and the overall winners. announced on Saturday evening.will go on to the

? possibility then ofproceeding to the : Scottish finals in April. Tickets are ' available on the door. at the Usher


7pm. An evening ofone act plays I presented by the Scottish

Community Drama Association. I One Act Play Festival Thurs 6 Sat 8 Feb. 7pm. A competitive festival of i one act plays organised by the f Edinburgh District ofthe Scottish Community Drama Association. The adjudicator is Arthur Skelton.

divisional finals in March. with the

HallandatCruikshanks Newsagents . opptheatre. For detailsofplays see 1

below. I

A Slight Ache and Perfection City

Thurs 6 Feb. 7pm. Edinburgh Civil

Service Drama Society present Harold Pinter‘s A Slight Ache. while the Mercators Drama Club present

Ritual for Dolls. Cup Final and Getting

Let's Be Devils. Shelter and Between

and Spending Fri 7 Feb. 7pm. Leitheatre get to grips with Ritual for Dolls by George MacEwan Green. the Centre Players present Cup Final by Charles Mander and Liberton Kirk's production is Getting and Spending by David Campton.

David Shellan‘s Perfection City. !

Mouthfuls Sat 8 Feb 7pm.

The final evening ofthe competition brings the Crown Players to the stage with Let's Be Devils by Nevil Malun. Leitheatre with Shelter by Alun Owen and finally the Mercators Drama Club with Alan Ayckbourn‘s Between Mouthfuls.

O GATEWAY EXCHANGE 2—4 Abbeymount. 661 0982.

The Fowler Review Wed 29 Jan 7.30pm. Free. A benefit theatre show about social security cuts.

The Gateway Exchange welcomes enquiries from community groups interested in using the centre.

0 KINGS 2 Leven Street. 229 1201. Box office Mon—Sat 10am-8pm. Bar. Rest. [D]

Aladdin Until Sat 22 Feb. Mon Sat 7pm. Matsat 2.15pm. Weds and Sats. £5.50— £2.50. llalfprice concessions available on some days. Stanley Baxter holds the stage in a glittering production.

0 NETHEHBOW 43 High Street. 556 9579. Box office Mon—Sat 10am—4pm. 7—9pm perf. evgs. Cafe IEI

The Netherbow is closed until March for extensive restoration.

0 PLAYHOUSE 18/22 Greenside

Place. 557 2590. Box office.

Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Bar.

Alas! The Tour Sat 25 Jan. 7.30pm. £6.£5.£4. Double trouble from Mel Smith and Grifthys Jones of‘Not

The Nine O‘Clock News' and other

iconoclastic t.v. funnies. (See Feature). 0 ROYAL LYCEUM Grindlay Street. 229 9697. Box office Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. 10am-8pm on perfevgs. Bar. Rest. Tartuffe Fri 24 Jan Sat 15 Feb. 7.45pm. Sat. mat. 8 Feb. 3.15pm. Free Preview Thurs 23 Jan. £2 £5. Theatresaver holders £1 off. A new translation from the French by the Glasgow poet and writer Liz


Taking on the title role in Tartuffe at the Royal Lyceum this month (see listings) seems to come as a welcome change forAndrew Dallmeyer. ‘I usually play one part a year and if it‘s like this it’s very enjoyable - it seems like such a relatively little responsibility for one thing. It may sound strange, butwhen you’ve actually written something and directed it, to just act - well, lwouldn’t say it’s a rest - but it‘s a nice change.’

Dallmeyer is probably better known to Scottish audiences as a playwright now than as an actor - his recent play about Thomas de Quincey, The Opium Eater, won critical acclaim during the Edinburgh Festival and has recently been playing the Gate Theatre, London. He did begin his theatrical career actually on the boards however and it was only after acting for several years and then directing, that he came to writing. He career has moved in what might almost appearto be reverse direction to the norm - having acted with many of the largerrepertory companies in the country and appeared in the opening production at the National Theatre’s Cottesloe Theatre, Dallmeyerdecided that the future for him lay more on the Fringe that in Rep. ‘ln rep it‘s very difficult to put on new work because it’s such a risk - if you really want to do new work you have to go out on to the Fringe, which is what I did.’

