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keyboard playerlan Stewart, literally t the sixth Rolling Stone, who died on 12 I

, December. ‘Without him,‘ said Mick Jagger, ‘there would have been no t

: Rolling Stones.‘Stewart’sfirstlove i

: was rhythm and blues, and his last

Q work will be found on the forthcoming

l 0 Charge and Our Garden Jailhouse. l Edinburgh

i Calm” Ruad' Chargc,dmng the” 0 Blues BroihersJailhouse. (‘alton regular Saturday sessionsat about Road. 1030an Fr“,- Btucymckt 2pm. Our Garden at about 10.30pm. . Breadtine (m be confirmed)

Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2 9pm. Free. Edmburoh WEDNESDAY 5 0 Life SupporUailhous'c. ('alton

Road. lllpm. Free. Glasgow

0 ShamanFixx. Free gig. Shaman MONDAY 3

used to be Alone Again ()r. Edinburgh Edinburgh 0 GO Ferrit Preservation Hall.

0 Zero Zero Jailhouse. (‘alton Road. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

10.30pm. Free. 0 The Pastels and The Submarines


0 WELL, WOULD you believe it? LISTEN in CENSOR shock!!!!Oespite we natty ear-to-the-ground type's usually unimpeachable sources of chatter, gossip and thoroughly useless


The Place. Victoria Street. 9pm. £2. Glasgow information, we really aren'fnasty Blues ‘n‘ Trouble LP.

What was once jangly is now turgid. , enough to tell you which famous I

()r at least that‘s the impression I got . Tridenbhi‘d‘m'S- FWC‘ female chanteuse has just ended a i of'l‘he Pastels last month. Edinburgh romance with anotherfamous female , The glazing Apostles; "’5 30 Easy NCVCFthlCSS- the)” W :10! £1ch . Gem and ttte Pacemakets and chanteuse; which world-renowned : (my)

promoter has links with SA‘s Sun City, despite his goodwill in other areas of social concern; which British rocker has contracted a terrible disease, or what certain Conservative MPs are saying aboutwhy Geldol didn‘t get a knighthood (although, as you know, we have established that Mr Bob doesn't give a CENSOBED anyway.) Would you believe it? Well, we wouldn't anyway.

1 Not the Buddy Holly song, so

; McCartney won't make a penny out of

f it, something the Apostles are probably pretty chuffed about.

i Admittedly, it reeks otThe Clash (one ofthe guitar licks is straight from I Fought The Law), but The Blazing

Q Apostles stop just this side of the

: grandiose, something that hardly

anyone in that vein knows how to do any more. For that reason at least, single of the week.

The Styng-Rites: Baby's Got a Brand New Brain (Snarfle). Two good discs so far in this bunch, this being the debut from Greenock’s favourite band of psychobillythrashers.

Baby‘s Got a Brand New

Brain and Shake It Up are fairly manic, but taken at an easy enough pace, one that doesn’t spoil the tunes. Yes, tunes! Not many can say thatthese

f days.

: The Screaming Nobodies: The Burger King EP (Supreme International) Distinguished behind-the-scenes cast here: so taken bythe Nobodies was Zeke Manyika that he helped them get studio time (later rung up on Polydor’s . . . ; tab)and erstwhile fellow Orange Juicer sue“ as p'ay'"9 9°” “mg "Me's '” 3 Malcolm Boss produced it. Shame, it

the country and re-recording ‘Mothers . seems like such a wasted 8mm Ska Talk‘ forthe US market. Something that . . , - , the boys in TFF do“ advertise is their I meets rockabilly, with a string section

involvement in honourable causes ; mummy away '" the “aground, ‘0

. t ? verylittle effect. (unlike some otherswewouldnt : D ks N ,Y mention).Halfofthe cash raised on i a' a e‘ 0" UnderStand/I" Plasm

' ' ' - o, o :(JJT)Thesleevetellsusthisis Is gomgtome an" apanhe'd 1 dedicated to Vale, the German

0 On the local front, two failed popstar Shepherd guide?” (though! 60"” be types have set up a very convincing t wrong) and I believe the profits are young outfit called ‘Wyoming'. Ross 5 90'“ '0 "‘9 millav 30 {each {MP Your Campbell and Shug (from now defunct poems ‘0' a s'mp'e’ 'l “no'lgmal bands Sunset Gun and Sugar Sugar “"5” "09 "‘F'Ody sung by Someone respectively) have signed to their “0.80m” "*9 315 Ram“? sally tonner record company CBS on a Oldfield. Least pretentious single of

one-album deal—thatalbum will be "'9 “8'80 far.

