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night of hip hop, new jack. roek. dixeo. R&B and soul tall aeeompanied h} da/lling displa} \ ol' lu'eakdaneing) as the ol'lieial al'tet'xhou part} for the (‘astle Roeks Breakdanee Championship»

I Give it Some! at the Bongo ('luh.

l lpm 3am. l’ree helore midnight; £5 alter. 23 Aug. l’inal e\er (}i\e it Some! as l)JRedo \thipx tip a .xtorm \\ ith a line seleetion ol' l-tlttk. \ottl. lit/l. ()(IS Rckli and he}ond. joined h) (iiSf’x ltt'xl ex er guext l)ean Atkinx t l()t)‘é l)_\namite). Meanwhile. l)eco_\' Ro} seleeh the linext reggae. \ka and duh in the upstairx lounge.

I Legends at Ocean ’l‘erminal.

ltlpm 3am. £20. 23 Aug. A maxxix e eluhhing exent headed hy Paul ()akenl'old alongside X-l’resx 2 'llltl Jo Mills across three arenax W ith l)J\ l‘rom Stereotype. noel}. Momn and more. ot'gtttltxetl h_\ .118 Maga/ine.

I Liquid Soul at l’o .\'a .\'a.

ltlhm 3am. £3 hel‘ore l lPtn; £o alter. Weekl}. (iet do“ n earl} l‘or [his eonsixtentl} eapaeit} retro-dixeo and Milk} house night. l'eaturing l’o\ own Mark B on the decks l'using elaxsie and hang up-to-date funk} houxe l'or those in the knou.

I Madchester at the Liquid Room. lll.3l)pm 3am. £5 U». 33 Aug. ('elehrating the haggy era to the ma\. as, a Messenger Sound System at

g‘ the Bongo ('luh. llpm 5am. £5 hel'ore midnight; £o.5() alter. lo Aug. 'l'he might} Messenger Sound S}\tem hlasts out the hext in righteoux reggae and roots pla) ing “ith M(' Rax lieho. of #2 Messin’ Around at the Voodoo @w Rooms. ltlpm 3am. £10. In Aug. llot ja/I grooves and daneelloor mmex lrom this Jan (‘al'e mainxta} featuring Mexsin' Around rexident l)J Adrian (‘iihxon and The Jan ('o-I'eeh l)aneer\. I Musika presents: We Love . . . at ('aharet Voltaire. l lpm 5am. £15. 33 Aug. lhi/a eomex to lidinhurgh \\ ith a hot liouxe douhle hill leaturing l’aul Wooll‘ord and Smokin' Jo.

Obscene v Volume at l.una.

'- lllpm 5am. £5. lo Attg. A ‘elaxh ol' the titanx' a\ the underground drtnn & haxs nightx M(’.\ and I)J\ go head to ltL‘tttl Will] l-l l)l\. lltI'L‘L‘ .\l(‘\ and ll\L‘ aet all raising lundx l‘or Maggie'x (‘aneer ('aring ('entrex and M}eloma l’K. See pre\ ieu. page 75.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal lounge. ltlpm 3am. £4 hel'ore l lpm; £8 alter. Weekl). Late night soiree leaturing I)J l)a\'e Shedan and a l'uxion ol‘ glamorous vocal house and aeeexxihle eleL‘ll'o \\ ill] a hint ol' Rtle

I Retribution at Stttdio 24.

l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Retrihution takes the plaee ol. the Mixxion hut still play the hest in roek. ntetal. alternatn e and traekx from the dark \ide all night long.

I Silent Disco at l'dderhell} \ l’axture. ll.3()pm 4am. £lt). lo Aug. SL‘C 'l‘llll.

Soul Spectrum :1! the Voodoo Roomx. 9pm 3am. 33 Aug. \iglu ol lunk. hard-edged \titll. (ins and 7t)\ gL‘ltlx and e\ en a daxh ol dixeo l'rom l’r} er tMotherlunk and Ja/ImanReeordxi. lan Wright and Jason Stirland tl)eepl'unk l. I Spank! at l'nderhell)‘.

Midnight 4am. £8 £l4.5l)t£‘) £l3.5()i. lo Aug. See 'l'hu.

I Tease Age at ('itrux ('luh.

l lptn 3am. l-ree hel'ore l lpm: £o alter. Weekl}. 'lihix indie \taluart dixhex ttp e\er"\thing l'rom \\\ittgittg ()(I\ hitx to hagg) Manehexter l'aVex ax \\ ell ax a hoxt ol~ eurrent All/Ii ehart hotherers \xith 1)] Monkee Miekee. lidinhurgh'x longext eontinually running indie night.



I This is Music at llenr} \ ('ellar Bar. llptn 3am. £5. 33 Aug. Indie night Will] ll\L‘ \L‘l\ llk‘.

