5 Vincent Friell and Russell Hunter.

j The Bastions ofBritain, each in turn

broadcaster. including Steve Race and Rabbi Lionel Blue introduce three of their favourite humorous and fictional characters with readings from the works.


0 Great Book and Roll Trivia Quiz (R 1) 3.30pm Trivia pursued?


o Clocking Dut (R4) 3.02pm

John McKenzie‘s first radio play. The Marijuana Kid. was recognised as one of the outstanding debuts of recent years. Clocking Out. produced in Edinburgh and set in contemporary Scotland. stars


o Bastions oi Britain (R4) 8. 15pm The Bar. the Bishops. the Inland Revenue. the GEC. the Daily Telegraph and Scotland Yard. aka

decides that the time has come to make his mark on an unsuspecting world. Suffering numerous privations he opts to lose over twenty pounds to combat a long undefeated and much-feared opponent in the state wrestling championships. Along the way he finds first love with aspiring artist Linda ‘I‘ve been 21 since I was 14‘ Fiorentino. Pal. formulaic teen movie. in the simplistic ‘dreams can come true' mould perfected by the Rocky series. Madonna drops in to sing a couple ofhits.

O The Flamingo Kid (Gary Marshall, US. 1984) Matt Dillon. Hector Elizondo. Richard Crenna (Palace

come under the critical scrutiny of Hugo Young.


0 Crazy for You (Harold Becker. US. 1985) Matthew Modine. Linda Fiorentino. Madonna. (Warner Home Video) 18 year-old Modine

Premiere). Teenager Dillon escapes the muggy confines of Brooklyn to spend the summer of 1963 working at the exclusive Long Island beach club. the El Flamingo. There he catches a glimpse of how the other half live and is befriended by a socially eminent cardsharp who spots a latent talent in his winning way with a deck ofcards. The call of the good life creates tension with his family and the future already mapped out for him. Glossy.

nostalgic. lightweight fare. primarily 3

recommended to those besotted by the many charms ofMatt Dillon.

0 Johnny Dangerously (Amy Heckerling. US. 1984) Michael Keaton. Marilu l-Ienner. Danny De Vito (CBS/Fox) lneffectual parody

of the 1930s Warner Brothers school 1

of Cagney/Bogart gangster chronicles. The amiable Keaton is the lower East-side kid dragged into a life ofcrime by a series oftough breaks. The film charts his rise from paper boy to crime kingpin. complete with perennially ailing widowed mother and a kid brother who becomes a crime-busting District Attorney. A bright cast is wasted on this hit or miss comedy. parodying all the genre staples with an uneven to knockabout slapstick. unnecessary crudity and a general absence ofsustained wit.

0 The Razor’s Edge (John Byrurn. US. 1984) Bill Murray. Theresa Russell. Denholm Elliott. (RCA/Columbia) Melancholy. thoughtful version of Somerset




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l , .. l

é :


ROBIN HOOD g3 and the Towers of Silence saronoav 21 oec-sarunoavumm am (a 7.30prnon28 DEC. 3 a was) Nopeda.250£C.1&2JAN(NoSprnpefloa4lal neouoapmpomaoaui TICKETS ONLY £2.50 (£1.50 children and unwogod) eooxmo now oven 34 Hamilton Place. Edinburgh. 26 5425


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041 221 3406


The Season continues at the Royal Lyceum from 24 Jan with

TARTUFFFE Moliere 24 Jan 15 Feb


Tennessee Williams

21 Feb 15 Mar

MR GOVERNMENT Stuart Paterson 21 Mar— 12 Apr

THE BEGGARS’ OPERA John Gay 18 Apr— 1 0 May

Tickets from £2

Telephone 031 229 9697 Performed by

The Royal Lyceum Theatre Company, Edinburgh

. an till runnth to 11 J NlFlCENT

Maugham‘s philosophical novel




brochure now: Glenmore Lodge (L5),

: The Scottish S o - rts Council X

reflecting the dislocating effect of World War I on the lives ofa quartet of Illinois friends.

In the aftermath ofthe conflagration Murray begins a quest to live a life based on goodness. Eschewing his former plans to settle into the middle-class stockbroker belt he begins a journey that stretches from Paris to the mountains of'l‘ibet where a mystic helps him achieve a greater sense of inner peace. On the brink of a fulfilling relationship the fractured livesofold friends and lovers tragically intertwinc to underscore how illusory an emotion happiness can be. In a rare ‘straight‘ role Murray acquits himselfadmirably as co—writer and star ofthis wel—mounted. literate drama.

0 Runaway (Michael Crichton. US, 1984) Tom Selleck. (‘ynthia Rhodes. Gene Simmons ( RCA/Columbia) In the near future machines have completely taken over the monotony oftedious manual labour. However the little mechanical mites display an alarming tendency to malfunction. When a villainous micro—chip mastermind develops the capability of mass producing homicidal robots dogged cop Selleck is called in to combat his evil designs.

A conventional detective story is decked out with a convincing array ofhardware and former Kiss member Simmons makes a suitably slimy bad guy but. for all that. Runaway remains a routine thriller.

Put the Ski

into Skill

The ski scene at Glenmore Lodge, near Aviemore, is second to none. Ski instruction— from introductory to leadership stages is provided by some of Scotland’s top instructors. Intermediate and parallel skiing.


Write for a free colour

Aviemore, Invemess-shire, PH22 1QU.

The List 10— 23 January 43