Class Enemy

Apathy and violence are explored in Haris Pasovic's production, which transports Nigel Williams'

1978 play to Sarajevo. See Theatre, page 53.

Barry & Stuart

The ‘anti-Paul Daniels of magic' invest their breathtaking skills with a cheeky, charming, Scottish

brand of humour. See Comedy, page 20.

Stefan Golaszewski Speaks About a Girl He Once Loved

This five-star show does what it says on the tin with disarming energy and panache.

See Theatre, page 60.

Scottish Dance Theatre

Scottish Dance Theatre lights up the Fringe with this fantastic double bill of dynamic

contemporary works. See Dance, page 35.

Esoterica Expect card tricks, duplicity, mind- reading and humour as illusionist Eric Walton dazzles with this mix of maths and memory.

See Theatre, page 64.

Return of the Soul: The Nakbah Project

Jane Frere returns to Scotland with the piece she created during her eight-month residency in the Middle East.

See Visua/Art, page 77.

C/ubis storming

Charlotte Square to launch his new book on

the porn industry.

See Books, page 70.

Chuck Palahniuk The man who wrote Fight

Base Syndicate

Hot breakbeat double bill with DJing maestros Krafty Kuts and Stanton Warriors.

See Clubs, page 75.

. g Pajama Men The award-winning physical comedy duo quite literally cement their reputation with Versus vs Versus.

See Comedy, page 26.

Broken Records Epic, folksy, indie rock sounds from this homegrown band courtesy of the Edge Festival.

See Music, page 46.

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