I 2 Much 2 Mix at ('it} \ighteluh.

l lptn 3am. £8 t£4). Weekl}. Saturda} nighter at ('it} ax [)1 Dan mixex up the hext in l‘unk} houxe. Rtle dixeo. indie and hip hop.

I Ultragroove at (‘aharet Voltaire. llpm 5am. £8 (£6). lo Aug. (iareth Sommerx ille’x hottxe part} \\ ith \peeial guext .\'iek Yuill tShoot the l’unip/Solexeieneei \xhile ('raig Reid handlex room [no duties.

I VIP Saturdays at (’luh l’urple. l()pm 3am. £3 hel'ore midnight; £5 alter. Weekl}. .\'e\\ night at thix next \enue

\\ ith \e\_\ Rtle hip hop and elaxxie part} gromex troni l)J l‘ahulo/. limail eluhpurplew hotmail.eom tor guextlixt/priorit} entr_\.

Chart & Party FREE“: Manifesto at lixpionage.

7pm 3am. Weekl). (hart. eheexe and daneelloor anthems tlL‘t't)\\ to e lloorx. I Why Not? at Wh} .\'ot'.’ ltlpm 3am. £7.50. \Vt‘t‘lxl}. SL‘L‘ l'il‘l.

I Carbon at Stereo. lllpm 3am. £4 t£2L Weekl}. \ight ol' indie latouritex lrom Aretie Monkey to l'ndertmrld. All door tttotte} ix donated to ollxel _\ottt' earhon l'ootprint. \o ‘the more time\ _\ou on e. the more treex }ou \a\e'.

I Edinburgh Boat Party at the (iR\'. optn. £l7.5(l. l7 Aug. llarr}. l.eon liaxter and (iat') .l hoxt a xeriex ol' hoat partiex through the summer. l'ree htixex lea\ e the (RV tand return )tut tor the tree alterpart} l. “ith the hoat \etting and at (i.3()pni lot' a tour-hour trip tip the l-iirth ol liorth \\ ith a hot houxe \oundtraek l'rom (iareth Sonunerx ille tl'ltragrooxel. ('heek nu\t.edinhurghhoatpart}.eoin lot" it!” le‘lilllS.

I Hifi at (Mt). l().3(lpin 3am. l5ree helore l lpm: £4 t£3t alter. Weekl). l'ittltxh the \\ L‘L‘l’xClItI in \l} ltxh delmueher}. “uh I)! Miehelle pro\ iding a ini\ ol' anthemx and luture elaxxiex. FREE More at ('aharet Voltaire.

llpm 5am. I? Aug. l-‘ortniglith. A neu Sunda} nighter l‘or the ('ah ax Buml-‘unk heeomex More \\ ith Kanpuxx and .\lt\\ ('hrix deli\ering the hext in l‘unk} \oeal hottxe. L‘lllh L‘l;t\\ie\ and eleetro.

I Peepshow at Medina. l lpm 3am. £5 t£3). Weekl}. .\'e\\ night ol‘ houxe and eleetro from the l'olk hehind Stereot}pe mi\ing in the likex ol' llot ('liip. Blondie. l’rimal Sereatn and The l’oalx u ith hot danee heatx. li\peet guextx l'rom lleadxpin. 'l‘ok}ohlu. Motherl'unk and more.

Pixel Perfect at lixpionage. 7pm 3am. Weekl). lieleetie ini\ ol' 8()\, ‘)(l\, ()()\ and retro junk.

I Playgirl Mansion at Lulu.

8pm 3am. £5. Weekl). A night ol' laid- haek lounge musie and guilt) plt‘;t\tlt'e.\. (‘utting edge eleetronie diseo and elaxxie houxe ht'ing\ a totteh ol' Studio 54 to lidinhurgh e\'er_\ Sunda} \\ ith l).l 'l'rend) Wend} and guextx.

I Rise at ()pal Lounge. ltlpm 3am. £4 t£3). Weekl}. l’unk} lit)lt\L‘. eluh L'lilSSlCS. eleetro dixeo. tttztsh-ttpx and remi\e\ l'rom John lllllL‘ltltt\()tl and (iaretlt Sonunen ille.

I Silent Disco at l'dderhell} '\ l’axture. ll.3()pm 4am. £lt). l7 Aug. ‘: J See 'l‘hu.

I Spank! at l'nderhell}.

midnight 4am. £8 £l4.5() t£‘) £13.50). 17 Aug. See 'l‘hu.

FREE The Sunday Social at the lli\e. llpni 3am. Weekl}. A roek'n'roll journe} \xith all the hext eutx l'rotn elaxxie tnetal and hard roek through to 8()\ glam and goth.

I Tipsy at Maxxa. llpin 3am. £3 £5. Weekly. Rik“ and hip hop lront t'L‘\itlL‘ltl\ \it‘k (i. l).l l’ha/L‘ and DJ l’roxpeet at “hat the} pt‘ottttxt‘ \\ ill he ‘the littllL‘\l Sunda} night part} in

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