ABSINTHE TOUR A sauced up, Claws out cabaret splash

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r:; a Personal hero, 3:" hrs; "‘T)":

reckwrrrr‘g S:h(:':: Z'rarrrrrl,

for r see non-Festival magazine 3

Alex Yellowlees Hot club Quartet

IGOIISIIB MIISIO BBIIIIO @ SI BIIIIBS I0 Orwell Terrace Edinburgh fickets +44(0)I3/-346 I405

’Yellowlees is little short of masterful."


'Bril/iant. don’t miss them.’ Edinburgh Jazz Festival. 'Outstanding musicianship' Ivrea Festival. Italy.

Think Grappelli. Think Yellowlees! Scotland's jazz fiddler psychiatrist and virtuosi will swing you

into good health!

Aug IO: 2|:OO (lhr ISmins) £l0.00 (£8.00)


All-strumming, all-plucking, all-singing ensemble

Assembly presents