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Latest to make fears public, Robin

Morton of Edinburgh‘s Folk Festival. ( When lurther quizzed he admitted that

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An outstanding sales pertormance lrom Waterstone‘s Edinburgh bookshop has helped to rescue the precarious position ol a young company which has incurred trading losses at over £300,000 since it began business in 1982. According to Publishing News, the shop in George Street which opened last April, is now ‘undoubtedlythe tlagship‘ otTim Waterstone‘s eight-strong tleet.

Hazel Broadloot, the manageress, says the shop expects a turnover at £1 million by the end ol its lirst year. What is the secret ol its success? ‘We did worry about the location. When I came up tor interview on Saturday alternoon, my knees were shaking because the street was deserted trom Castle Street to Charlotte Square, but that‘s a bonus lorpeople in cars.

Ms Broadtoot thinks that the lriendly informed service is enhanced by the layout at the shop, with all the books on one tloorwhich creates an impression ol space. The modern design. good lighting, soit chairs tor browsers and soothing classical music are all part of

a stylish nEw _re_ta_i|_ approach to selling._

take place— even it he has to take a

Jazz Sunday which is to be repeated on

Another obvious asset is the extended opening times: Tim Waterstone claims that over halt the sales are made during ‘unsocial hours'. On weekdays the shops are open until 10pm and until 7pm on weekends. ‘We operate on a split shilt system.‘ says Ms Broadtoot, ‘and stall are quite happy to work Sundays, because there are no boxes to unpack or calls from publishers so you can concentrate on the customers which is the nicest part olthe job.‘

Most ol the top ten books over the Christmas period at Waterstone's were Scottish publications from the all-important national dictionaryto Munro’s mountaineering guide to Norman McCaig’s ‘Collected Poems‘.

The Edinburgh shop claims to be tully committed both to Scottish writers (they would like to see lurther readings along the lines of Norman McCaig’s last year) and Scottish Publishers. The presenting ol ‘events‘ has considerably contributed to the ‘style‘ ol Waterstone's, and while it is by no means the only bookshop in Edinburgh

to have had events they have broadened the concept to include a

Winnie the Pooh Children‘s Party and a

severely reduced tee. Certain events of

this, Scotland's major celebration at traditional and lolk music, may have to be axed, Including popular evenings like the linals ot the Folk Groups competition, and the money instead spent on advertising and printing programmes.

The Festival had, by last year, at last proved itsell tinancially viable and the recent decision by Scottish and Newcastle Brewers to pull out at sponsorship has given the committee hardly any time to lind the necessary cash trom other sources. They are seeking new sponsors who would join, among others, the Bank at Scotland, Edinburgh District Council, STV, W. H. Smith and smaller companies like Cochrane‘s Farm Eggs!

It appears that the Commonwealth Games is sucking up the advertising and sponsorship budgets of a host ol organisations this year and this may have contributed to S & N's change at

; policy. However, the company will continue to be linked with the Spring

event as the bars of the two student unions, the main venues, are supplied by the brewery.

We look hopelully to another patron stepping in to consolidate the

restructuring and strengthening olthe

ten day lestival which is set to become one at Europe‘s best. The Moscow State Balalaika Orchestra;

. Blowzabella, an English bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy ensemble;

Pedwarrinybar, a young group in

concert with the London Welsh Male

Voice Choir, and a 30 piece dance and music troupe from Spain. . . gives a taste ol the international scope ol the lestival, while there are always a night

ot Scottish Dance bands or, torthose

who cannot sit still, a dance with Jim Johnstone and his Band.

Breaking down the barriers has been the intention ol the lestival and one more hurdle won’t stop them but do you know someone with a lew thousand pounds to spare?

26 January. 0n the last Jazz Sunday people were dancing between the books while the shop neatly notched up its best eversales day.


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