; a Theatre is listed by city llrst then by venue, running in alphabetical order, 4 except lor touring shows which are

listed by the name at the show. Please send details not later than 10 days belore publication date.


O CITIZENS (iorbals Street. 42‘) (1022 ’8177. Box Office. Mon—Sat lilam—8pm. Bar. [1)]

Hansel and Gretel Until Sat 1 l Jan. Times vary: lllam on lllth: 2pm on 9 6’; 11:5pm on 11th; 7pm on 9 & lll; 8pm on 1 1. Prices range between £1 & £4. Last few daysofthe Citz‘ Christtnas show . a highly successful new adaptation by Myles Rudge of the old fairy tale. Here all the events take place in the dream world. which makes it rather overladen in terms of explanation at times. but also gives it a wonderful. almost eerie dreamlike quality. An immensely strong cast. under (iiles l lavergal‘s direction. includes Anne Myatt as an imperioust powerful witch and Andy (iray revelling in comic invention as her cissy sort.

I The Spanish Bawd Fri 17Jan—Sat 1 Feb. f 7.30pm. £3 (£1 ). ()AP and

; Unemployed free on the door. £1 in i advance. A new production ofa

l rarely staged tragi-comedy by the

1 Spanish writer Fernando de Rojas.

, Written around 15le the ‘moral‘ tale approaches courtly love with a fair

degree ofhurnour and earthy

realism. as a young aristocrat seeks

the assistance of the Spanish bawd.

‘1-a Celestina‘. to secure the

complicity of his lady. Translated by James Mabbe and directed and designed by Philip Prowse (See Feature).

0 THE DRAMA CENTRE 126 Ingram Street. 552 5827. Box Office 9.3(1am—6pm. Drama programme starts again at the end ofJan.

O KING’S Bath Street. Box office Mon—Sat 12 noon—6pm. 4 bars. [1)] [Ii] Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon—Sat 1(l.3llam—6.3()pm. 552 5961.

Sinbad the Sailor Until Feb 1986.

- Mon-Sat. 7pm. Sat Mats 2.15pm. £5.75—£1. ()APs and children selected perfs. £3—£1.5(l. Johnnie Beattie and Una McLean head the

__ Iii/3:13.12. LIST


cast in a polished production with more than a touch of local colour.

0 MITCHELL Granville Street. 221 3198. Box office Mon-Sat. l2 noon—6pm. Bar. Cafe. [1)] Tickets also available from Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 552 5961. Mon—Sat 1().3tlam—6.3()pm.

Cuttin‘ A Bug Until Fri 18 Jan. 7.30pm. £2.5(l(£2). Unit 1 in .lohn Byrne‘s sharp tongued comedy about life in the slab room.

0 PAVILION 121 Renfield Street. 332 1846. Box office Mon—Sat 1(lam—8pm. Bar.

Cinderella Until Sat 8 Feb. Mon—Sat 8pm. Mats 2.30pm every Sat. £5-£3. Children and ()APs £3—£2. Andy Cameron. Valerie Dunbar and "I'iger’ Tim Stevens in the annual panto presented by Radio Clyde.

0 CUMBERNAULO THEATRE Cumbernauld. ()23 67 32887. Box office Mon—Fri. lilam~-6pm. Sat 1(lam—3pm. 6—8pm perf. evgs. Bar‘cafe.

Twelfth Night Fri Ill and Sat 11.8pm. £1.25. Flipsidc'l‘heatre Company in one of Shakespeare‘s best-loved comedies. and probably the only one to feature crossed garters.

Scabaret Sun 23—Tue 25 Jan. 8pm. £2.50. £2. £1.50. Comedy and sketches. cabaret-style from a team first seen at the lidinburgli(iateway Exchange.

0 THEATRE ROYAL 1 lope Street. 331 1234332 Olltlt) (credit cards). Box office Mon—Sat lllam ~6pm (7.3llpm

on perfevgs) Bar. Buffet. The Nutcracker Until Sat 11 jun. 7.15pm. (2.15pmalsoon Sat). (See Dance). 3 ll Trovatore Wed 22. Sat 25. Tues 28 1 Jan. (See Classical Music). O THIRD EYE CENTRE 35(1Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. Box office Tue—Sat lllam-5.3(lpm. Sun 2—5pm. (Tickets also from bookshop on perfevgs).

WI 1131

Muckle Toatie McWonders Until Sat 11Jan. 7.3llpm. Sat mat 2.3(lpm. £2 (£1 ). A ‘mini-panto‘ from

Fablevision concerning very small persons. castaways from the 1sland of'l’oatie. and the very large and villainous Lord Muckle of Fleet

Street who pursues them for their story.

Circus Sat 18.1an. 11am c" 2.3(lpm. £1 (£1.50). Black Box Puppets in one of their popular family shows.

The Amazing Festive Barndance Sat 18 Jan. 8pm. £2.5(l(£2). Pocket

Theatre in what they describe as a ‘Festive Barndance with 'I'heatrical Interruptions'. Crazed dancing complete with caller. interspersed with stories. songs and drama.

0 TRON 38 Parnie Street. 552 42678. Box office Tues-Sat. Noon—10pm.

Bar with loud.

Wild Nights 1 'ntil sun 1‘)Jan. 8pm. £3 members. £4 guests. Wildcat's latest cabaret revue. held over because of

its success (see panel).

Burns Night on 25th promises supper plus song. story and sagacity. Contact theatre for more details.

WildcatTheatre Company's Christmas extravaganza leaturing songs and sketches from both recent and less recent shows. plus a bevy ol guest artists— has. by populardemand. been specially extended for two more weeks until 19January.

As can olten be the case with this company. some political targets are approached with more energy and intellectual honesty than others. Sometimesthe cast's apparent contempt for Western Institutions would carry more weight it it were matched by a script that incorporated shades ol grey. Sketches about Ronald Reagan‘s incontinence and his addiction to TV add little to the by now lamiliar treatment he receives on Spitting Image. However. in ‘My Big Brother' —a song which reducesthe cold war to a playground squabble with Terry Neason and Dave Anderson battling itout in bearskin and baseball-cap (see picture). subtlety is hardly required.

Where Wildcat olten strike home best though. is with their less political. more locally-flavoured jokes.

Most ol the evening. however. remains strongly musical. with Wildcat playing favourites lrom previous

shows. Terry Neason's voice is brilliant

and assertive. Light-hearted humorous songs with clever harmonies. such as the acapella one about bronchitis. or the twisted version of a popular carol where Noel turns into the pained morning-alter confession. ‘I no well.| no well . . .' show Wildcat material at its witty best. (Ken Scott)





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