_ Nationaundweaouemvt FIRST DIVISION , Coasters. Falkirk.

o Ayr United v Hamilton Somerset 0 Ellis & Mei tardy \' MIM


Perk 3Pm- " l o Wanderers v Menzieshill , O ClydevFortarShawtield. 3pm. . Emsg, McHardvaenzieshm i 0 Dumbarton V Brechin Boghead. I o Wanderers v MIM i ~:prnaiiiti It 5 F'le B k 'II a : ° M'M V "emiesm" l

r V I roc M e.. pm. 1 o KilmarnockvAirdrie Rugby Park. ': TABLE TENNIS ! 3pm. 3 o Morton v Alloa Cappielow, 3pm. sat" may 11 SECOND DIVISION ; o ScotRail National League 5. o Albion Rovers v Meadowbank ' Sunday 12

(‘lit‘tonhilL 3pm. . o Duntermline v East Stirlingshire East 0 Junior Assessment Tournament

End park‘ 3pm I Meadowbank. Edinburgh.

. Sienhousemui” cowdenbeath Preliminary rounds at 10am. finish Oehilyiew Park. 3pm. “hm” 3pm-

~:psntjirling Albion vArbroath Annfield. Tuesday 21

' ' o The Scotland v Russia International SUHdaV19 arid Mommy 20 at Bellahouston, Glasgow has been .1935 Tammy; Sixes Scottish cancelled due to the Russians pulling Exhibition and Conference (‘entre 0‘" 0' the" aims" mur-

(See Panel).


l GYMNASTICS Saturday 18 Saturday 18 0 Scotland v France Mtirrayl‘ield. '3 ' , ‘3 \ s ). s On January 19 and 20 the successtul trophy. Last year it was staged at 0 Rhythmic Gymnastics lnterclub Ldmhursh' 4"" (5“ I “m”

Tennent's Sixes football tournament lngliston when Hearts were the victors. Competition Mansfield. _ This style of Iootball has proved

comes to Glasgow torthe tirsttime. . The annualtournament, begun two DODUIarWith players ahdlahsallkeo m EY HOT STUFF

years ago was setup to provide iast, Tittehtans like the elxlcitemeiit and speed Sunday 19 exciting lootball to be played indoors. 0 8 game as we as seelhtl Severe . . . The six-a-side concept was devised as teams play her seSSiOh- Players. Who . women S Inter D'str'ct Tournament

being superior to the live-a-side game lOUhd the game mush tougherlhah Mmd‘mb‘mk‘ Edinburgh

which haslong been played bothin live-a-Side,QUiCltIVstartele |CE HOCKEY : Q: appreciate itand decided itviasa : s5:- --~. s U

tournaments and lor training. The sixes

game is played ona largerpitchthan tournamentthey allwanted to win. ; Saturday 11 the live-a-side game and unlike its Unfortunately. Glasgow's first taste i . Glasgow Dynamos v Bournemouth smallercousin. the sixes rules do not 0' Soccer Shes Vi" he WilhOU' Rangers 5 (‘rossmyloos Ice Rink. Shawlands. s. . lorbid the ball going above head and Celtic; theirolaces being taken by 2 5.45pm. £1.50. ' «it height, Dumbarton and ManchesterCity. The Z The SoccerSixes was specitically othereight oremierLeagueteams all sund3V12 designed to be attractive and attacking. take Part; Aberdeen. Clydehehk. o Ayr Bruins v Cleveland Bombers Ayr To this end, any team which tails to Dundee. DundeeUnited. Hearts. Hibs. 5 Ice Rink. 7pm. £2. '

have a player in the opposing team‘s Motherwell and St Mirren. While the ' hall alterthe game has started torteits Old Firm would undoubtedly have saturday 18

a penalty. Other innovations include drawn larger crowds, a good turn out is : a Glasgow Dynamos v Lea Valley .

unlimited substitutions and a ‘sin-bin’ expected at the SECC lorthe two days at ; (‘rossmyloos lee Rink. Shawlands. " y,

where players who inlringe the rules the tournament. _ i 5.45pm. £1.50. ,

can be sent Ior several minutes, rather Sunday: Session 1, 2—5pm. £2.50 i 0 File Flyers v Durham Wasps ‘3 ‘9»

in the style of Ice-hockey. ; (Under16s 22). Session i Kirkcald)’ [CC Rink RO-sslt'n SIFCL‘I. Steve Boyle, lrom Glasgow, is set to

