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Adam Kay: Fingering A Minor on

the Piano ‘Sorry for the ongoing self-promotion, but here’s a lovely review from @ thelistmagazine, who normally DESPISE me.’ Comment posted by @ amateuradam

The Club ‘It felt like they’d just learned three new swear words and were testing them out.’ Comment posted by Rob N.

not worth the effort.’ Comment posted by Martin P

Trumpageddon Deep Time

‘I know they’ll be nice when they call me a “satirist”’ Comment posted by @ JayBirdProds (see review, page 82) ‘Loved that. Look forward to Atomic later in month’ Comment posted by @icrad4

Preview: Deep Time ‘We’re trying to make it as epic an experience

as we can’

‘Deep Time was a disappointment. The visuals were impressive, but the quotes projected on the castle walls were up for too short a time. I only just managed to read them before they disappeared. Last year we left feeling uplifted; this year it was

Puddles Pity Party: Let’s Go! ‘Puddles Pity Party was Pure Packaged Pulsating Painful Pandemic Painted Pedro Portraying Popov Pitiful Priceless Performing Puddles . . . Perfect.’ Comment posted by Gavin Wilson

Shit-faced Shakespeare ‘Remember when you were 15 and started drinking with your friends? And there was

always one person who acted really drunk even though they’d only had a can of cider? That’s what this is like.’ Comment posted by George McConnachie

Good Kids: On Tap ‘Half the audience got up and left. If you are looking for something that will make you laugh I don’t recommend this act.’ Comment posted by TTS

Good Kids: On Tap ‘It wasn’t non-stop belly laughs, but it kept us entertained. These guys definitely have something and can only get better. Would definitely see again.’ Comment posted by Jim Hunt

B R I B E O F T H E W E E K MY LOVE IS LIKE A LEAD, LEAD ROSE Roses are red / rhubarb is red / here is a pipe / it’s made out of lead. Romance has never been our forte, but we’re pretty sure stashing a lead pipe and some rhubarb in a bouquet isn’t normal. This display of affection from Arbery Productions becomes less baffl ing when you realise their play The Rose and Crown contains the line: ‘I suppose you think I can grow new lead pipes in the back garden like sticks of aming rhubarb?’ It’s a one-act spine-tingler where some drinkers in a pub are interrupted by a mysterious stranger. As long as he doesn’t try to seduce them with rhubarb, we’re sure it’ll be ne. The Rose and Crown, theSpace on Niddry St, 510 2383, 22–27 Aug, 9.10pm, £8 (£6).

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