So much to see, so little time. t - 1‘: ‘v Kirsteen Connor and Shelley O’Neill help map out your Fringe theatre- going day from noon to midnight

, An Audience With Adrienne Snuggle 1 up in Adrienne‘s living room as she shares l stories from her unbleached days of

, ,, I childhood. plays home movies and serves no.“ " ~ " up tea and cake. Traverse 5, 228 [404.

' 5 Aug 21-24, 4pm. [1 14/6 ([5411).

Lucid Dreams for Higher Living A multimedia comedy where an ordinary man tries to resolve his anxiety by following instructions from a live self- help video while his family sleep. Underbelly 's Smirnoff Baby Belly. 08 70 745 3083, 4—26 Aug (not [4). 4pm. [8—19. (£7—£8). Previews until 3 Aug. £5. Game? Fringe favourites Tangled Feet return to the stage with their own brand of physical theatre with a show about the dark side of life. Gilded Balloon 'Ieviot. 668 I 633. 5—26 Attg (not 7. I4). 4pm. £9—£l0, (£749). Previews until 4 Aug. £5. Blood Confession A Hitchcock-style psychological thriller where an old crime resurfaces in a deserted police station. Not for the fainthearted as it contains scenes of graphic violence. Assembly. 623 3030, 5—2 7 Aug (not I5). 4.45pm. £9—£l(), (£7—£8). Previews until 4 Aug. £5.


An Air Balloon Across Antarctica An Australian production featuring an obese hamster with an addiction to cereal. Can he and Caitlin conquer the snow'.’ Pleasanee Dome, 556 6550. 4—27 Aug (not 6. I3, 20). 5.20pm. £7.50—£8.50, (£5—£7). Previews until 3 Aug. £5. Extropia Welcome to a world in the future in which music is forgotten. When a machine worker hears melodies in his head. others think he is crazy in this sci-ft show with stunning effects and music. Pleasanee Dome. 556 6550. 4-27 Aug (not I4), 5.20pm. £9—£l0. (£7.50—£8.50). Previews until 3 Aug. £5.

Return to Reason Violence turns funny in this drama where women in New York City lose the ability to scream. This slice of physical theatre is perfonned by the all-female ensemble Bottlefed. C sm‘o, 0845 260 [234. 3-18 Aug. 5pm. £6.50—£8.50. (£5.50—£7.50).

Barnaby Brown: Orphan Extraordinaire A comedy joyride through Victorian times in the company of I labrador enthusiasts. The silly humour has been likened to the Mighty Boosh. Pleasanee Dome. 556 6550. 4-27 Aug (not II. I5. 22). [2.20pm. £7—£8,

( [550—16. 50). Previews until 3 Aug. £5. Adolf A chilling one man show about Hitler's last hours in the bunker as he awaits the inevitable downfall of his country. directed by Guy Masterson. Assembly Universal Arts, 623 3030. 5—27 Aug (not I5). [2.20pm. £I3-£I4. (HZ—£13). Previews until 4 Aug. £5.

Excuse My Dust Lesley Mackie plays New York’s most celebrated party guest. Dorothy Parker. also a critic. poet. writer and wickedly funny. Gilded Balloon Teviot. 668 I 633, 5—27Aug (not [5). [.45pm. £8.50—£9.50. 750—1850). Previews until 4 Aug. £5.

A Walk in the Park A slice of magical melancholy as an old man meets a little girl. a squirrel. a fox. a flower. a cow. a bottle of Buckfast and an echo who help him understand life‘s losses. Assembly@George Street. 623 3030, 4—27 Aug (not 8. I5). 1.40pm. £II.50-—£12.50. ( I 0.50L£ I I .50). Previews until 3 Aug. £5.

Change: The Upcoming War with Iran A Fringe First-winning political thriller about the cost of power. where pressure is mounting around a senior US policy advisor at risk of losing his wife and his conscience. Assembly@Hill Street Theatre. 623 3030. 5-27 Aug (not 13), 2pm. £9.50-£l l. (£8-£9). Previews until 4 Aug. £5.

Frank and Dolly From those behind 2005‘s Pramface. a darkly funny show of partnership. ambition and gay ballroom dancing competitions. Gilded Balloon Teviot. 668 I 633. 5—27Aug (not I4). 2.30pm. £8.50—£9.50. (£7.50—£8.50). Previews until 4 Aug. £5.

The Terrible Infants Award winning theatre company Les Enfants Terribles present their twisted tales with puppets and performance. Pleasanee Courtyard. 556 6550. 5-27 Aug (not [2. 20). 2.40pm. £8-£9, (£6—£7). Previews tutti] 4 Aug. £5.

t. v -.*- 1‘: ymf s . . “Ls-ft ._ ,,;_' I; xi£¥:}'»¥,-lgh’. tryifls ' : .m s ,u‘ ‘52:?“ 3 ;._s.‘-‘i‘7/»._;irw;.3zk .

_ t '?«f. l »( ~‘ 24’ .4 Luger-“‘16. " win.“ 3‘!

Bedside Story A bittersweet story about a young woman‘s devotion to a near comatose man. which begs the question: how unconditional can love be? Gilded Balloon Teviot. 668 I 633. 5—26 Aug (not [5). 3.15pm. £8—£9. (£7—£8). Previews until 4 Aug. £5.

Dropping to Zero World premiere of a new comedy drama about a TV chef whose weather girl wife slips into a coma after dropping to a size zero. But why does he now want her dead? C cubed. 260 1234. 2—I8Aug. 3.45pm, £7.50—£9.50. (£6.50—£8.50).


Dye Young/Stay Pretty The Debbie Harry story from when she made a life- changing journey to New York City in the punked up. funky 70s. Gilded Balloon Teviot. 668 I633, 5—27 Aug, (not I4). 6.45pm. £9.50—£IO.50. (£8.50-£9.50). Previews until 4 Aug. £5.

