Hacker has to cope with the nitty-gritty ofpolitics on an even grander scale. Tonight he frets over projecting the proper media image. Peerless sit-corn. as ever.

0 4O MinuteS(BB(‘2) 930—10. 10pm Flight from Vatersay follows 25 year-old Neil Gillies as he escapes the unrelentingtedium oflife in the Hebrides to try fora garage job in Glasgow. Will he find solace in the big city or just the easy access to sex ‘n‘ drugs ‘n‘ rock ‘n' roll‘.’


0 Wanted Dead orAlive (S'l‘V) 12.05—12.35am

The re-runs of this 1950s bounty hunter adventure series provide a nostalgic reminder of the late. great Steve McQueen in his first major


SATURDAY 18 0 Family Ties (Channel 4) (>—(i.3()pm The elevation of Michael J. Fox to superstardom in the wake of the cinema hit Back to the Future should ensure a ratings boost for this slick American sit-corn about the generation gap between the reactionary offspring of liberal parents.


o Spitting Image (S'I‘V) 1()—1().3()pm Reagan. Gielgud et al are guaranteed a few more sleepless nights from the new series ofthe hit or miss puppet satire. Fresh fodder for ‘86 include Barry McGuigan. Derek llatton and Jane Fonda.


0 Far From Paradise (BBCZ Continuing series examining the options open to mankind to rectify the growing inequality between rich and poor and the increasing number ofenvironrnental problems ranging from industrial pollution to deforestation and the general depletion of natural resources that will afect our generation and our children. A sobering ecological warning.





0 Loose Ends ( R4) 10.30am

The week‘s loose ends tied up by

Ned Sherrin. with Angela Gordon. Editor of The Times diary and Robert Elms. contributing Editor of The Face as regular contributors.

o In Concert ( R1) 6.30pm

Prefab (When Love Breaks Down) Sprout playing at Reading University in concert for Radio 1. Presented by Steve Blacknell.

o Odysseus ( R3) 7. 10pm

The epic hero has always been a popular theme. Here he is the subject of Max Bruch‘s rarely performed large scale choral work. in a West German radio recording

i with Roland Herman. Carol Smith. ; Gudrun Sieber and Kurt Huber.

o The Live Disco Broadcast (R Clyde) midnight-4am Jim Symon live from Zanzibar‘s. Sauchiehall Street.


0 Good Morning Sunday (R2) 7.31am Roger Roylc talks to Chaim Herzog. President of Israel.

0 Punk to Present ( R l ) 4pm

The final part of Mike Smith's documentary series looks to the future: will walkmans. satellites and cables strangle radio and computer-based sequencers put the squeeze on musicians?

0 Modern European Authors ( R4) 4pm Simone de Beauvoir (played by Prunella Scales) is the subject ofthe second of ten programmeson ten of Europe‘s most admired and influential 20th century writers.

0 Cymbeline (R3) 7.30pm. With Alec McCowen as Cymbeline. King of England. Hannah Gordon. David Schofield and specially composed music by llona Sekacz. who has a number of RSC and National Theatre productions to her credit. including King Lear ( RSC). The Critic and The Cherry Orchard.

0 Jazz Classics in Stereo (R2) 4.02pm Second of 26 half hour programmes tracing the history ofjazz between


1917 and 1947. but on transformed

recordings. (Sec Panel).

o Pleasing the Patient ( R4) 8.30pm In the average drug test. as many as


0 1985 Esztergom International Guitar Festival (R3) b.3(ipm

The first of a series ofeleven weekly programmes featuring music for the guitar from this festival. It includes artists from East Germany. Finland.

, Hungary. Mexico. Monaco and the

Soviet Union.

0 SirJoshua Reynolds ( R4) 8.20pm Friend of Dr Johnson and David Garrick. President ofthe Royal Academy and painter in ordinary to George III. Sir Joshua Reynolds led a colourful life. This portrait is compiled and presented by Dr Nicholas Penny. Keeper of Western Art at the Ashmolean Museum. Oxford.


halfthe patients treated with an

inactive preparation. or placebo. will

recover. The expectation of treatment becomes a treatment in

' itself. Such is our susceptibility that

the colour of the pills and the personality of the doctor all affect the capacity to cure while. as a sort of devil‘s alternative. a witch-doctor practising voodoo can kill his patients by telling them to die. Geoff Watts/place of the placebo in medical ethics.



