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Tokyoblu is more than just a club night. It’s not just about DJ skills (which it has in abundance), it’s an all encompassing, jazzed up, funked out, discotastic house experience featuring a full-on eight-piece band every month. The same band that went on to play T in the Park not once, but twice this year. Experienced live Tokyoqu is a

truly unique club and expec


t them to pull out all the stops at this fifth birthday party.


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We chat to Judith Riddle, press officer at the Vaudeville Cabaret Club, a night of eclectic exotica and risque entertainment hosted by the ever so suave Dusty Limits (pictured). Every night at 1am it morphs into the One O‘Clock Gun club, a showcase of indie, rock and other live acts.

5 words to describe the Vaudeville/One O’Clock Gun Club expefience?

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3 things you love about Edinburgh during the Festival

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1 thing you would cha

ge about the Edinburgh club scene

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Dogtooth lw . funk party has; ltmm ~ ESIllCl: May but httx fr» rutththt; here With r: ll‘.t"

‘goorl lttht: t3l(}(ill() putsrur ' ‘w' from out; llltil‘, huhtl Slrlllt \‘ltl. Megaphone. Helm (It {in 219(9) It’l ti)‘ All}.

7 1pm (Sgt/h. .‘K‘t.

« Freqbeat .Jttlxt- ()rtt' lrutr "rt,- mighty ltht: Ht‘tl Shut tl)(f' (/lllv‘fl‘, Ell lhtt; htghl of lttgtrsow; lwh heals; Ellltl quirky eleutrt, ltvm‘r'. Red, PM; l/ftr'. fr/ flu”). 70pm burr), free helm/t: l lrtr'r, £11 after.

Tokyoblu lht: li‘.'(: hour»- SUSSIOH teacher; lm: you", ’)lll this month St; expect our; hell ()i a party of (leer) house. trut: UISCO and funky grooves. i go, 4 7'8 r3434, /r/ 73' Aug.

7 1pm Guru, 5‘5-‘2 before rurrlr/ruht, if I? I.“ 70; after,

Trouble Trouble leurr up With their Liverpool l)l(:llll'(:.". for “The Scottsr; (3()rtr‘tt;t;flt;r", mu features their pals; flaflll Bommyhtle (ml the l mu! llllX of everything from] letLhrt’, urn." house to disco and ju/r Cabaret l/o/tzt/re. 220 6 I re. / rt Aug. 7 bourbon), 5‘!) 4"».

Luvely Showmg all Tlt‘: tourists how the Scots part; tat; hard and long; the full on Mount: rttghl hosts a tartan therherl night of heat (invert ’1(;l;£2ll’,"‘:l‘,fl The L/qu/(j Ftoorrt, ’22") ZOO/1. Sat 4 Aug, 70.30pm aIJ-[l/ll, F‘ r' ’;‘ rmembers £7 7;;

:3 Vaudeville/The One O’Clock Gun Club betterment, deranged cabaret and alt/lltlrr} goes attitudes at thus. rttgrtt of burlesque entertainment, circus. freak shows and live llrUSiC. [he Bongo C/ur'), 558 7604, 576 Aug (not Fur/aye. Saturday»

70. 30pm~5arn £‘8.50——£9. :70 (£7.50—E8501 before 7am). £15 after.

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