j 0 Lost in America( 15)( Albert

i Brooks.US.1985)AlbertBrooks.

I Julie Hagerty. Michael Green. 91

' mins. The upward mobility ofa

7 go-getting business executive is

' stopped dead in its tracks when he is

passed over for promotion. Understandable miffed. he decides to opt out of the rat race. sells up and begins a nomadic existence with his wife Linda. However the charms ofa freewheeling. easy-going lifestyle soon begin to pall.

Mild-mannered. rambling. light-fingered comedy. Glasgow: ABC(SauchiehallStreet).

o Manhalten(15)(woody Allen.US.1979) Woody Allen. Diane Keaton. Mariel Hemingway. 96 mins. Woody wanders through the female jungle ofNew York in search of a perfect soulmate after the demise ofhis marriage. Glasgow: Grosvenor. 0 Meatballs(15)(lvan Reitman.Canada. 1979) Bill Murray. Kate Lynch. Kristine DeBell. 92 mins. Holiday hijinks at a summer camp. Cruel humour and sloppy sentimentality combine in this pathetic farce. Glasgow; Grosvenor. 0 My Best Friend’s Girl (15) (Bertrand Blier. France. 1983) (.‘oluche. Isabelle Huppert. 100 mins. In a Swiss ski resort the eternal triangle surfaces once more as two buddies vie for the attentions of Ms Huppert.

. We‘ve been there before many‘s a

3 time and oft. but Blier‘s occasionally

engaging film does boast the never less than admirable Iluppert and the same sort of cock-eyed social


National Lampoon’s European Vacation (15) (Amy Heckerling, US, 1985) Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Eric Idle, Paul Bartel, Mel Smith et al.

3. ;..§“.

96 mins. Having wreaked havoc on America and Walley World, the dreaded Griswald clan win the grand prize in the generous Pig in a Poke TV game show and head tor a lamin vacation in Europe, spreading the anticipated mayhem in theirwaire. Travelling to Europe the series may have expanded its geographical horizons but the quality oi the humour remains resolutely earthbound.

Edinburgh; Dominion. Glasgow; ABC

(Claritston Road), ABC (Sauchiehall

Street), Cinema, Rio. Lothian; ABC,

Regal. Strathclyde; ABC (Kilmarnock), Kelburne, Odeon (Hamilton).


26 The List 24 Jan 6 Feb

. Histoire and Buffet Froid.



observation he brought to Notre

Glasgow: GFT o The Official Version ( 15) (Luis Puenzo. Argentina. 1985) Hector

Alterio. Norma Aleandro. l

Guillermo Battaglia. 112 mins.

A tragic personal dilemma is i

used to make us uncomfortably aware of the ease with which injustice thrives. Compelling. deeply-felt drama. GlasgoszF'I‘ 0The Old Dark House (PG) (James Whale. US. 1932) Melvyn Douglas. Charles Laughton. Boris Karloff. 71

mins. Lost in a storm in a remote part 9 . . . . . ' StJ’llstlcally daring vision of the

of Wales. five travellers seek refuge at an imposing. gloomy mansion that is populated by a family of eccentrics. Primitive. tongue-in-cheek adaptation of the J.

B. Priestley novel Benighled, played I

to the hilt by a remarkable caste. A somewhat dilapidated edifice for modern audiences. ‘The Old Dark Horse‘ created what were to become the cliches ofthe genre. EdiriburgthU Filmsoc

0 One Deadly Summer ( 18) (Jean Becker. France. 1983) Isabelle I Adjani. 133 mins. In rural France the town flirt investigates the dark secret . of her mother and digs up the proverbial can ofworms. Densely plotted. interminable melodrama relying heavily on Adjani‘s charms which grow resistible.

Glasgow; GET

0 Orphee(PG) (Jean Cocteau. France. 1949) Jean Marais. Francois Perier. 92 mins. A treatment ofthe legend ofOrpheus transposed to a modern Parisian setting. Although built around a central narrative the enchantineg cinematic imagination of the poet Cocteau fleshes it out with an enigmatic and illogical invention. The result is hypnotically dream-like experience ofa film, one of the cinema‘s true originals. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

o Pale Rider(15)(CIint Eastwood,US, 1985) Clint Eastwood. Carrie Snodgrass, Michael Morarty. 116 mins.

A classic Western, superbly photographed. and a tribute to Eastwood‘s multi-faceted talent. Edinburgh; Playhouse.

