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Peace in Not a lot of people remember these days that the reason we have an Edinburgh Festival at all is because it was conceived in 1947 to ‘provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit’ amid the devastation left by WW2. The Festival of Spirituality and Peace came about as an attempt to reawaken these core ideals after 9/11, and its packed programme of lectures, theatre, workshops and discussions (this year including talks by Martin Bell and Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun, pictured) provides the perfect antidote to Fringey navel-gazing. I Various venues unti/ Sun 24. See www.fos{ii/ai’ofspir/tiia/itv.org.t/k for full dorm/s.

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Tickets available from The Fringe Box Office "lioid and clover, this Romeo and Juliet is botind to entice. . Sunday Hem/(i

RichardHamilton Protest Pictures ti iul 12m. t

Admission free

Paintings, ( oilaiii". and an installation by one oi the great British artists of our

time. Supported by ( .aqoslan (mili'ry.

The Twittering Machine 8 Admission free

.731 Am;

A unique and last mating ( ollaiioratlori with i rllniiurgh international lestival

to ( i~lehrate the composer ()livior Messiaen and artist Paul Klee.

What is Life '12 -iul~ :7» lAug

Admission free Sculpture by three of Scotland’s leading artists: Christine Borland, Graham Fagen and Simon Starling.

Seeds, Reeds 8: Tales of the Unexpected 'i 8—1-25 Aug

Tickets available from The Fringe Box Office The acclaimed partnership of poet Carol Ann Duffy and musician John

Sampson perform a unique mix of poetry and music for children and adults.

Albert 81 Friends instant Circus ‘1 0 l7 Aug, "1pm Admission free Join Albert the Clown for a week of music, hilarity and mayhem!

Dance Base Workshop: Bollywood! Sun ll) Aug. I)ance Base. 14 1(i(irassniarket. 325 5525. noon 3pm. i; I 5 (£121. A chance to discm er all the elements that make up Bol|_\\\ood dance: lndian classical and l'olk dance; ja/IL hip hop and contemporary Ages lo+. Celtic Trees Thu 14 Aug. Rosal Botanic (iill'tiL‘li. 30:1 ili\ L‘l‘lL‘illi Rt)\\. 343 2903. 1 Iain. £4. learn about trees name to Scotland. their practical Uses. superstitions and ancient rites. Booking adx isable.

Exhibitions FREE An Electric Shock of Delight: Sir Walter Scott and the Waverley Novels Writers Museum. Lad) Stair‘s (‘lose. 1.;m ninarket. 5394901. l'ntil Wed 7 Jan inot Suni. lilam 5pm. An exhibition to celebrate the 5(iilth anniversar} oi. the publication ol‘ 'I'lu' ('nm/i/uinr oil/1c Black Night. printed on Andre“ .\i_\‘|1ar and Walter ('hepman’s press alter being granted the first iidinburgh printing patent b} King James i\.'.

Bond Bound: Ian Fleming and

the Art of Cover Design (‘ity An ('entrc. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3093. l'ntil Sat 15 Sep inot Suni. .\lon Sat lilam 5pm. £5 (£3.50). (hurting the role of artists and designers in deiining the look of the “tilith most popular sp}. See page ‘)(i. Call to Arms National \Var .\1useuin ()1' Scotland. iidinburgh ('astle. 225 7534. l'ntil Sun I l‘eb. 0.45am 5.45pm. Inc in admission to iidinburgh ('astlez £11) £12 (£7 £0.50; children £5 UH. An exploration ol- the lL‘L‘itiiolog‘} Used 13} the Scollish inlantr} at \arious points throughout histot'). u ith a hands-on clement.

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Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare's Globe on Tour ’1‘) 23 Am ;


FREE A Decade of Dance

Dance Base. 14 lb (irassniat'kci. 225 5525. l'ntii Sun 34 Aug. limes \ar}. An exhibition that L‘\plol‘Cs the representation ol' dance through the relationship betiseen photographer and artist. \\ith a locus on X l‘actor Dance. l’ur! rift/1c l'fr/iii/nr/fie/i l‘i'slii‘ii/ I'i'i'ngc. FREE Extremes: Life in Subarctic Canada National Museum of Scotland. ('hambers Street. 247 4422. l'ntii Sun 5 ()ct. illain 5pm. A collection oi objects collected b} Scottish lur tradcrs in the 1850s and oils from the tribes living in the ('anadian subarctic. and lurther objects purchased recentl}. FREE Faking It! 300 Years of Banknote Forgery Museum ()n The Mound. The Mound. 245 .5464. l'ttiil Sun .‘sl Aug (not .\ioni. 10am 5pm: 1 5pm.'1‘his sununcr‘s exhibition at the Museum on the Hound is all about banknote l‘orger)‘. Find otll \xho l‘aked the lirst note in Scotland. tiiscch‘l' “hat became ol' the artist \iith a talent l'or i1iterall) 1 making mone}. and see it _\ou can tell a l'orger)‘ iroin the real thing. FREE lmprentit: 500 years of the Scottish Printed Word National 1.ibrar} oi~ Scotland. (ieorge l\' Bridge. (i25 3845. l'ntil Sun 12 ()ct. ltiani S’pni: lliani 5pm: 2 5pm. lixhibition celebrating the achiex ements ol' 5()() )L‘ill‘s oi" printing and publishing in Scotland. FREE Scotland: A Changing Nation National Museum ol' Scotland. (‘hanibers Street. 247 4432. l'ntil Wed 51 Dec. lilam 5pm. A major ne\\ permanent exhibition charting Scotland and its people from \\'\\‘| to the present da\.

For performance times and further information please call 0131 552 7171 or visit ww‘w.rbge.org.uk

lnverleith Row, Edinburgh EH3 SLR Open daily 10am—7pm Admission free

One mile north of the city centre on the A902. Bus Routes: 8, 17, 23, 27 and The Majestic Tour all stop outside the Garden. .-


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