Top20 This week’s unmissable shows

Emmanuel Jal Few people can imagine the terrors of being a child made to fight in a war-torn homeland. This guy has lived it and come out the other side. See Books, page 14.

Milestone Compelling live stone-carving project accompanied by a fascinating exhibition on the art of sculpture. See Visual Art, page 78. Faust Large-scale adaptation of the iconic morality tale. told with music, pantomime and a huge cast. See Theatre, page 59.

Hans Teeuwen The Dutch comic-actor breaks free from his Amsterdam cronies to pull more Dadaist tricks from his surrealistic sleeve. See Comedy, page 22.

Trilogy Nic Green explores contemporary feminism in a joyous, life-affirming show, which also features a compelling, mass display of nudity. See Theatre, page 74. Richard Herring One of the most anticipated comedy shows in this year’s programme delivers its promise in a blur of passion and hilarity. See Comedy, page 34.

The Hotel Site-specific, interactive play set in a New Town hostelry, scripted and directed by innovative comedian Mark Watson. See Theatre, page 74.

Kid Unicorn and Young Fathers A stupendous showcase of two of Scotland’s bright young musical things. See Music, page 54.

Dave Gorman The globetrotting comic reflects upon the time he crossed America, trying to avoid the chainstores and brand names. It sure wasn’t easy, boy. See Books, page 16. St Kilda Multi-media opera inspired by the island of St Kilda, which explores ideas about history, society and nature. See Music, page 53.