FILM LI§I____.__

o This section aims to provide a review of every film to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

U - Universal, suitable for all ages.

PG - Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable for younger children.

15 - No-one underthe age of 15 admitted.

18 - No-one underthe age of 18 admitted.

Q OAllofMe(lS)((‘arl Reiner.US.

1984) Steve Martin. Lily Tomlin. Victoria Tennant. 91 mins. Eccentric

j heiress Tomlin decides to make

amends fora life blighted by illness

and arranges for the transmigration

ofher soul into the sickeningly

healthy frame ofthe willing ; Tennant. Enterhumble attorney

Steve Martin to legalise the deal and

everything goesawrywithTomlin's _ soulsettlingintothe rightsideof

Martin‘s body and turning him into a

one-man skirmish in the battle ofthe

sexes. GlasgoszFl‘

o All Thai Heaven Allows ( PG) (Douglas Sirk. US. 1955)Jane Wyman. Rock Hudson. Agnes Moorehead. 89mins. Lonely widow Wyman falls in love with her handsome young gardener l ludson and arouses the ire of friends and neighbours alike who deem him socially unacceptable. Glorious tearjerking melodrama offering a sharp critique of the smug. self-satisfied values embodied in the Eisenhower era.

Edinburgh: University Film Society

0 AilThatJazz( 18) (Bob Fosse. US.

1979) Roy Scheider. Ben Vereen. Jessica Lange. 123 mins. Fellini inspired self-examination by

Q director-choreographer Fosse as he

_ lays bear the soul of an artist with a

: massive ego and an unquenchable

3 appetite for work. wine. women and dance. Undeniablyself-indulgent

but the brilliance of this film dazzles. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

O Alphaville(15) (Jean Luc Godard. France. 1965) Eddie Constantine. Anna Karina. Akim Tamiroff. 98 mins. Special Agent Lemmy (‘aution travels across space to investigate the fate of his predecessor and finds himself in a totalitarian. loveless society. A Godardian sci-fi movie. noted for its Sixties pop art sets Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Altered States ( 18) (Ken Russell.

Batchelor. UK. 1954) Voices by Maurice Denham. 73 mins. Straightforward. faithful translation of Orwell‘s political fable into an animated feature. Glasgow; OFF

0 Annie Ha||(15)(Woody ? Allen.US.l977)WoodyAllen. Diane Keaton. Paul Simon.93 mins. Warm. wistful. wonderfully witty Woody discourses on love. death and life in the Big Apple in this multi-Oscar-winning autobiographical comedy romance. Glztsgoszrosvenor.

0 Back to the Future (PU) (Robert 3 Zemeckis. US. 1985) MichaelJ.

Fox. Chistopher Lloyd. Lea Thompson. Crispin Glover. 116

mins. 1n the manner ofa certain

Mark 'l’wain hero a typical American teenager is transported thirty years back in time via a nuclear powered

De Lorean. Apart from the well-detailed culture shock he encounters there is the additional complication ofa blossoming

romance with his future mother. EdinbtirgthBC. Dominion. (ilasgow;ABC ((‘larkston Road). AB(‘ (Sauchiehall Street). (irosvenor. Rio. LothianzABC. StrathclydezABC (Greenock ). ABC (Kilmarnock). Kelburne. ()deon (Hamilton).

0 The Bank Dick (U) (Eddie Cline.

3 US. 1940) W. C. Fields. (‘ora

' Witherspoon. Franklin Pangborn.

73 mins. Given a completely free

hand by Universal. and using the

Jeeves. Fields concocted a classic of i anarchic humour loosely spun around the story of a smalltown layabout who accidentally foils a bank raid and finds himself employed as the establishment's security guard. According to a contemporary review in the Motion Picture Herald. ‘the audience laughed itself to the verge of hysterics‘. Fields himself regarded it as his best film. justifiably so. Edinburgh: University Film Society 0 Betrayal ( 15) (David Jones. UK. 1982) Jeremy Irons. Patricia llodge. Ben Kingsley. 95 mins. A dissection ofan affair between publisher Irons and the wife (Patricia 1 lodge) of his best friend. literary agent Kingsley. A tone of restrained reverence towards the Harold Pinter Script pervades this storm—in-a-Perrier bottle saga of bookish English passions throughout. Still. IlP does imbue the language of the everyday with remarkable undertones of despair. aided by a most engrossing Kingsley. People who watch The South Bank Show will like it. Edinburgh: Filmhouse 0 Beverly Hills Cop( 15 )( Martin Brest.US. 1984) Eddie Murphy. Judge Reinhold. Steven Berkoff. 105 mins. A downtown. downmarket (‘hicago cop is out of his element but never out of his depth investigating the murder ofa friend in salubrious L.A.. A star vehicle that would be totally

