Jan—Fri 31 Jan.

0 SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE 140 Canongate. 5568136. Mon-Sat l()am—5.3(lpm. Closed until Mon 13 Jan. Normally closed Sun.General selection of Scottish craftwork on display.

0 THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 9-1 George Street. 225 5955. Mon-Fri 9am—5.3l)pm. Sat 9.3(lam-lpm. Janet Patterson - Paintings and Drawings Sat llJan—Wed 5 Feb. ‘A Window on New York‘ one of the pictures in this one-woman exhibition. tells a strange story. A woman silhouetted in the greenish night light ofthe street stands in ‘Chandleresque‘ pose. arms crossed and leaning to one side. Another figure reclining in the foreground seems unconnected with the rest of the scene. Empty windows fill the backdrop in endless towering blocks It could be a film set but then when was a New York street scene not a film set. Trained at the Slade. Janet Patterson is now living in Scotland and this is an exhibition of her most recent work.

Sir William Gillies (1898-1973) Dates as above. 36 genuine works by the late Sir William Gillies.

0 SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY Tweeddale Court. 14 High Street. 557 2876.

The Double Knotand The Peeny: Scottish Women Poets Until 31 Jan. A display of books. pamphlets. magazines and tapes.

0 THE SHORE GALLERY 59 Bernard Street. 2256753. Mon—Fri. 11am—4pm. Closed Sat and Sun. Phone before 1()am or after 5pm. The Shore will be closed throughout January. Details of forthcoming exhibitions will be announced in future issues.

0 STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street. 557 1 140. Tues—Sat l2—6pm.

The Photographic Art Sat 11 Jan—Sat 8 Feb. Pictorial Traditions in Britain and America. 100 pictures tell the story of photography as fine art. British and American photographers from 1839 to the present are

represented. And yes. Garbo is here! i

O TALBOT RICE ART GALLERY ()ld College. University of Edinburgh. 667 1011 ext43il8. Mon—Sat. 10am—5pm.

Critical Lines Sat 18 Jan—Sat 8 Feb. British radical and satirical illustrations utter powerful sentiments at the Talbot Rice with the work of Gerald Scarfe. Ralph Steadman and Sue Coe included. Talking Form Dates as above. Drawings. prints and photographs by the members ofthe Federation of Scottish Sculptors including work by Jake Harvey. Doug Cocker. Bill Scott and Frances Pelly.

O THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 225 7942. Mon—Sat 9.30am—late.

Stockbridge Past and Present Until end Jan. Once there was a thriving community ofmills and tanneries. Now the water of Leith provides the scenery for those who live near its banks in newly converted flats. The colonies. now a fashionable quarter that has already ‘come up'. were once home for those who worked in the Stockbridge industries. Over the


The Turners came to the National

Gallery of Scotland eighty-six Januaries ago. Bequeathed by a certain Henry Vaughan, they are exhibited only during this winter month when the light is at its weakest. According to Mr Vaughan’s forward-looking wishes, they are kept for protection in a cabinet in the Print Room for 11 months of the year and can only be seen on request. As a result,


| any fading of the fragile watercolours ! has been largely avoided and they : remain amongstthe gallerys most dazzling of gems. Not surprisingly, some pilgrims return year after yearto ' seethetreauresintheirdimmed setting in the New Wing.

Thirty-eight smallish paintings span

greatest and most prolific artists of the nineteenth century. Early paintings of

3 almost sixty years of work by one of the

. __ it. \3 is? Y K; ; : Q i. 3'.“ .

i blue and grey washes over pencil

: contrast with the later tumultuous,

sweeping clouds of Loch Coruisk, Skye

; and the brilliant flash of lightning in the

s expressionist work La Piazzetta, Venice. As the building of the Turner Wing at the Tate Gallery gets under

l way, here in Scotland we have been

E enjoying the master in microcosm

I since the beginning of this century.

I (Alice Bain).

years this ‘village' within the city of Edinburgh has traded its mills for hand-knit and antique shops. But the spirit of the community survives and is the common link in the photographs collected in this exhibition by the Local History Project Group.


Arts Council. 226 605 1.

Edinburgh Folk Until Fri 7 Feb. The exhibition on tour this winter has been selected from the City Art Centre‘s collection. Edinburgh citizens from Deacon Brodie to the Newhaven fishwives tell a story of Edinburgh life in the 19th and early

'; 2(lth centuries. How did an elephant come to be in Princes Street in 1843?

When did the Grassmarket boast a horse fair rather than rows of parking meters? The gallery will be travelling to a community near you. to reveal all. The pictures of contemporary photographer Ronnie Rae. will also be shown as well as a portfolio of prints from the Edinburgh Printmakers‘ Workshop. Venues:

Wester Hailes Shopping Centre; 6 Jan 2—5pm. 7Jan 10am—1pm. Clovenstone Community Centre; 7 Jan 2—5.3()pm. 6.30—8pm.

Gogarburn Hospital; 8 Jan 9.3(lam—12.30pm.

Corstorphine Hospital; 8 Jan


natho Station, Scot-Mid Car Park; 9 Jan 10am—12 noon.

Hatho Village, Bridge Inn Car Park; 9 Jan 1—5pm.

Safeway Car Park, Davidson's Mains; 1()Jan 10am—5pm.

Clermiston Post Office, Parkgrove Street; 13Jan [Ham—3.30pm. Scot-Mid, Rannoch Terrace; 13 Jan 1.3(l—5pm.


Granton Trendcentre; 16 J an 10am-5pm.

Cameron Toll; 17 Jan mam—5pm. Safeway Car Park, East Craigs; 18 Jan 1()am—3.3()pm.

Kirkliston Library; 20 Jan 2—5pm. 6—8pm.

Graysmill School; 21 Jan 9.3()am—12.3llpm.

Sighlhill Wynd; 21 Jan 2—5pm.

O RIOOLE’S COURT 322 Lawnmarket. Women Artists Recognition and

to the 20th century. From Fri 24 Jan

£12. £6 OAP. 50p UB-ll) etc. A special course on the contribution made by women artists over 600 years of history. Enrolment at the first meeting or by post to Mrs Eunice Wright at the above address. 0 TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas

South Gueensferry, Main Street; 14sz

Mui'rhouse Library; 23 Jan l()am—5pm.

Reappraisal from Early Middle Ages

every Friday for eight weeks. 2-4pm.

Street. 5566366. Mon—Fri

l lam—6pm. Sat 1(l.3()am—4pm. General Exhibitions.

0 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate. 225 3013. Mon—Sat l2.3()—5.3()pm. Sculpture by Brian McCann Sat 1 l Jan—Sat 1 Feb. Sculpture made from a variety of materials including papier mache and cloth. from an artist trained at Dundee School of Art.

The 369 Gallery will be starting a comprehensive educational programme on 27 Jan which will include a drawing class on ’I'uesdays by the painter Brian Gibb (currently on show at the City Art Centre in After Images) a painting workshop on Wednesdays (beginning 22 Jan) taken by Andrew Williams. life-drawing and painting classes on Thursdays with Caroline McNairn. gallery talks and art lectures. Contact Angela Wrapson. 369 Education Officer for details or take a visit to the Gallery on their Open Day on Wed 15Jan.

o TRIANGLE COFFEE HOUSE GALLERY 7 Randolph Place. Mon-Fri. 9.3()am—4.3()pm. Closed 25. 26. 27 Decand 1.2. 3Jan.

Mixed Show Until end Jan. Work by Dave McLure. Jim Howie. John Bellamy. David Hutton. Reinhard Bebrans. Alice Bold and Alphonse Bytantas.

The List 1() 23 January 33