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28 THE LIST FESTIVAL 3–10 Aug 2017


Five fresh, exciting works showcasing the best of Taiwanese creativity

In 2017, the Taiwan Season returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a fourth consecutive year with some of the best live performances being made on the island today.

Drawn from an open call to practitioners of all art forms in Taiwan, and carefully curated by key Fringe venues Dance Base and Summerhall, the

Taiwan Season embraces dance, theatre and puppetry via a handful of engaging and uniquely individual shows. Colourful, vital, playful and dramatic, the Taiwan Season is produced and managed collaboratively by Tai He Arts Production Co (Taiwan) and Step Out Arts (UK) and funded by the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan).

038 by Kuo-Shin Chuang Pangcah Dance Theatre 8–27 Aug (not 14, 21), 3.15pm, £12 (£10). Previews 4–6 Aug, £10 (£8).

Taking its title from the area code for Haulien on Taiwan’s east coast, home of the indigenous Pangcah people, 038 asks: ‘Where is home? What is home?’ Kuo-Shin Chuang Pangcah Dance

Theatre fuses the traditional music

and dance of indigenous people with contemporary inluences. This dynamic ensemble performance relects the anxieties and uncertainties of searching for ourselves and our roots in an often overly commercialised modern world.

Together Alone

by Zoltán Vakulya, Chen-Wei Lee x ART B&B 8–27 Aug (not 10, 14, 17, 21, 24), 3.15pm, £12 (£10). Previews 4–6 Aug, £10 (£8). How do we live together? Relationships are complicated, and sometimes beyond words. In Together Alone, two (naked) dance artists Chen-Wei Lee (an alumnus of Batsheva Dance Company) and her work-life partner Zoltán Vakulya explore the tensions, pleasures, sorrows and reconciliations of two duet uses body and mind to reveal a core of intimate and poetic feeling. The show was nominated for the 2016 Taishin Arts Award, Taiwan’s annual prize for the best performing arts work across all genres.

individuals attempting to discover harmony. This honest, brave and unpretentious