Edinburgh Fringe Festival / / / / / / / | \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 17th - 23rd August 2013 FUSION GUITAR

Classical & Percussive GuiTAR

"...Declan ate my "Outstanding!"

sandwich" -Newton Faulkner

-Guy Traviss, Classical Guitar Magazine

"Declan can PLAY!" -Jon Gomm

UK concert guitarist Declan Zapala makes his Fringe debut this year with his exciting new show, FUSION GUITAR. With music from Eric Roche, J.S. Bach, Carlo Domeniconi, Leo Brouwer, and Declan's own unique and highly acclaimed compositions, this show will a p p e a l to guitarists and non-guitarists alike!

Venue: Lindisfarne Room, St. Cuthberts Church (Venue 122), 5 Lothian Road, EH1 2EP

Dates: 17th August - 23rd August Time: 17:30-18:30, doors 17:00.

Tickets: £10/£8(St)/£6(F)

Visit www.DeclanZapala.com for more details and to view his world-famous viral videos...

15–22 Aug 2013 THE LIST FESTIVAL 67