- Incidentally we are noton a olalrom recorded locallyat CAVA studios and i ' ll Y . sett_pmduced _ be caretut with that Fast Forward/The Cartel. All revrew

budget boys! copies accepted. preferably of local

catchy. il' threadbare. numbers. and it could well be worth going along. 0 Viceroys Jailhouse. (‘alton Road. 10.30pm. Free.



0 Special Import Shadows. Free.

0 Technique Fixx. Also a free gig. Technique are a bit on the inexperienced side. but do feature an intriguingly good female singer.‘I saw it first‘ points 8 out of If).

Ojango Playhouse 'l‘heatre. (ireenside Place. £5. £4. In their day. they set up records it took fellow Liverpudlians Frankie (ioes to Hollywood to beat. As far as good music and beatles-era nostalgia go. I would recomrttend this over the Hits of the 605 show but don't expect them to look quite as hip as they did twenty years ago.

0 Heart lnduslryJailhouse. (‘alton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

0 Still Thinking Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Spotted in a club in Liverpool was Pete Wylie of Wah! looking extremely thin and engaged in deep conversation with Frankie Goes to Hollywood‘s Paul Buthertord. Paul says that now he has got rid of his moustache, the next thing to go is the band‘s involvement with ace producer Trevor Horn. The new Frankie album, which the band are writing at this very moment will not be produced by the man who got most of the credit for making them a success in the first place—strange huh? Stranger still is the fact that the exotic location for the recording of their new material is taking place in star-studded Jersey. .



0 Tears For Fears are involved in their usually incredibly mundane activities

Money and Wet Wet Wet have still to be confirmed.

Bed Wedge have pledged their support and an MC - at this stage thought to be either Robbie Coltrane or

Organised by Pollok constituency Labour Party and with the blessing oi Red Wedge, comes a benefit concert ior an Unemployed Workers Centre in Pollok, one or the desolate housing

estates on the outskirts of Glasgow. Atilla the Stockbroker - and other H k. ’Ed. b h m b d Bl interest. The concert is at Glasgow Univerity special guests will be dropping in: 06 in In my ues tan. ues ‘n’ Queen Margaret Union on Februaryt perhaps the Communards or, who TTOUD'G are putting the ifmSlllnu ' AND REA’S PLAYLIST

(23 entry lee), 7.30pm to half past knows, the Style Councillor himself. lOUClIeS '0 their second LP. to be

midnight. Acts appearing will be predominantly local ones. Already

booked are The Bluebells (see photo),

who have been achieving notoriety in The Guardian letters page overthe

5 lyrics of their first LP, The Patriot

i Game. Appearances by Love And


22 The List 24 Jan 6 Feb

The slogan, "Dirty Beds for a Cleaner Britain" is also being donated. However there will be no soapbox speeches. All concerned

would preferthat the message is left to the groups and their music.

distributed by EMl a deal which they hope will bring them the success they’ve been gigging so hard for forthe last couple of years. Luminaries guesting on the record include Robert Cray, the American blues guitarist who

was raved aboutall last year but

strangely forgotten in the end-of—the-year polls, and the late

f 1.Hue and Cry2Here Comes Everybody ; (Stampede)

2.Madness:Sweetest Girl (Zarjazz)

3.Big Audio Oynamite:The Bottom Line


4.Kick Reaction:Stopping to Speak (Precious)

5.Picnic at the Whitehouse2We Need Protection (CBS)