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THE MASK SLIPS Re: Seven Ages (●●●●●)

Theatremaker Kevin Tomlinson was unhappy with the (actually rather

positive) three star review we awarded

his show, Seven Ages. He’s so far

posted 1000+ words in response on list.co.uk/festival here are some list.co.uk/festival here are some

edited highlights: edited highlights:

whatever the weather, and perform. Well worth hiking up the hill to catch this show, and if you don't like it, you can always enjoy the view. Comment posted by jimibanjo on list.co.uk

I am amazed that the review does not even mention the MASK work in the show! How can it not?! The masks are so integral to the whole show. It would be like reviewing a dance show and not mentioning the dance. Or a puppet show and not mentioning the puppets. Ridiculous. Ridiculous.

[To gauge the show's success], I listen [To gauge the show's succ to whether [the audience] clap or not. to whether [the audience] c] And how enthusiastic that clapping is. And how enthusiastic that c I listen to whether they laugh and how I listen to whether they laugh strong that laughter is. I listen to how strong that laughter is. I listen quiet and attentive they are in the slower quiet and attentive they are in

sections of the show. sections of the show. For the response from our critic, For the response from ou Charlotte Runcie, see list.co.uk Charlotte Runcie, see li

SUMMIT GOING ON SUMMIT GOIN Re: Barry on Arthur's Seat Re: Barry on Arthu My heart sank when I My heart san got my family to the got my fam top of Arthur's Seat top of Arth and found someon and found someone with a sound system blar sound system blaring out lame 80s saxophone-lad 80s saxophone-laden Scot pop. However, it turn pop. However, it turned out that the bearded loon with t the bearded loon with the PA and microphone was about microphone was about to engage in a quick bout of good in a quick bout of good-natured crowd-baiting standup. O crowd-baiting standup. OK, so a lot of the show is in the conce the show is in the concept, but that alone is worth a good alone is worth a good few stars, as is the brass balls as is the brass balls it takes to lug gear up gear up a volcano,

TO BE FRANKEN Re: Will Franken (●●●●●) UK scientists have discovered the world’s biggest cunt. His name is Brian Donaldson and he writes for The List. Will Franken, via Twitter.

GLASGOW NOT SMILING BETTER Re: Dirty Water (●●●●●) Over-acted and under-rehearsed comedy about Weegie stereotypes. Some good one-liners, but more miss than hit. Think amateur, think students, think why? Comment posted by Peter Callaghan on list.co.uk


DAHLE AND JONES ON A PLATE Our energy started fading as week two of the Festival crashed down upon us, so it was with delight we received a jumbo barrel of gummy eggs from Free Fringe comedy double bill Ingrid Dahle and Paul Jones. Of course, they were gone inside 24 hours, but that should hopefully see us through til September. Dahle and Jones on a Plate, The Dram House, until 24 Aug (not 19), 1pm, free.

That’s the last of our printed Bribes of the Week, but feel free to keep sending us your promotional swag until the end of August and we’ll punt you on Twitter @thelistmagazine 2 THE LIST FESTIVAL 15–26 Aug 2013

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