around the year 1913. Though well researched. the piece struggles to live up to its own imaginative ideas and the acting falls short. particularly in the all- female cast‘s portrayal of the many men in the story. (Jonny Ensall) Sweet (irassmarket. 0870 241 0136. until 24 Aug, 3.55pm. £8 ([7).

Please Don’t Feed The Models 0. Preview—weekend jitters and some ill-judged characterisations hamper what would otherwise be a decent Fringe debut for former international model Sara Standring. She demonstrates some acting versatility. but her attempts to tackle some of the more serious issues surrounding the modelling industry fall short of the mark. (Oliver Farrimond) Underbelly '5‘ Baby Belly, 08445 458252. until 24 Aug. 6.30pm, £9~£10 ([8479). The Rebel Cell mo Rap is the language of rebellion in Babasword Productions‘ dystopian futuristic England. The central dichotomy w change from within the system versus rebellion against the system ~ is essentially a very simple one. which is dissected down to molecular level halfway through this 70-minute rap battle. Occasional descents into un- theatrical ‘lecture rap' are easily excused by Babasword’s extraordinary freestyle poetry. (Matt Boothman) Pleasant-e Dome. 556 6550. until 24 Aug. 5.40pm. [5 ~18 ( £6—£ 7).

Regretrosexual - The Love Story 0... Dan tnust confess to girlfriend (‘olleen that he went through a ‘gay period'. Unfortunately. she has a hang-up about ‘gays' after finding her (now) ex-tiance with a fella. Will she be able to take it'.’ livery character in this comic ‘coming-out’ and ‘going-back-in‘ neurosis-riddled web. is consummater acted. and the play is an emotional workout to say the least. (Katherine Adam) Sweet (irassntarket, 0870 24/ 0136. until 25 Aug. 2.20pm. £8 ([7). Some People Think I’m Odd

0. With her twitchy mouth and darting eyes. Jane Frost is compelling as Pandora. a woman who cut up teddy bears as a child and murdered her sister‘s boyfriend aged 15. Using Punch and Judy puppets. Frost conveys a world of alienation and delusion. but her lack of humour and constant raving quickly get tiresome. (Theresa Mufioz) The Vault. 5100022. until I 5 Aug. 2:30/nn. [7 ( £5). Somewhere Over the Westway 0.. An irreverent take on The Wizard ()f(): in street. pop-panto style. With help from an anarchist fairy. pregnant celeb-gazing Dee and her zany crew journey to find answers from the legendary wizard Bob Gandalf. After much cheeky banter. the unruly crew learn to love themselves the way they are and embrace life‘s pantomime. Subversive. engaging and entertaining. (Katherine Adam) (ii/(led Balloon 'Ieviot. 668 I633. until 25 Aug. 4. I 5pm. [9110

Ten Days . . . That Shook the Kitchen! 0.. A magazine article inspires misfit mutn Ruth Rich (Ginny Davis) to conclude that a life of playground politics and petty parent jealousy is definitely not where she belongs. Davis‘ monologue. presented in the clipped. matter of fact sentences of a diary. is enormously funny. and rings true. A gentle. comforting. heart-

wartning aftemoon show. (Sarah Redhead) Sweet Tet/int Place. 0870 241 0136. until 24 Aug. 1pm, I 7.50 (£6.50). Three Flying Solo ooo One of three new plays under the ‘Flying Solo” banner. Annie George’s Noor evokes striking and vivid images in an intimate autobiographical journey. Charting the details of a tempestuous relationship. Noor narrates her miscarriage and despair. each scene organically developing in an intelligently written and linguistically colourful piece that perhaps requires only a little polish to truly satisfy. (David Laing) C'IthIiST (a) Quineentenaty Hall. 527 1562. until 25 Aug. 2pm. £8.50 (£7.50).

Titus Andronicus no. The blood and guts-strewn storyline of Shakespeare's Titus Andi-mums is executed here with real flair. Condensing its weighty narrative to a tightly-wound 75 minutes. the play‘s themes of rape. murder and race are laid bare in all their savage glory. Helped by some riveting performances and innovative staging. the piece hurtles along to its brutal climax at breakneck speed v perhaps a little too quickly for some. (Yasmin Sulaiman) (f (‘ltumhers Street. 0845 260 1212. until Aug 25. llpnt.

f 9. 50 s [10. 50 ( £8. 50 4’9. 50).

Tom Out Pages 000 In herons youth. fear of shame kept child abuse hidden. but now Elaine (Susan McKenzie.) wants to find out the truth from her mother‘s ghost. While described as a comedy. the piece is in fact deeply moving as. complemented by tnusic and video. each actor makes the case for their own actions to the audience.

(Sarah Redhead) (ii/(led Hal/amt lt't'iat. 668 I 633. until 25 Aug, 2pm. {9-[10 (18-19).

Transient 0. Theatre group Goose. Goose. Gander brings a claustrophobic exploration of the fractured geography of postwar Germany to this cramped cellar venue. But. once the novelty of the setting wears off. the narrative overstays its welcome. Despite this. a conclusion with admirable pathos is reached as the denizens learn to savour their new-found relationships rather than yearning for absent loved ones.

(Oliver Farrimond) Pleasanee ('ourtyanl, 556 6550. until 24 Aug (not [9), times vary. l"). 5 0 ( [8).

Wanderlust .0. Sometimes a performance is only as good as the audience that‘s watching. This has never been more true than in li’ittulerlust. in which ten-foot Fraulein Hilda narrates her surreal life story. Frotn her lowly (geddit?) roots. be-stilted Hilda weaves her absurd tale of woe with real zest as she encourages unwilling viewers to take part in snowball lights and massages. providing vodka along the way to help with inhibitions. (David Laing) Ulllll’l‘l)('ll_\'. 0844 545 8252. until 24 Aug. [1.30pm. [9110. 50 (£819.50).

You Don’t Need to Know That 0” Gonzo Moose presents a farce based on H itchcock‘s North By Northwest. in which an innocent tnan is accused of an unknown crime. Some exceptional spoof thriller moments arise frotn the metallic filing cabinets that Comprise the set even if. overall. the episodes don't coalesce into a coherent comic whole. (Natalie Woolman) Pleasanee Courtyard. 556 6550. until 25 Aug. 3.15pm. [9»[10(,£7—~£8).

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