0 John Dunn (R2) 6.04pm

John Dunn. live from Portugal. the

latest EEC member country. A look

at port. Portugal Fador music and



o Concorde’s Ten years ( R4) 7.20pm Concorde is ten (its first commercial flight was on 21 Jan 1976). Breaking the sound barrier but not the bank


l equipment to extract as much

i information from the grooves as

f possible, the cleaned-up mono signal

is then turned into an enhanced stereo ; format. The process is a 'subjective

; balancing act forthe transferengineer, juggling opposing factors such as high

An Australian sound engineer and breadcaster, Robert Parker has rescued vintage jazz from the hollow, flat and mono 78rpm groove in which the great jazz masters and pioneers in the years 1917-47 were stuck. He has

. been working on revolutionary

techniques in sound re-processing for 30 years to arrive at a very much closer impression of how the bands would have sounded live. The recordings were originally made in an acoustically ‘dead' environment, ie the studio walls were treated to be non-reflective. As a result, according to Parker, ‘the three dimensional spread of the instruments was squeezed into one point. The reproduced sound was therefore a travesty of the original performances. My objective has been to reproduce early jazz masterworks with the sound quality of a live performance in which the band plays in a three dimensional space and the walls, floor and roof of the venue contribute to our enjoyment of the sound of the instruments.’ Using mint copies of the original 78rpm discs and high quality modern reproductive

frequency response and surface noise on the one hand and deep bass response and rumble on the other.’ Digital recording, which transfers the sound into numbers, eliminates the distortion and interference of surface

' noise, crackles and interference to give

a much ‘purer‘ sound. The award-winning series was much acclaimed in Australia where itwas first broadcast and all the music used has undergone this ‘audio miracle'. It features many of the great masters, amongst them Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong,l Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, Bix Beiderbecke, Benny Goodman and Fats Waller. The second of 26 parts is broadcast on 12 January in Jazz Classics in Stereo, Sunday 12 Jan 4pm,

. Radio 2. (Sally Kinnes)

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band. Left to right: Baby Dodds. Honore Dutrey, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Bill Johnson, Johnny Dodds. Lil Hardin.

this anniversary can be celebrated in profit. its troubled history notwithstanding. Presented by John Hosken. Air Correspondent.



0 La Gioconda (R3) 2pm

Maria Callas is La Gioconda. the street singer. in this production which marks the centenary of Ponchielli‘s death. The libretto is by Arrigo Boito. after Victor Hugo and Antonio Votto conducts the Chorus and Orchestra of La Scala. Milan.

0 One Exam forAll (R4) 7.40pm

By 1988 teenagers will be sitting a new exam which replaces the O Levels and CSE alternatives. in which ‘It will no longer be the measurable that is important. but the important that will be measurable’. according to Sir Keith Joseph. But are not exams themselves a case of Pressure for Measure anyway? Margaret Percy and examiners past. present and future weigh up the questions and how much the change will cost.

0 One Pair of Ears (R3) 7.55pm

A new series designed to be a thought-provoking essay on a particular aspect of the week's music

output on Radio 3 a personal response from one pair ofcritical ears. Those between the cars will include Stephen Walsh. J.W. Lambert. Robert Savage and others.


0 Law in Acttion ( R4) 8.20pm. Joshua Rozcnberg presents the topical weekly magazine programme about


. issues thrown up by the Courts and

Parliament. Justice being heard to be done'.’



0 Radio Radio ( R1 ) 2pm A new six part series about the role

ofthe DJ. Kenny Everett first.

0 The Reluctant Storyteller (R4)

' 3.30pm

The afternoon play by Derek Wilson

; is a light-hearted look at ace sleuth

Holmes and his elementary medical friend.

i 0 Persona Grata ( R4) 4.45pm

A new series in which well known

The List 10— 23 January 41