The tirslTennent’s Sixes tournament l 2, 7-topm, same price. Monday: 7.15pm £35“- take the linal step toward bringing back was held at Coasters Arena. Falkirk, in ' 7—10.3opm (approx). £3.50 (Under 16s sunday19 ' the British lightweight title to Scotland January, 1983 when Rangers wonthe . £3). . l on January 20th. Boylelights Mickey - Ayr Bruins v Cleveland Bombers Ayr , Baker, the mom experienced

} m. ‘l .‘ _ \l 1‘ ._ I ICC thkg7l’m- £3. . ? Worcester boxerat the Albany Hotel,

4"" L “L 7‘“ “L” M. k S t d 18 “mayhem Racers VWh'tley Ball Glasgow, in the linal eliminator bout.

site's:222:2:1:33:13;than: . a "' 3V

win this one and it eertaitily doesn‘t ' {Iggifi‘réfifigfgiuyq 6'30pm. L00. 5 freigngng Briti's'h Iightwgigbht chaAmpilon _ V I’ w a .‘ . rom irming am,proa yin pri.

"Mk hL-‘Ond th‘m _ “mmmn h‘m o Hibsteltic Easter Road. 3pm. 'NDOOR BOWLS Tommy Gilmour, Boyle's manager, is

to take their title challenge yery seriously indeed. 0 St Mirren v Motherwell Love Street.

The battle of the Times. It has not Wednesday 15 confident the British title could soon be been easy to take points away from . o on its way across the border. ‘Steve is E'ister Road this season. but the . “8 semor Fours scams" cup the lirst Scottish boxer to have a chance

banker tor a home w in money Should be on (.cmc to Win. League. I at "1? British tine sincegim wan. lam FIRST DIVISION 0 Motherwell v Dundee Fir Park. 3pm. Saturday 18 conlident he will win this match.‘ With 0 Alloa v Kilmarnock Rccrcation Dundcshaw com? on m leaps and 0 CIS International Trial West Lothian "‘3' 13, “Diagonal "gmst 23 VOear'ow Park. 3pm. bound“ smcc ArCh'c Knox “wk 0"” Indoor Bowling Club. 2pm. Boyle [5 comparamely '"e‘per'encedt o Ayr United v Clyde Somerset Park. and 3mm“ be to” strong for a s d 19 '3 but he '8.""bea‘e" 0'9"” 935‘ “'0 3pm. (Give .cm he”. Ally ). Motherwell team who loolt set for l u" av , years. His stone ha.” punching has . Dumbarton v Aridrie Bohhwd‘ 3pm First Diyiston football again next John Momson League earned the reputation as a knock-out . East We v 3mm“ Bimfiw.‘ 3pm scat-sort . o Ayr v Cumhemauid ' specialist. FeterEaubanks, who holds

. Hamilton v paikirk [)O'uglus park 3pm t'. Rehge'sl’ Sterreh 1hr0x~3pm o Paisley v Glasgow : the distinction otbeing the only man to

5 SECOND DIVISION Ih‘ m5! mm I “"99 m? -_ ' coa'b'idge V mam” i “3'33?” “9”?” '" "‘8 . ~ . _ j refurbished lbrox w as to see this . Amossan v Auchinieck i prolessronal ring, is the single sumvor

; {Album Rovers v Stenhousemu" fixture. Then the only thing worth of Boy|e’s devastating punches over

i ( Imonhlll‘-3lm' . - . the admission mOnCY Wits Davie wedn93day 22 t the distance. Gilmour maintains Boyle

l . Dunjermllne v Queen 8 PM L“ UMP” 150° “0 r6330“ [0 imagine 0 CIS Senior Fours Scottish Cup : is the hardest puncher in Britain, pound Em” arts ~ 9pm; v y g anything different today. Did you League. l for pound: ‘He may be the clean-living 0 East Stirlingshire v Stranraer Firs 3 km)“. Ihe“, 2m, people serious/y boy ou‘side, but he has no Menus f‘hiai‘i'i‘aant v Stirling Albion l Swim? NIXMCCW “"3”? . INDOOR HOCKEY “15"” "'9 ""9" he said- Mcuduwhank. 3pm. itgot an team. Beyond belief, tsn t :

The List 10— 23 January 37