Orchestra and a host of other well

known names feature in the cast. (See Feature).

0 Organ Recital Concert Hall. Glasgow University. 339 8855 ext 571. 7.30pm. Free. Stuart Campbell continues his ongoing series of concerts covering the organ music of J. S. Bach.



0 Competition Stevenson Hall. RSAMD, St George’s Place. 332 4101. Tickets free at door during the day. Violin and Piano duos compete

§ for the Dunbar-Gerber Prize awarded to students at Glasgow‘s

Music Academy. gLunchtlme Concert Concert Hall. lasgow University. 339 8855 ext

J 571. 1.15pm. Free. The Hanover 5 Trio play sonatas for baroque

recorder and continuo by Handel. Barsanti and Loeillet the first a German who came to live in London. the second an Italian who much preferred Scotland and the third a Belgian who worked in London so much that he won the nickname ‘The Londoner‘.

0 Columba Glasgow Cathedral. 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). 7.30pm. Extra dates: Fri 7 (7.30pm); Sat 8 (2.30pm). £6—£10. See Wed 5 for full description.


0 The Mondrian Trio Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street, 228 1 155 (Usher Hall). 7.45pm. £2.50—3.50. The Mondrian Trio comes up with yet another carefully planned attractive programme in their Queen‘s Hall mini series, linking the rarely heard with the more familiar. Edinburgh based composer and musicologist David Johnson‘s Trio fits between Haydn‘s Gipsy Rondo and Beethoven‘s comical Kakadu Variations. Completing the programme is Brahm‘s great B

5 pajor Trio.




1 Glasgow

0 Session Tolbooth Bar. Glasgow Cross.


0' Shamrock and Thistle Ceilidh Band

Wilkie House, Cowgate. 8.30pm

1am. £2. Late bar and food. Burns ight celebration.

0 North Sea Gas Platform One.

Rutland Street. 225 2433. Cheery

pub band in matching shirts.


0 Gordon Hotchkiss Folk Programme Radio Clyde , 8 9pm.

0 Take the Floor Radio Scotland, 6.05 7.30pm. Dance Bands.

0 Folk on Two Radio 2. 6—7pm. Norman Buchan’s choice of music.

an; L—ist 24 Jan 6 Feb

Place. 7.30— 9.30pm. With Live Music. Reels and other dances from Scotland and England, but excluding the Country Dance Repertoire. No experience necessary and a friendly welcome guaranteed. For more info. 5 phone John Nuttall 447 41 17 in the ; evenings. i 0 Session Fiddlers Arms. Grassmarket. Longest running l session in Edinburgh. Fiddles on the : walls. standing room only. 0 Gill Hewitt Royal Oak, Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Singing session led by Gill on vocals and banjo.



' 0 Session Tolbooth Bar. Glasgow‘s contemporary songs and self-penned new venue for traditional and folk. material. Sometimes. not always a session.

_ .§'"G F0 ._

| Glasgow

i 0 Session Tolbooth Tavern.

' Glasgow Cross. The new venue for traditional music.


0 Ceilidh Crown Folk Club, Teviot Debating Hall. Edinburgh University. 830— 12pm. £1. With Eriskay Ceilidh band.

0 Liz and Maggie Cruickshank Royal Oak, Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Two sisters in fine voice.



0 Jim Yule/Marysla Lessnau Paisley Folk Club. Ardgowan Hotel. Paisley. 887 2196. Ex-New Celeste.

.c , g 3“ a...

The moment when a plug-in guitar heralded the dawn of the rock revolution happens twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, at Wintersgills on Great Western Road. Go along early in the evening and The Four Busketeers with double bass, mandoline, saxaphone and guitar are doing an acoustic set, smoothly and enthusiastically generating the songs and hit tunes of the forties.

Drop in later and the bass is being swapped lor drums, out come the

Edinburgh Edinburgh

0 Eddie Klimek and Mike Ormsby o The Barrie Band Bannerman‘s Bar. Glenelg Hotel. Leamington Cowgate. 556 3254. Music till

Terrace. Clever blues-based guitar midnight from a mixture of

and vocals. Edinburgh‘s instrumentalists on

O Nobody’s Business Bannerman‘s fiddles. flutes. mandolines.

