Radio Dne's Andy Kershaw last week broadcast a studio recording oi hall a

dozen oi his songs; Glasgow's Compass Gallery open an exhibition oi . his paintings at the beginning oi February; with playwright, poet and musician Torn McGrath he conducts a soiree in the Transmission Gallery in Glasgow on February 3. On March 29 he appears at Edinburgh's Wester 3 Hailes Community Centre and on i February I he is in concert at the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow.

His uncompromising West oi

2 Scotland vocal delivery has been known to blind the ears oi those with 1 Received Pronunciation and his 5 politics, bleak vision and ironic ; Caledonian talking blues style, early Dylan.

i _

. humour have echoes oi Roy Harper, his Preaching to the converted. (Norman


Peter Hardini is an art teacher irom Hamilton and a new album on Temple Records captures most at the quality oi one at his hilarious live performances.

. The writing is strongest in the

1 humorous songs. It'll Ho' Happen

Q Again has the voices from both sides at an iniinite iniidelity and in Name

Droppin' he will soon have to include

his own name in the litany oi Scottish

; celebrities that clang in a bore’s patter.

; A surreal trip to the divided land oi the

orange and green, suicide, battered

wives, the emptiness ol religion and a

f iew broadsides at Maggie Thatcher are periormed with various degrees at sly scepticism and double-edged irony and . 3 only the song about the Belgrano

rattles with well understood excuses.


0 Session Fiddlers Arms. Grassmarket. Go early if you want a seat.

0 Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Lady with a big voice in a basement bar.

TUESDAY 4 Glasgow

0 Tolbooth Bar. The new venue for sessions.


0 Penicuick Folk Club Navaar House Hotel. Residents‘ evening. All welcome to help Harry out with the songs.

0 The Barrie Band Bannerman‘s Bar. Cowgate. 556 3254. A good mix of musicians and instruments.


0 Tide and Island Radio Scotland. 1.4(1— 2pm. Recorded music from Ireland. Scotland. Wales. Brittany and Galicia.


0 Stramash Osbourne Hotel. York Place. 8pm. Super gang from the West of Scotland. no chickens. but what a wealth of song and patter. They perform individually and as a group. and are at the forefront of the revival of Scots music.

0 Reverend Brothers Shore Bar. Leith. Reels and jigs by the waterside.

} 0 Alan Johnson Waverley Bar. St

Mary‘s Street. Scottish traditional and contemporary songs in

; parlour-sized upstairs bar.

; THURSDAY 6 Radio 3 O Travelling Folk Radio Scotland.

8.20— 10pm. Hosted by Archie Fisher with Whats On details from

Danny Kyle. Glasgow

.' 0 Star Folk Club Calton Place. 8pm.



0 Ian McHair with Ronnie McDonald Clancy’s. Dundee Street. 9— 12pm. See Thursday 30.

o The Shetland Flddlers’ Society West 3 End Hotel, Palmerston Place. 225 i 3656. All welcome.


Edinburgh 1;

0 Sheila Jordan with Harvie Swarz and. Martin Taylor Queens Hall. Clerk .~

Street. 10pm. £3.50 50 members). Jordan Swarz. vocais and bass. perform luo. and

Taylor on solo gui' ’resented by. Platform Jazz. (See Panel). i 0 Melanie D’Reilly and Francis Cowarjr. . Carlton Hotel. North Bridge. Coon-i' Mainstream songs accompanied hm understated yet complex guitar work. 1 o Spirits oi Rhythm Basin Street. Haymarket. ' o The String Vests The Kilderkin. j‘ Constitution Street. Leith. " é Blues/Swing duo; guitar. fiddle and American song. "‘


Glasgow 4 .

0 Sheila Jordan/ Harvie Swarz and .i : Martin Taylor Moir Hall. Mitchell '2 3 Theatre. Granville Street. £4. (£3 t members).Vocal / bass duo and

guitar soioist.Presented by Platform: 7 jazz. (See Panel). 1' 3 0 Bill Fanning Big Band Shadows.

Bath Street. 3320532. .,i LunchtimeSwing music. Popular 2 with town centre shoppers.

0 George McGowan Orchestra Daniel, Browns. St. VincentStreet. 1.30— - 4.30pm. Music of Goodman. Count, Basie. Glenn Miller etc. 3.


o Tam White and the Dexters Platform One. Rutland Street. Tam with the nine-piece band.Gravelly soul/jazz.l‘ 0 Alex Shaw Trio Platform One. Rutland Street. Lunchtime. ; 0 Mike Hart’s Selection Basin Street,. Haymarket. Small traditional jazz band. Wonderful selection ofjazz posters on the stairs and a riverboat :' ambience. ; 0 Take Three Carlton Hotel. North " Bridge. 8pm. Double bass. guitar a and horn. ,



0 Jazz Classics Radio 2. 4pm. Re-mastered gems from the early days


0 Bourbon Jazz Band Beacon Hotel. " Park Terrace. Dixieland Band. 55 Lunchtime. i o Ricki Fernandez and FriendsThe Tron Bar, Tron Theatre. Parnie Street. Lunchtime.

O TZone Nico’s.Sauchieha1|Streetci

332 1585. Cool. modern. post bop in; one of Glasgow‘s new scene bars.


0 Mike Hart's Syncopaters Learmonth Hotel. Learmonth Terrace. f Lunchtime. The banjo with the "1

SUNDAY 2 MONDAY 3 Edinburgh 3 Glasgow

0 Hughie and the Hamstring: Glenelg 3 Bar‘ Hotel. Leamington Terrace. A '. .T'

string quartet who forsake Haydn for . summers wmtcrsglns Bar‘ Great Ragtime and include one i Western Road. See Panel.

ectomorph. i

o Nobody’s Business Bannerman‘s Bar. Cow ' t‘. St . 0 Traditional Dancing 14 Buccleuch g“ “"955 and reeds for Place. 7.30—9.30pm. With Live

Bab Bo . ' y omch MusrcSee Monday2_7_-n_

bigger band. 'i 0 Capital Jazz Band Grosvenor Hotei‘jg: Grosvenor Street. Lunchtime. O Contos Platform One. Rutland ii Street. 225 2433. Latin jazz with vibes.congas and percussion. o Tam White and The Dexters Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. Cavernous noisy bar. slightly smaller band, minus two brass players still raunchy.

"The'Lis‘tE‘i 33333 Feb is

: FRIDAY 24 '


0 Jazz on Record Glasgow Rhythm

9 Club. Berkeley Street. 7.45pm. Come and listen. Informal talks on Ragtime. New Orleans. Swing Bebop, Avant Garde.