-:“L V i

An Audience With Adrienne See 4pm time slot. Traverse 5. 228 I404. Aug 8—12. 14—19. 21-73. 7pm. £II—£16 (£5—fl I).

Faustus This new adaptation of the Faustian legend evokes desire and damnation in a thrilling tale of temptation. Pleasanee Courtyard. 556 6550. 4—27Aug (not 20). 7pm. £8-£9 (£6.50—£7.50). Preview 3 Aug. £5.

The Father Gripping psychological drama in which a family is torn apart by the parents' desire to own their daughter‘s love. Roman Eagle Lodge. 5-26 Aug. ( not 7. I4. 21), 7.10pm. £4-£7(£3—£6). Previews 3—4 Aug. £4 (£3).


Balloon Across Antarctica



The Bacchae Dionysus is a perfomiance god. hedonist and magnificent magician in this sumptuous.

; jazz-age update of the classic (ireek myth.

C Chambers Street. 0845 260 I234. 3—27 Aug ( not I 3 ). 8pm. [750—19. 50 t£6.50—£8.5()).

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Live music and performance combine with animation and film to create a surreal satire in this theatrical cabaret. Underbelly, 0870 745 3083, 5—26 Aug (not 23 ), 8. I 5pm. £8. 5019.50 (£7.50—t’8.50). Previews 2 & 3 Aug. [5. One Man Star Wars Trilogy Thrill as Charles Ross plays all the pans. sings all the music. fights all the battles and manages to fit three epic movies into one 60 minute slot. [1'4 UdderBlflLY's Pasture. 4-27Aug (not 14), 8.25pm.

£12—£l4.50 (£I()-£II.50). Previews 2 & 3 i

Aug. £6.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie A veritable Edinburgh institution returns to the Fringe. Miss Jean Brodie rears her girls to be the creme de la creme. Greenside. 557 2/24. I 3—25 Aug ( not I9). 8.40pm. £8 ( £6. 50).

Vivienne Crout’s Adventure in Another Metropolis When Vivienne Grout's father is taken by foxes she leaves for the metropolis in this sinister tale. inspired by Tim Burton‘s poem 'Voodoo Girl'. Lt’nderbelly, 0870 745 3083, 13—26 Aug. 10.45pm. £8.50—£9. 50 (£7.50-£8.5()).

The Polly Deluxe Story - It's All About Me Polly Deluxe hosts a night of song and dance celebrating none other than the fabulous Polly Deluxe —just don't tell her you‘ve never heard of her. C soeo. 0845 260 I 234. I 3—27 Aug (not I4. I6. I8. 20. 22. 24. 26). 9.20pm.

£7. 50—19. 50 I£6.50—£8.50).

The Vortex Cocktails and scandals abound in this adaptation of Noel Coward’s sensational play. Blackmail. drug abuse and love affairs drag a family further and further into their own lies. Diverse Attractions. 225 896/. 13—18 Aug. 9.15pm. £5—£7(£4-£5). Wishll-hdaSyiviaPlathAlove triangle. suicide and a talking oven all feature in this play about a suicidal

g housewife. Underbelly 's Smirnoff Baby

Belly. 0870 745 3083, 4-26 Aug. 9.10pm. £8.80—£9.50 ((£7.50—£8.50).


Dracula The original \ampirc tale still has the power to terrify. (' ('Itambers Street, 0845 260 I234. [0.30pm. 3 27 Aug (not [3). £8.50 £10.50 l£7.50»—£9.50l.

Harden the P'k Up World Heath Franklin brings his es-con Aussie Chopper back to the Fringe for more straight-up life coaching.

Assemblym (ieorge Street. 623 3030. 10.20pm. 4~27Aug. [10 [II (DI—U0). Previews 2 it‘- 3 Aug. £5.

Retreat When I‘l-year-old hippy Hannah turns up unexpectedly at the cottage of a middle-aged writer. secrets are loosened by whisky and agendas revealed in a gripping psycho-drama. Roman Eagle Ixnlge. 226 7207. I326

Aug. [0pm. £8.5(It£7.50).

Road liarwig into arguments. conversations and banter with Scullery. conductor of this late night lour into the private and public lives of people like us. C son), 0845 260 I234. 3—l4 Aug.

I0. 20pm. £6.50--£8. 50 (£5.50 £7.50). You’ve Got To Laugh A dark and twisted tale of the sordid love affair between a brother and sister. (‘ StN't), 0845 260 I234. 3—27Altg (/1016. 8, ll), I2. I4. I6. I8. 20. 22. 24. 26). l0.30pnt.

£6. 50—£8. 50 (£5. 50- £ 7. 50).


Beowult & Beer linjoy a free pint while watching epic monster legend Beowulf with percussion and puppetry. (' ( 'ubed. 0845 260 I234, II Aug, II.05pm.

£ 7. 50—18. 50 ( £5. 5017. 50).

Yesterday When I Was Young The outrageous true tale of Josie Pickering and her transformation into a basque-clad dominatrix. C so”), 0845 260 I234. 12-27Aug, Il.20pnt. £6,50—£8.50 (£55047. 50).

Midnight - . ' ~ -

Raz-Mataz Oxford University's Experimental Theatre Company and Ruskin School of an bring a night of rock'n'roll swaggers and post-punk posers. C Chambers Street. 0845 260 [234. 3—2 7

Aug. midnight. £7.50—£9.50


The Midnight Carousel Get your glad rags on for a night of cabaret and burlesque. hosted by diva Marysia.

C Central, 0845 260 1234, l—27Aug. midnight. £ 7. 50—£9.50 ( £6.50—£8.50).