With over forty plays to his name, in his writing too Dallmeyer seems almost to have reversed the procedure, moving from experimental work to I more naturalistic plays - ‘Opium Eater 1


g>\}\\‘;"_'fi .M . \ .}


is really my most orthodox play so far in : the sense that it has a plot and

characters. I think I've done enough experiments in cupboards and attics and basements which have been appreciated by a few people - I'd like to develop a more popular style of writing, lthink, and get a wider public.‘ The financial spectre is never far from the door of those to do with theatre. Dallmeyer's spectre, he maintains, insists that he write three plays a year and also suggests one acting part - one reason for Tartuffe. He recently played Scrooge in a production of A Christmas Carol, and given the decidedly unpalatable character ofTartuffe, a religious hypocrite who worms his way into the

heart, home and purse of a gullible

burgher, lwondered whether Dallmeyer has a particularpredilection for unpleasant characters? ‘Yes. Although there is a theory - which it is

: possible to believe - that he is actually ' a very, very good character, because

the result of his intrusion into the house is that everybody’s brought together and they’ve all learned a lot about themselves. So it’s all a double-bluff. But you can't actually do that in the way you play it. You‘ve got to play him as the devil incarnate. Tartuffe is almost the personification of hypocrisy and I

think that’s the way they wrote in those : days. So it does verge towards

i caricature. Butthen I think theatre

i should be largerthan life. It's got to

have a certain operatic quality.‘ (Sarah Hemming)

Lochhead of Moliere‘s satirical knife—twist in the soft belly of religious hypocricy. Andrew Dallmeyer plays the lascivious hypocrite with Stewart Preston as his conned host. Directed by Ian

Wooldridge and Colin MacNeil

f OTHEATREWOHKSHOP34Hamilton Place. 226 5425. Box office Mon—Sat

9.30am—5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. [1)] M Tues 4— Sat 8 Feb. 8pm. £2 (£1).



Special ticket offers on Tues & Wed. also for parties. Theatre Workshop‘s latest performance project. using music and visual effects to recapture for stage the atmosphere of Fritz Lang‘s film.

0 Sixteen—twenty-one year olds interested in drama. either in


. performingorin gettingthe

production together. can join the

Theatre Workshop's energetic and ; popular Youth Theatre. A new

; membershipschemeisstartingthis ; year with a busy and exciting

programme ofworkshops. training.

. . . . ~ outings.talksand productions. Ihe

I productionofthe 16-21 yearold

group is planned so as to come after

the dreaded summer exams. so those having to sit them will not have to

miss the chance to be involved. The first meeting will be on 28 Jan at the Theatre Workshop. Contact Lois Keidan. Chris Lord or Andi Ross.

0 TRAVERSE I 12 West Bow. 226

2633. Box office Tues—Sat

10am—9pm. Sun 12.30—9pm. Bar. i The Traverse begins a new

1 programme ofdrama on 11 Feb.


ASSOCIATION Calder Community Centre. Info from 20 llaileland Place, tel. 442 3063.

. Burns NightSupper Fri 24Jan. 1 7.30pm. £1 .50. Traditional fare plus bar. tickets avail. from Calder

Community Centre and Festival

' Association or at the door on the night.

O BHUNTON THEATRE fvlusselburgh.

665 2240. Box office Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. Bar. [D] [E]

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Until Sat 1 Feb. 7.30pm. Prices vary between £3.75 and £1 .50depending on night and concessions. A new production of Edward Albee‘s powerful play. best known probably for the film version with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Female Parts Tues 4 Feb Sat 8 Feb. 7.30pm. Prices vary between £3.75 and £1 .50 depending on night and

f concessions. A comic look at

g women. by women. written by the

~ Italian husband and wife partnership in comic anarchy. Dario F0 and

g Franca Rame.


Z Cumbernauld. 023 67 32887. Box office Mon—Fri. l0am~6pm. Sat

10am—3pm. 6—8pm perf. evgs.

Ba r/ca f e .

Hard Times Fri 31 Jan and Sat 1 Feb. 7.45pm. £2.75 (£1.50). TAG‘s

touring productionofStephen Jeffreys‘ adaptation ofthe novel by Charles Dickens. (See Panel).


Hard Times TAG are touring a new production ofStephen Jeffreys‘ adaptation for stage of the novel by Charles Dickens.(See Panel). Drama Centre. Ingram ( ‘enrre. Glasgow Tues 28 Thurs 30. 7.30pm. 041 552 5827. ('mnbernauld Theatre Fri 31 Sat 1. 7.45pm. 67 32887. Strut/raven Town Mill Theatre Wed 5 Feb. 7.30pm. 0357 2941 l . Queen Margaret Union. Glasgow Thurs 6 Feb. 7.30pm. 041

I 339 6285.

The List 24 Jan 4 61551—5