Visual Art

In contrast With the 'nude‘ figure in western art history. the naked portrait still manages to present a sometimes shocking and raw view of the sitter's personality that reaches beyond their public facade. The exhibition presents work by Picasso. Lucien Freud. David Hockney. Tracey Emin and Jemima Stehli (pictured).


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John Stezaker, who creates collages from images found in books, magazines and postcards, gives a brief insight into his Festival show

5 words to describe your show this year Work and more hard work.

4 exhibitions you really want to see at the Art Festival

Picasso. Dayle Batchelor. Racne: ‘.‘.lh.ter<;a'l and Alex Hartley. not necessarily in that order.

3 things that you love about the Art Festival

Art. Edinburgh and going past BCFHICK on the trait

2 things you hate about Edinburgh in August

The Festre and the Arbroath Smoke,

1 thing that you would change about the art scene

My presence in it.

I John Stezaker, Stills Gallery, until Sun 28 Oct.



:2: Picasso on Paper

An exhibition of drawrngs, prints and illustrated books spanning the career of the 20th century's most important artist. Picasso's early work gave the artists who followed him a route into pure abstraction, with his later surrealist-inspired creations demonstrating a mastery of the human form and his inexhaustible artistic vision. Dean Gallery.

until Sun 23 Sep.

:2: Warhol

The first major exhibition of the American pop artist '3 work in Scotland for a decade. Many of the pieces on show come from the recently purchased Anthony d’Ottay collection, and act as testament to Warhol's genius. Expect Liz. Marilyn, and dollar signs aplenty in this celebration of materialism and modality. National Gallery Complex, The Mound, Sat 4 Aug-Sun 7 Oct.

:I: David Batchelor Multicoloured, glowing plastic constructions fill the galleries at the Talbot Rice. Batchelor creates neo-pop installations that challenge our 'chromophobia'. Concerned with ideas of urbanism and consumption, the artist and author has scoured the pound shops of East London to create a gaudy technicolour grotto. Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh,

until Sat 29 Sep.

:3: Richard Long - Walking and Marking

As one of this country's most important land artists. Long takes over the SNGMA with works that record and relate to his treks around the world. Paintings, photographs and sculptures spill Out into the surrounding landscape. with mud and rocks from the surrounding countryside used as raw materials for his installations. SNGMA,

Sat 4 Aug—Sat 7 Sep.

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