Festival Visual Art -


Over six pieces comprising kinetic sculpture,

projections, visceral jokes, total immersion sensory works, whole room architectural installations and, with 'Opera for a Small Room’ (pictured), an awe-inspiringly perfect sound sculpture, Cardiff and Bures Miller evoke worlds within worlds. Each separate work is capable of subsuming an open-minded viewer in its hinted-at

narrative, from the simple beauty of old-book

mustiness, ‘The House of Books Has No Windows’ to the self-indicting dystopian horror of ‘The Killing Machine'. Crawl in, peep, crane; marvel, and let each piece take you back to a childhood state of imaginative possibility. In terms of sensory experience, it’s this

year’s Fuerzabruta. And it’s free.

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3 other EAF exhibitions you’re looking forward to Collective Gallery —- The Golden Record: Sounds of Earth, c a in e r a Infinity and Perspective, Embassy Gallery Mutatis Mutandis 2 reasons why Fringe audiences need a little more spam in their lives

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>l< Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller Six different installation pieces. each evoking different worlds and a state of child—like wonder in the viewer. Allow yourself at least an hour, go early in the morning to get the gallery to yourself, and play. See review, left. Fruitmarket, 225 2383, until 28 Sep, free.

* Return of the Soul: The Nakbah Project Remarkable installation of massed, suspended wax figures, commemorating the violent ethnic cleansing of thousands of Palestinian people after the 1948 establishment of the Israeli state. See review, page 71 . WASPS, Patriotha/l Studios, 226 7 726, until 78 Aug, free.

>l< Scavengers (pictured) Get together a team and spend a whole day making like Anneka Rice, scouring the city for clues and items, before creating your own exhibition out of junk. See picture. page 74. City Art Centre and beyond, 07790 235963, 76 Aug, £50 per team. =l< E-Cyclorama lmmersive‘, huge-scale colourscape to lose yourself in. It's undoubtedly gimmicky but still brilliantly effective and there's a lovely bit of local relevance. See review, page 72. ECA, 221 6089, until 5 Sep, 70am—6pm, free.

>i< Eskimo Polarcap goes back to East Lothian with a fine new group show to Christen the new gallery space at Eskmills. Features works by Graham Fagen, Trine Pederson and Gareth Fisher. amongst others. See review, page 71. The Gallery at Eskmil/s, Musse/burgh, 273 4339, until 31 Aug, noon-5pm, free.

=l< Tracey Emin Set aside your prejudices, ignore the media circus and take the time to form your own opinion at a retrospective of one of our most important artists. The autobiographical stuff can get rather wearying. but there's some powerful, important work here. National Gallery of Modern Art, 624 6200, until 9 Nov, £6 (£4).