46 The List 10 23 January



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New Year is the period when people‘s thoughts turn to the passing at time. Civic clocks become incorporated into the collective consciousness, quite understandably given that they can otten be very striking and ornate. Swiss precision would not allow-or indeed require —the consideration ot the North British Hotel. whose clock (bottom right) is permanently adjusted so that those rushing to catch trains at the adjacent Waverley Station will have an unexpected 3 minute advantage over Scot Rail. (0K till you get clockwise?) Streetwise or otherwise. along with the public lite of civic clocks (the much-loved lrn Bru clock leaturing Ba

Bru. at Glasgow Central Station was a city landmark). everyone has a personal teeling about them. They have a private relevance as arbitrary hands inch towards deadlines. measuring the wrath that is likely or the

tryst to be missed.

The clock behind the lrightening piece ol weaponry (bottom lett) is the one used to synchronise the lamous One o‘clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle— the cause ol many a palpitation on Princes Street. The art nouveau clock (top lett) is in Glasgow‘s West End— built by Merson Signs. it was erected

f touryears ago. Scottish Mutual put up

; theirclock (top right)ontheircentenary ;

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