Championed by Ricky Gervais, loved by late-night US TV and censored by his wife, Louis CK is preparing to launch his brand of outrageous confessional comedy on the UK. Claire Prentice finds out just how far he's prepared to go.

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ouis (‘K is driving down the highway to

New York and all hell has broken out in

the back ol‘ his car. ‘You have your own water. Kitty. why do you want your sisters.” he says to his daughters. doing his best to sound cairn. ‘Why are we having a conflict for no reason'.’ It just doesn't seem right.‘

The girls. Kitty and Mary. aged 3 and (i. are on their way back to their home in New York’s trendy Soho alter a Visit to see their granny. atmty and cousins. before (‘K catches a flight to Dublin where he is doing seyeral stand—up gigs bel'ore going on to London and the lidinburgh Fringe.

‘What is happening in this car is like what is happening in the world with food and oil just now.‘ says (‘K. doing his best to ignore the drama unfolding in the back of the car and talking on his hands-tree cell phone. ‘We hear all these reports that there is a world food shortage or that oil is running out. There is enough to go round but people like to come up with reasons to

have conllict.’

Next. the high-pitched noise ol‘ a little girl crying fills the car. Mary has decided she needs to pee. and there's not a seryice station or restaurant in sight. ‘There's nothing I can do right now.’ says CK. 'But as soon as I see a place we can stop. I will. ()K'."

There‘s silence followed by a mul'lled sob that gets gradually louder.

Such mundane domestic dramas l'orm the basis of the ['S comedian’s liye stand-up shows. which have evolved since he started out doing open-mic spots in Boston 20 years ago to reflect his new status as a 40-year-old father of two. His routines and rants ol'ten mine his personal life in uncomfortably close detail. creating raw comedy out ol'eyeryday sell-loathing. ‘The older you get the closer your comedy gets to real life] he says. “I don‘t try to think of funny stuff to say now. I do honest stuff. stul‘l‘l think about in real life that tnost people wouldn't want to share with anyone. let alone tell the world. Then 1 work on