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Saturday11 and Sunday


0 Scottish Dairy Farm Glasgow Open Championship Cockburn Centre. Shieldhall. (ilasgow. 9.30am.

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19

0 Central Region Carlton Open Junior (irangemouth Sports Centre. For Under 12sand Under 14s.

BASKETBALL Friday 10 0 Murray IM v Birds 8 Bees Meadowbank. 7.20pm. Div 1 (Men). 0 Murray IM v Cavalry Park Meadowbank. 9pm. Div 1 (Women).


0 Norton House Hotel v Perth Lasswade High School. Lasswade. 3pm. Div 1 (Men).


Scotland kick oittheir attempt at the

1986 Four Nations Championship against France at Murraytield on January 18. They will be aiming to divest themselves at the wooden spoon which they so ingloriously won last year, returning themselves to the

ground with a thump atter the triumphs =_ oi the previous season. This year is a

particularly interesting one lor the

national team. Following the trial

match on January 4, in which the Blues

were given a sound thrashing by the reserve Reds, there are more young players than there have been tor many years pressing ior caps. The trial match

i l 'L does have a happy precedent in that

36 The List 1() 23 January

0 Boroughmuir Aces v Bellway Homes Meadowbank. 1.15pm. Div 1 (Women).

0 Murray IM v Dundee Wasps 'I'ynecastle Iligh School. 1.15pm. Div 1 (Women).

0 Paisley v Royal Deeside Barrhead Sports Centre. 1.45pm. Div 1 (Women).

0 Seahawks v Murray lM Ardnadam. 2pm. Div 1 (Men).

0 Gearv Magnum Alexandra Park

Sports Centre. 2.45pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Buster Browns v Norton House Hotel Meadowbank. 3pm. Div 1 (Men). 0 Edzeil Stags v Cumnock RAF Edzell. 3pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 East Kilbride v Duntermline John

Wright Sports Centre. East Kilbride.

3pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Maclin Electric v Inverclyde Jack Kane Centre. Edinburgh. 3.15pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Dundee vTeam Legends Mc'l‘aggert

Sports Centre. 3. 15pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Paisley V Faikirk Barrhead Sports Centre. 3.45pm. Div 1 (Men).


0 Murray iM v Buster Browns

Meadowbank. 7.20pm. Div 1 (Men).

0 Murray iM v BoroughmuirAces Meadowbank. 9pm. Div 1 (Women).


two years ago the Reds cuited the so called lirst team, and as we all know, Scotland went on to do the Grand Slam. Following this match, it would come as no surprise to see as many as six players getting their lirst caps against France. While the selectors must see this as a happy problem, they must be more upset at the lack ot Iain Paxton and almost certainly, David Leslie, Scotland’s best player.

There are rarely any signs ol the Auld ,

Alliance in this iixture, which is all too often Scotland’s most physical match of the three. Remember Roy Laidlaw being banjoed in Paris last season? As well as being frequently the most


0 Scotland Under 15 v England Under I 15 Grangemouth Sports Centre. ; 7pm. Boys International.

Saturday 18

f 0 Norton House Hotel v Paisley Lasswade High School. 3pm. Div I (Men). 0 Inverclyde v Bruins (ireenock Sports Centre. 6.30pm. Div2(.\Ien).


o Boroughmuir Aces v All Blacks Meadowbank. 1.15pm. Div I (Women).

0 Dundee Wasps v Royal Deeside Mc'I‘aggert Sports Centre. 1.15pm. Div 1 (Women).

0 Team Legendsv Edzeil Stags The Hub. Clydebank. 3pm. Div 2 (Men). 0 Cumnock v Gear Cumnock Academy. 3pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 East Kilbride v Maclin Electrics John Wright Sports Centre. 3pm. Div 3 (Men).

0 Buster Brownsv Seahawks Meadowbank. 3pm. Div 1 (Men).

0 Perth v Birds & Bees Bells Spsorts Centre. 3pm. Div I (Men).

0 Magnum v Duntermline Magnum Leisure Centre. Irvine. 3. 15pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Paisley v Bellway Homes Barrhead Sports Centre. 3.45pm. Div 1 (Women).


ay12 O Teith Race Callandar. l lam. A 2' .? mile. wild water race. Div C. ()pen.

CANOE POLO Saturday 18

0 Scottish Championship Oualiiiers. The qualifying rounds take place in

.0. .‘h

attractive at rugby sides, France are just as lreguentiy the toughest;

, mauling and spoiling with the best oi

them and making good possession

diilicult. ltwiil be important for

Scotland to make maximum use of what possession they do get. People in

the know suggest that line-out play will

be oi great significance a part oi the game at which the French are


outcome, and France must be

; lavourites to win, it should be an

exciting match as France‘s natural

inclination towards adventurous play

i otten results in a good, running game.

(Graham Caldwell).


three venues prior to the Final tomorrow. These are Bellshill Baths 9am—5pm: Whitevale Pool. (ilasgow 9am-5pm and (ilenrotbes Sports Centre 4.30—8.3iipm.

0 Scottish Championship Finals. Kirkcaldy I lam—7pm. ’I‘be final of this nuishrooming sport which now has -1 leagues of 12 teams. A i'ive-a-side game. it is similar to water polo but is described as quicker and more violent.


Monday 13— Friday 17 r o Scotsman/Martini Henderson Bishop f Trophy Local Playdown Ayr Ice Rink.

, Saturday11 and Sunday . 2 0 Scottish Championships Piayolls

Round robin. Murrayi'ield.




Murrayl‘ield. Iidinburgb.

Saturday 18 & Sunday 19

0 Under 355 Trophy Murrayl'ield. Iidinburgh.

Thursday 23 to sunday 26

0 Scottish Junior Championships Dundee Ice Rink.


0 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 7.30pm. I’owderhall Stadium. Beavcrhall Road. £2.20 Stand. £1 .3ii

(iround. inc programme.

Glasgow 0 Tuesdays, Thursdays 7.45pm,

' Saturdays 7.30pm. SlinWlic‘ltl 1 Stadium. Rutherglen. £1.50. inc



o Strathclyde Cup Open Men's Foil, Scottish Open Ladies‘ Foil Linwood

Sports Centre. 9.3(lam-—-10.30pm.


o Jock Russell Open Men‘s Epee, Mike Keit Trophy, Open Men's Sabre Barker Trophy and Open Schoolgiris‘ Foil Linwood Sports Centre.

‘).3( lam— lll.3( lpm.


' Saturday 11



0 Celtic vaerdeen I’arkhead. 3pm. This contest has frequently been a bad-tempered one in the past. Anyway. bags of action (or the fans guaranteed and a match both teams will be desperate to win. Match of the Day.

0 Clydebank v Rangers Kilbowic. 3pm. This is the kind of match in which Rangers take a perverse

delight in losing. even with the referee‘s co-operation. ()ld (ilasgow I


joke: ()n being told the 'gersdrewil- . (l: ‘Whomisscdthepenalty." l

0 Hearts v Dundee United 'I‘ynecastlc. ._____J