Bar. Cowgate. 556 3254. Guitar. sax. bagpipes, etc.

clarinet and bass. Fusion folk.

0 Charity Concert Dragonara Hotel.

7.30pm. In aid of Cancer research.

With Stockbridge Runners and

FFICDdS. 0 Crown Folk Club 48a The Pleasance.

W weekly WOYkShOP In

? whistle, fiddle. singing and guitar. 1f Glasgow

you want to learn folk music. get _ along to the church in the corner. I 0 Regular Irish Music Session Stage : Door Bar, Gorbais Street, beside

1 WEDNESDAY 29 Citizens‘Theatre. 4290922.

‘L O Busketeers Wintersgills. Great Radio

1 Western Road.(See Panel). .1,” d' I dR d S

r , ean san a to cotland, : Edinburgh 1.40-2pm. Music from the Celtic ! OTraditlonal Dancing 14 Buccleuch COUntriCS-

electric guitar and bass and 3 mike is strapped onto Christine's sax (she took it up because it seemed like a machine

lrom Dan Dare) and with the instantly nostalgic sound at the old BBC vocal microphone, they are churning into early garage band rock and roll. They keep their street credibility by occasional stints on city centre pavements and are threatening to arrive soon in the Capital. (Norman Chalmers)

E O lan McNair Waverley Bar, St. Mary‘s Street. Fine singer/guitarist in parlour-sized upstairs bar.


0 Slleas Edinburgh Folk Club. Osbourne Hotel. York Place. 8pm. £2. Sileas. alias Patsy Seddon and Mary MacMaster. . . Music for metal strung and gut strung clarsachs. Gaelic and Lowland song, and Pastoral Punk on the electric harp!

O Haddlngton Folk Club Mercat Hotel. Small. friendly and very informal. Do call in.Free.

o The Reverend Brothers Shore Bar, Leith. Good band in one of Edinburgh‘s best pubs. Cosmopolitan Irish music.

0 Alan Johnson Waverley Bar. St Mary‘s Street. Scottish traditional and contemporary songs/guitar.

THURSDAY 30 3 Radio

0 Travelling Folk Radio Scotland, 820— 10pm. Hosted by Archie Fisher and his mate, Danny Kyle.

Glasgow 2 0 Janet Russell and Christine Kydd Star Folk Club. Calton Place. 8pm. £1 . Polished vocal harmonies and guitar playing. Songs from Burns to Greenham Common.


0 Ian McNair and Ronnie McDonald Clancy’s. Dundee Street. 9- 12pm. i

As Highland Line they perform a mixture ofcontemporary sixties and traditional material on vocals and guitars. , o The Shetland Fiddlers’ Society West : End Hotel, Palmerston Place. 225 i 3656. All welcome. i o Lowland Pipers Society Oxford Bar, 3 Young Street. Session. Come and see grown men wrestle with little pieces of wood and cane and inflated leather bags. The revival ofthe bellows—blown smaller pipes continues apace. '

flmm— Glasgow ; 0 Session Tolbooth Bar. 9


0 North Sea Gas Platform One, Rutland Street. 225 2433. Popular folk band. Wild rovers.

SATURDAY 1 6 Radio ; 0 Gordon Hotchkiss Radio Clyde, 8 - 9pm. Q 0 Take the Floor Radio Scotland. 6.05 i 7.30pm.

0 Folk on Two Radio 2. 6 7pm.


0 Peter Nardini Studio Theatre, Third Eye Centre, Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. £2 (£1.50). In concert with support from George Boyd. Two singer/guitarists. Nardini has them rolling in the aisles with his Scottish talking blues. (See Panel).

0 Session Tolbooth Bar, Glasgow Cross.


0 Liz and Maggie Crulckshank Royal Oak, Infirmary Street. 5572976. The singing sisters hold court.