BASS SYNDICAT 5 Time to take things up a notch with a bass- heavy party as breaks specialists Bass Syndicate celebrate their second birthday. And it's a double-header of guests to mark the occasion. Bristol‘s Stanton Warriors will be mashing together electro and garage breaks while Krafty Kuts (pictured) adds his love of hip hop beats and electronica to the breakbeat stew. A perfect recipe for dancefloor mayhem. I .' ’ili/u‘ / ,‘It‘i H "". . ‘i V'l 3 1‘ ' 'l '_ H "‘ ' I

Krishma Bachoo gives us the lowdown on the Obscene vs Volume soundclash

5 words to describe the Obscene vs Volume experience?

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4 things you love about the DJs/acts on the bill?

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3 things you love about Edinburgh during the Festival?

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2 things you hate about Edinburgh in August?

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1 thing you would change about the late night Festival scene? Some {ill/illifltilti ELMO (i(l‘.til‘rl£i(_l(," of Hit} instilel and charge far too much. I ()l;:;t‘z,=/:t,= ‘./t;/t,/r.t,=. [ti/h}, 4,18 [-5851, lo Aug. /()/)/7} 5mm, 5‘5),

Jackhammer One of the true originators of the music we call techno. Kevin Saunderson, drops some seriously deep and funky Detroit sounds. Plus. it's a double header with fast and furious set from multi-deck techno wizard Ben Sims. The Bongo Club, 558 7604, Fri 75 Aug, 77pm—5am, E 75.

Bass Syndicate Unmissable breakbeat party with Stanton Warriors and Krafty Kuts. See preview, left. The Liquid Room, 225 2564, 76 Aug, 77pm-5am, £374. Club Noir Why not indulge in seven hours of risque cabaret at the most glamorous and decadent night the Festival has to offer as the Club Noir (pictured) burlesque troupe take over the ElCC for the ultimate saucy soiree. E/CC, 0844 847 7639, 76 Aug, 9pm- 4am, E 7 8.50.

Fish Fry Live Acid jazz and deep funk with a reggae and rock twist from Gecko 3, joining resident DJ team Astroboy and Erik D‘Viking. The Jazz Bar, 220 4298, 7 6 Aug, 7 7pm-5am, £3 before

7 7.30pm; £5 after. Messenger Scotland's roots pioneers continue to blast out the best in reggae and heavy dub through their own Soundsystem accompanied by MC Bas Echo. The Bongo Club, 558 7604, Sat 76 Aug, 77pm—5am, £7.50.

Iii Messin’ Around London's Jazz Cafe comes north for a night of jazz, funk, soul and more from DJ Adrian Gibson plus a display of hot foot skills from The Jazz CoTech Dancers. The Voodoo Rooms, 556 7060, 76 Aug, 9pm-/ate. £70. Obscene vs Volume Drum & bass and dubstep soundclash raising cash for Maggie‘s Cancer Caring Centres and Myeloma UK. See preview. left. Luna, 478 7434, 76 Aug, lOpm-Sam. £5.

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