Magdalene Asylum tor Fallen Women, as Springwell House was formerly known, is to be the subject at his latest play.

The invitation has come a result ot a 7.84 Theatre Company Scotland Community Drama project tunded by Edinburgh District Council and in conjunction with Springwell House, Gorgie-Dalry’s arts base. Campbell will work with the theatre company as well as with local artists and community groups over a period at ten weeks on a series at drama workshops and on the new play which will be based on the history at the Magdalene which was an Asylum lor tallen women lrom 1865 to 1951. Donald Campbell who wrote the tringe lirst winner Howard's Revenge tor last years Edinburgh Festival, doesn’t consider it odd that a man should have been asked to write about a retuge tor lemale prostitutes. ‘I actually don’t think it matters that much. It is a question at looking at characters from the outside -

' temales tend to look at lemale

characters trom the inside, doing the

washing up or the hoovering. Anyway

they didn’t choose a man, they chose

; Donald Campbell. I can think at quite a

lew appalling women writers they could have asked and quite a lew appalling men as well.’ With views like these Campbell's interpretation ol the story at the retuge that sought to retorm Edinburgh’s lallen women by teaching them reading writing and posture should be intriguing. ‘Dne otthe interesting things I’ve discovered is that an awlul lot at good came out at it. When the women came out they got jobs and positions. There was a lot at misconception locally. People thought women were sent there but although there was a certain degree of reterral in the twentieth century, in the nineteenth

century it was voluntary. The barred ; January also. Contact 041 221 4526 tor windows were to keep people out not to I details.

- A'v / sly. ,1 ,1 , .l 44-» 1.11., "1.:

available on some days. Stanley 10am on 9 and 10. £2—£5. Cones for l0am—9pm. Sun 12.30-9pm. Bar, Baxter holds the stage in this Theatresaver holders. Special prices A The 'j‘rm-Crsc is Closed um“ end of

slavery. . .there is a statistic that twenty percent ot Edinburgh prostitutes at the : time died every year.’ The Springwell House Community

Drama Project will be something at a V . new departure tor 7:84 Scotland and tor i 3 Campbell although the latter has some [ 3 experience at community theatre work when writing torthe Craigmillar Drama : ; Festival ten years ago. The project 5 begins on 18 January with an intensive weekend drama course and culminates ' g in the production ot the new play, : pertormed by amateurs but with the I 3 support of protessional Director John E i Haswell, Musical Director Robert ' i Pettigrew and Choreographer Frank E McConnell, which will be seen at Edinburgh‘s George Square Theatre during the Folk Festival on 30 March , and at Springwell House for the lollowing week. Full details at the 3 project and how to become involved 1 can be obtained either trom Pam [ Strachan at 7:84 Scotland, 031 557 I 2442 or George Williamson at 2 Springwell House, 031 3371971. ] (Nigel Billen)

' It was the house with which mothers I i keep the women in. The nearest threatened their children. As a boy, ; [ equivalent t can think 01 would be ' plawrite Donald 6801009" WOW ""0 . modern retuges tor battered women. the door bell and run. Now the ' . , § These women were escaping i

0 Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh, also

a begin rehearsals in January for a new

i perlormance project involving

? prolessionals and volunteers from the

1 local community. The project, to be

staged in February, will be an

3 adaptation tor stage of Fritz Lange’s

j tilm M, and volunteers tor all aspects of : ] production are encouraged to join.

; Rehearsals start on Monday13 3 [ January. Tel. 031 225 7042 for details. ! I Theatre Workshop's Youth Theatre 7 courses also start atresh in January,

; again contact above numbertor

] details.

3 0 Glasgow Arts Centre begin a new

series 01 classes and workshops in

! drama (and much more besides) in

o CHURCH H|LL THEATRE polished and highly professional . for schools‘ performances. Stuart Jan for shows‘ but the bar and Morningside Road. Tickets usually example Ota Pant” With more Paterson‘s VCtStOh "t the Arthurian , restaurant remain open both at available from Cruickshanks opp PahaChc than 50th- t'dtc is bright and hrCCZ)’ attrttCttVC lunchtimes and in the evenings. with theatre. O HETHERBOW 43 High Street, 556 rather than CXCttlhg‘ With the CVtt : plenty oflive music and Greenbank Guest Until Sat 11 Jan. 9579. Box office Mon—Sat Morgan“ '9 Fayahd the MaghthCCht ] entertainment. ' 7pm. Annual show of music. comedy 10am—4pm. 7—9pm perf. evgs. Cafe Mcrhh “0t featuring its Sttt’hgt." ‘15 ; O BRUHTON THEATRE Musselburgh. and dance from Greenbank youth ' they COUtd- BUt Plenty Of humour 665 2240. Box office Mon—Sat group. The Nethcrbow is closed until March ' kCCPS tith Wt’hldrldb’c‘S PmdUCttt’h 10am—8pm. Bar. [1)] [E] TV Challenge Mon 13 Jan. 7.30pm. for extensive restoration. rolling along- Jack and the BeanstalkUntiI Sat 18 Quiz with three teams organised by O PLAYHOUSE 18/22 Greenside O THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Jan. 7.30pm (excl. 16 & 17) and Edinburgh District Council— frcc Place. 557 2590. Box office. Place. 2265425. Box office Mon—Sat ; 2.30pm on 9. ll. 13. 18. £3.£3.80 admission forthe public. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Bar. 9.30am—5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. [1)] ' (£2.50 for mats). Final week for Rob 2 Information available from EDC Russ Abbott Show Until Sat 1 1 Jan M Volunteers needed for the latest in Coburn Productions‘ version ofthe recreation department. 7.30pm. Fri 5pm & 8pm. £6. £5. £4. Theatre Workshop‘s tradition of cautionary plant power tale.

On stage 66 wed 22 and Thurs 23 First appearance in Scotland for the combining professionals and local ' Who's Atraid at Virginia Woolf? Tue 21 jun, 1 Madhouse chameleon TV . volunteers both on stage and offto ; Jan—Sat 1 Feb. 7.30pm. Prices vary 7pm. Latest production from the ‘Comedian. RUSS Abbott. put on a show. this one being an between £3.75 and £1 .50 depending

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7pm. Mats at 2.15pm on Weds and [130- Times vary: 7pm 00 9. 10. 11. l O TRAVERSE 112 West Bow. 226 Burton-'I‘aylor husband and wife 5

53515504250, Half price cones [2pm on 11. Schools perfs also at 2633. Box office Tues—Sat team.

14 The List 10— 23 January