? US. 1980) William Hurt. Blair Brown. Bob Balaban. 102 mins. Using himselfas a guinea-pig. a : scientist experiments with

mind-blowing drugs and finds himself regressing mentally and physically into a primitive state. Glasgow; GET 0 Amadeus (PG) (Milos Forman. I US. 1984) F. Murray Abraham.'l‘om '; llulce. Simon Callow. 160 mins. A risible title fight for a place in posterity between a God-fearing but I mediocre talent and a musical genius E

with bad manners.

Edinburgh: University Film Society. Glasgow; GFI' o The Amazing Mr. Blunden (U) j (LionelJeffries. UK. 1972) ' Laurence Naismith. Diana Dors. i James Villiers. 99mins. 1918. Two children encounter a couple of ghosts in an old mansion and travel a ; century into the past to undo an evil wrong. Edinburgh: Filmhouse


Rocky IV (pg) (Sylvester Stallone, US, 1985) Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Dolph Lundgren. 9| mins. Fouryears ago, when big Slyjourneyedto Glasgow to promote Rocky Ill, be earnestly assured us assembled hacks that the series had come to a logical and honourable conclusion. Besides, what new challenge could he invent for the character? Unless perhaps he was . to combat a Russian. Now that might be

a possibility.....but no, enough was enough.

With the appearance of Rocky IV second thoughts have clearly prevailed. in America cheering fans have responded to the tune of $110 million. However, the formula has

close-ups, improbany protracted batterings and commercial soundtrack (Survivor, Go West, Kenny Loggins etc). The cast go through their paces with an ease born of familiarity. Talia Shire's disapproving but devoted wife, Burt Young’s slobbish Paulie (employed to make Rocky appear sophisticated) and Carl Weathers breezy Apollo, all re-appear.

Regardless of this film's virtues and the box office takes, the series' further proliferation is patently unwarranted on otherthan commercial grounds. Early on Rocky and Apollo talk of facing middle-age and growing old. Let's hope that prospect is left to the viewer's imagination and that the Rocky character is left to take his rightful place in the landscape of movie icons. (Allan Hunter)

buddy Apollo Creed responds to the ; grown practically transparent, padded 5 challenge and returns to the ring to

with flashback scenes to achieve its modest running time. With every elaboration on the rough-edged original the series has grown slicker and emptier. Numberfour is no exception.

Happily domesticated, Rocky is comfortably ensconced in palatial splendour with loyal wife Adrian and little Rocky Junior. He has graduated from the hard knocks school of life and seems content to savour the rewards of his labours. Meanwhile the USSR have created a superman, Comrade Ivan Drago. Using the most advanced scientific methods the Russians claim to have created an invincible lighting machine, a testament to the superior virtues of the Soviet system. Rocky’s

é light for America and perhaps to deny

his own mortality. in a far from

amicable Las Vegas exhibition bout,

Apollo fatally underestimates Drago

and dies from the pummeiling he ,

receives. Rocky’s pretty upset too and 5

; vows vengeance, regardless of the i

i personal consequences. . ..

Matching Rocky with a Russian ;

certainly adds spice for the home 5

market, but the scenario tips the series ;

into James Bond territory and the final l

plea for understanding between the peoples of east and west smacks of an afterthought to accommodate the spirit of Geneva.

Stallone’s direction remains unsubtle but effective and consists of the expected tight editing, meaningful

The List 3,-1sz b Fcb’Z—a

0 Animal Farm (U) (John Halas, Joy pseudonym of Mahatma Kane j