Thursday 14 - Thursday 21 August 2008

4 Noticeboard

4 Elvis lookalikes 4 Comic arrivals 6 Theatrical bodycounts 6 Simon Munnery

9 Books

11 Lisa Appignanesi 12 Gavin Francis

19 Russell Howard

22 John Pinette

26 Pajama Men

28 Free Fringe Comedy

35 Dance

37 Mudfire & Vanishing Point

3.9 Kids"

43 We All Fall Down

46 Jock Tamson's Bairns 46 Broken Records

Cover story: Barry & Stuart 51 Theatre

If the words ‘stage' and 'magic' are enough to send a shiver down your spine, 53 Class Enemy bringing to mind the naff likes of Paul Daniels and Siegfried and Roy, get your- 58 Yasser

self down to the Underbelly, where this pair of cheeky Aberdonian turns are ‘2 Office Party dazzling Fringe audiences with their spectacular mix of comedy and magic. 70 Visual Art

See page 20. 10 Janet Cardiff


10 Chuck Palahniuk The Fight C/ub author's latest novel, 75 Obscene vs Volume Snuff, depicts a female porn star's attempts to break the 75 Messin' Around

3479 Around Town

world gang-bang record. He talks to Doug Johnstone about making fans faint at his readings.

18 Louis CK Ricky Gervais' current favourite US comedi- 7‘9 Festival of Politics an explores life after 40 in his own inimitable style. Expect ' to have your expectations of marriage, kids and cosy "~“"‘“"“" “3 “‘0 l ‘3‘ m

. . lli/\[)()HICLZ domestICIty blown out of the water. ~.; “up Snng i;2'1{)i."g.’i E ll‘ ' it . . . . . . . l<>:i7'1%' filil‘ifit) 52 Jidariyya The Palestinian National Theatre brings this W. 3.3, 385:0.)

acclaimed adaptation of an epic poem by the Galilee-born .'.'.':.'..!steam poet Mahmoud Darwish to the EIF. -::-<i'-<>' iv:

63 Return of the Soul For A remarkable art installation of thousands of tiny hanging CPmP'ete

' - - eight-day wax figures commemorates a Palestinian tragedy. information

about non- 2 for 1 tickets to Mortal Engine $22122" Win tickets to the Edge Festival Glasgow and Win tickets to Mark Watson Ed'"b“"9h' . . . . see regular Win tickets to Jim Rose Circus and a case of Grolsch edition of

The List.