Festival Visual Art


Waverly Station. National (iallery oi Scotland. Princes Street. .\'orth Bridge. Waverley Bridge. Royal Scottiin Academy Building. limbassy (iallery. FREE Protected Sun 17 Sun 3| Aug. 3 5pm. A residency. exhibition and live performances by AR(' Projects’ resident artist Mare ’l‘ralla llistonia/l'Kr l’urr of the Edinburgh Ar! I'k'ini‘til.


St Margaret's House. 151 London Road. Tobacco House t'ntil Sun 3| Aug. liree. An installation by littie Spencer incorporating issues of social inclusion. education. health and economics. while transforming a derelict building into a visually arresting piece by growing a crop of tobacco on the lacade. I’nr'l of the Edinburgh Arr I-i'vlii'ul.

FREE Glendinbow COO l'ntil ’l’hu 2| Aug. noon 5pm. The new lidinburgh artist-run initiative licho looks at the (siblingl rivalry between lidinburgh and (ilasgow. liach ol the live l‘eatured artists has chosen an artist based in (ilasgow to either collaborate with or to submit work l‘or the show. I’url oft/1e Edinburgh Ar! I'r'ylil'rli. See review. page 7|


50 'l‘histle Street. North liast Lane. 225 2093. Wed Sat llam (ipm. OFFERINGS l'ntil Sat 30 Aug. lixhibition examining the religious image and its paradoxes. rendered in portraits by lrish artist lan llealy. l’ur'r of [he Edinburgh Art Festival.


0 l)tllldtt.\ Street. 5.57 40.50. Mott l'it'i 10am (ipmz Sat llam 2pm.

Singing Stone l'nul Sat () Sep. An exhibition l'eaturing recent work by limin Young. one ol the l’K‘s l‘oremost carvers ol~ stone. I’nrl oft/re Edinburgh Ar! I'i'ylii'ul.


('harlotte Square. 0845 373 5888.

Ric Warren l'ntil Mon 25 Aug. Recent (iSA graduate Ric Warren w ill exhibit sculptural works responding to the theme ol' climate change at the lidinburgh international Book liestiyal. I’ur'l o/rlu' Edinburgh Ari I'i'slii'ul.


2 Market Street. 52‘) 3‘)‘)3. .\lon Sat l0ani 5pm.

FREE Recognised: Highlights from the Collection l'ntil Wed 24 Dec. l0am 5pm. Highlights lrom the ('A("s collection of Scottish art. including work by Redpath. Paolo/Ii. Blackadder and Bellany.

Bond Bound: Ian Fleming and the Art of Cover Design t'ntil Sun l4 Sep. £5 (£3.50). (hurting the role ol' artists and designers in delining the look of the world's most popular spy.

China: A Photographic Portrait l'ntil Sun 14 Sep. £5 (£3.50). An unparalleled look at changing Inc in ('hina as viewed through the lenses ol‘ 250 (‘hinese photographers.


22 28 ('ockburn Street. 220 I260.

'l'ue Sat noon 5pm.

FREE The Golden Record: Sounds of Earth COO l'ntil Sat 13 Sep.

l lam ()pm. In l‘)77. l)r (‘arl Sagan oi NASA sent two records lull of sounds and images designed to convey Iiarth life to aliens. l'sing the same images and sounds as stimulus. the (‘ollective has commissioned I Hi artists. inusicians. comedians and theatre-makers to respond. There are some good gags here. but it's a one—joke premise. l’ur'I of [he Edinburgh Ar"! l'i'vlil‘ul.

for GLASGOW ART see non-festival magazine

I CORN EXCHANGE GALLERY ('onstitution Street. 5(il 7300. Wed Sat l lam 4.30pm.

"Ill Frances Richardson ooo l'ntil Hi 24 Oct. 1 lam 4pm. ln heavily- detailed drawings and sculptures she calls ‘w alk-in drawings'. Richardson examines the mindset of the compulsive gambler. l’ur'! oft/iv Edinburgh Ar! I-i'stivul. See review. page 7l


l4 l6 (irassmarket. 225 5525. FREE In the Flesh l'ntil Sun 24 Aug. times vary. A 'dance screen installation‘ by choreographer and lilmmaker Billy (‘ow ie. presented by Dance Base 8; ('atalyst. l’ur'r rrf'rlu' Edinburgh l’t’S/il'll/ I’r'ingt'.


73 Bell‘ord Road. 624 (i200.

10am 5pm.

FREE Collage City: Urban Space in Contemporary Art oooo t'ntil Sun 7 Sep. Works on paper by artists such as 'l‘oby Paterson. [.anglands and Bell and (‘arol Rhodes looking at the way skylines. maps and city architecture have inspired creative work. This exhibition highlights the crucial position of urban space as a playground for artists over the past (30 years.

Foto: Modernity in Central Europe 0.... l'ntil Sun 3l Aug. l0am 5pm. £(i l£4l. A vast selection oi Modernist photography from (iermany. lltmgary. Czechoslovakia. Poland and Anstria. brilliantly demonstrating how the new photographic vision extended into all areas of modern life and including examples of the very best in Modernist artistic practise.


l l (iaylield Square. 558 7l l0. 'l'ue l-‘ri l0am (rpm; Sat noon 5pm. Alexander Heim l’ntil Sat l3 Sep. lleim's lirst solo show in the [K draws together works on paper. lilm. ceramics. photographs and sculpture. as the artist explores the convergences and occasional l‘rictions between the natural

world and human urban activity. Part of

Ihr' Edinburgh Ar! l'k'slivul.


lnlirmary Street.

