Highlights from our packed festival events programme

ART LATE: THE VAN T’S Glasgow four-piece take on Jupiter Artland

P roviding an alternative view of the city’s art scene, Edinburgh Art Festival’s Art Late programme has been satisfying creative cravings throughout the Fringe. The series has offered a detour away from festival madness, taking attendees to various venues, from the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street to the amazing Leith Theatre. And on Thursday 25 August, the Van T’s will perform at Jupiter Artland, where the series will end its season in one of the art festival's best venues.

The Glasgow quartet borrow sounds from several decades to mould their hazy surf-rock style, as showcased on their debut EP Laguna Babe. Their bold combination of 60s pop and 90s grunge offers a nostalgic trip, with plenty of noise thrown in for good measure. The band is fast becoming the latest of Scotland’s ‘ones to watch’, playing recent support slots with Honeyblood and Yuck, as well as sets at T in the Park, Electric Fields and the Wide Days convention. Their position is further cemented by their latest EP A Coming of Age, which provides a potential taster of what is yet to come from their debut album.

Revellers will start at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern Two), then head over to Donovan & Siegel’s ‘Rust Garden’ outdoor installation at Castle Mill Works. You’ll then be transported to Jupiter Artland, the picturesque art and sculpture park just 10 miles outside of Edinburgh, where the Van T’s will play the i nal gig in this year’s series of art-gig-party mash-ups. (Arusa Qureshi)

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern Two), 624 6200, 25 Aug, 5.45pm. 94 THE LIST FESTIVAL 18–29 Aug 2016


ART LATE 4 See preview left. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern Two), 624 6200, 25 Aug, 5.45pm. SOLD OUT.

MUSEUM AFTER HOURS Enjoy a host of international Fringe acts over the i nal two Fridays of the festival, as they perform across three stages in the National Museum of Scotland. From comedy to dance and everything in between, expect some incredible entertainment, accompanied by bars and street food, with free entry to the museum’s Celts exhibition. National Museum of Scotland, 0300 123 6789, 19, 26 Aug, 7.30pm, £18 (£16).