Weaving Influences/Raising the Bar l'ntil Sat 27 Sep. Two cross- disciplinary exhibitions celebrate the opening ol Dovecot. the new home for l)ovecot 'l‘apestry Studios.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART SCULPTURE COURT 74 l.auriston Place. 221 (i000. .\lon 'l'hu l0am 8pm: Fri 10am 4pm: Sat 10am 2pm. Sanford Wurmfeld: E- Cyclorama oooo l'ntil Fri 5 Sep. Walk-in painting in which the viewer immerses themselves in a giant circular colour-scope. It’s gimmicky. but undeniably el‘l‘ective. and there's a nice local connection too. I’m? oft/re Edinburgh Art Festival 2008. See review. page 72


23 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). 'l‘ue—Sat l0am opin.

FREE Chad McCail l'ntil Sat (i Sep. l0am- opm. Two series’ of screenprints and a suite of lithographs. rellecting the history and mechanics of compulsory education and our dealings with puberty as a culture. Artist's talk. Sat 23 Aug. l’ur‘! (if/he Edinburgh Art Festival.


25 llawthornyale. 55l 4400. Mon Sat |0am 5pm.

Magazine 08 l'ntil Sun 24 Aug.

l lam 5pm. Annual show of work by over 20 artists representing the contemporary Scottish sculpture scene. l’ur'l of Edinburgh Art Festival.


7(i liast (‘rosscausewayu 667 2808. Thu Sun noon ()plll.

Mutatls Mutandls l‘ntil Sun 3| Aug. ll()()ll--()plll. lixhibition of work by artists including Yason Banal. Mare 'l‘ralla. l)ave Sherry and llotpants Romance that moves between performance. installation. photography. video and painting. I’ur'r uflhr’ Edinburgh Ar! l'krsriml.

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon—Sat l lam—6pm; Sun noon-5pm. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller 0.... l7ntil Sun 28 Sep. A lirst chance for Scottish audiences to experience the innnersive works ol~ sculptural installation by the internationally-respected artist partnership. l’ur! oft/w Edinburgh Ar! l“i'.\'lil‘(l/. See review. page 70

I GALLERY AT ESKMILLS Stuart llouse . liskmills. Station Road . Musselburgh. 273 433‘). Eskimo COO. L'ntil Stm 31 Aug. Scottish arts partnership Polarcap have curated the inaugural show at the new gallery space. inviting 14 artists. including (iraham l-‘agen. (iraeme Todd. Kuehne+K|ein and Ian Hamilton liinlay' to respond to the building’s history. l’ur'! oft/iv Edinburgh Ar! I'i'vlii'ul. See review. page 72


10 Old Broughton. ol‘l‘ Barony Street. Richard Wilson 0... lintil Sun 3| Aug. 1 lam (ipm. Wilson cranks open his construction kit with beautifully-shot lilmed interventions. accompanied by .\leccano miniatures of how the feats were accomplished. and a whole caravan made into industrial sculpture. I’urr (rl'I/u' Edinburgh Arr I-i'siivul.



Big Things on The Beach: Garden Gallery 0.. L'ntil Sat 30 Aug. (‘urated by Big Things on the Beach. (iarden (iallery will see local. national and international artists installing works in private gardens in Portobello. l’urr of the Edinburgh Arr [Q’s/ind. See review. page 72


l5 (‘alton Road. 556 444l. 10am 5pm. Kay Rosen: Huen 0.0 l'ntil Wed 24 Sep. The lirst Scottish showing of work by American artist Kay Rosen is the inaugural exhibition at the lngleby (iallery‘s new main space. Playl‘ul. il' underwhelming text pictures. I’m-i oft/re Edinburgh Arr I'k'vlivul.

FREE Susan Collis oooo l'ntil Wed 24 Sep. (’heeky installation by the upcoming Scottish artist playing on the building site from which the new lngleby- (iallery has recently emerged. What appear to be hanging rawl plugs and paint spatters are revealed to be precious stones.l’ur'r oft/1e Edinburgh Ar! I'k'slivul. FREE Billboard for Edinburgh: Mark Wallinger ooo l'ntil Wed 24 Sep. 'I‘he punchy sentence ‘MARK WAl.l.l.\'(iliR [S l.\'.\'()(‘li3\"l” shouted out in huge letters ll‘UtIi the w ell—placed lngleby' Billboard. is intriguing. but with little in-gallery material to explain it it appears to be a meaningless phrase. disappointing from such an overtly political artist. I’urt oft/1v Edinburgh Ar! l‘i'slivul.

I INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE l3 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366.

Mon- Wed 8; Hi ‘).30am- 5.30pm: 'l‘hu noon~5.30pm: Sat ‘).30am 2pm. FREE Au fil d’Ecosse 000 Fri 2‘) Aug. Kitschy'. slightly over- sentimental look at Scotland through images and words. I’ur'l rr/‘Edin/rurjgh A r!



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