0 Paris, Texas (15) (Wim Wenders. US/W. Germany. 1984) Harry Dean Stanton. Nastassja Kinski. Hunter Carson. 144 mins. Missing for four years, middle-aged loner Travis turns up in the Texan outback. and is . later reunited with his son. The two embark on a trek across America to find his estranged wife. the young

bov‘smother.'l‘hecooll d"l t i ' y “camg . fleapitandfallsinlovewithadashing

visual sense of Wim Wenders combines with playwright Sam Shepherd‘s version of America‘s desolate and seedy heartlands to produce a fine story of personal alienation. A wee bit stretched perhaps. but Stanton is moving. Edinburgh; EU Filmsoc 0 One Partie De Campagne (PG) (Jean Renoir. France. 1936) Sylvia Bataille. Jane Marken. Jacques Becker. 40mins. A Parisian

ironmonger takes his family on a Sunday outing to the country. He snoozes the afternoon away.

beauty. whilst his wife and daughter

discover romance by the riverbank. 1 Based on a short story by Guy de Maupassant this is a bittersweet evocation of an idyllic sojourn captured with a painter‘s feeling for 3 the moment. Edinburgh; French Institute 0 The Passion Oi Joan Oi Arc (PG) (Carl Theodor Dreyer, France.

1927) Maria Falconetti. 81 mins.

Intense account ofthe trial and execution ofJoan ofArc. With the camera often fixed in implacable close-up on a remarkable central performance, this is a slow,

immensity of human suffering and

the lifeline ofdivine grace. Ascetic.

spiritual work from a committed cinema artist. it pierces deeply.

Edinburgh; Filmhouse O Plenty ( 15) (Fred Schepisi, US. 1985) Meryl Streep. Charles Dance. John Gielgud. 124 mins. One woman’s disillusion with her lot in post-war Britain symbolises the malaise ofa class-bound nation in decline. ‘Plenty‘ is a weighty. literate and overly ambitious epic with the expected high standards of performance throughout. However the characters are made to carry too overtly emblematic a burden in the depicted slide into mediocrity and the film fails to realise the full potential of David Hare‘s play. Edinburgh; ABC. Glasgow; ABC (Sauchiehall Street)

' 0 Police Academy 2:Their First


5 Paris,US,1985) Witless Keystone : Kop shenanigans. Number3 will be

allowed to escape this year.

' Glasgow; Cinema.

0 Prizzi's Honour ( 15) (John Huston. US. 1985) Jack Nicholson, Kathleen

Turner. Anjelica Huston. 129 mins.

Slow-witted Mafia hit man Nicholson beds and weds his female

counterpart Turner but middle-aged bliss is not to be his. She has

dishonoured his family with a

double-dealing casino scam and no

one violates the code of the Prizzis with impunity, even blood relatives.

Skilful black comedy directed with

assurance by veteran Huston and

I distinguished by a rogue‘s gallery of

performances. Nicholson is a front

runner to nab another Oscar come - the spring.

Edinburgh; Odeon, Dominion.

; Glasgow; Odeon

o The Purple Rose of Cairo (PG)

(Woody Allen. US, 1985) Mia ? Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Van Johnson. 3 85 mins. Unhappy waitress Mia

escapes her sorrows at the local

fictional leading man.

Glasgow; OFF .Salon

0 Psycho ( 18) (Alfred Hitchcock, US. 1960) Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Martin Balsam. 108 mins. All is not well at the Bates Motel. A

: detective comes to investigate a ' series of brutal slayings there. Looks

like Ma Bates isn‘t going to like that. Seminal Hitchcock bum-shifter, the movie that launched a thousand shower killings. Perkins is unforgettany unhinged, and if this one doesn’t scare you then you‘ve

l oblivious to the surrounding pastoral

either seen it before lots oftimes, or

you‘ve got your eyes closed most of the time. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Reuben, Reuben(15)(RobertEllis Miller.US. 1982) Tom Conti, Kelly McGillis. Roberts Blossom. 101 Conti is superb as the Dylan Thomas figure in this sexist, but very funny. piece. Glasgow; Grosvenor. 0 Rocky IV (PG) (Sylvester Stallone. US. 1985) Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire. Dolph Lundgren. 91 mins. See caption review. Edinburgh;Odeon. Glzisgoszdeon. LothianzABC. StrathclydezABC (Greenock). ABC (Kilmarnock). Odeon (Ayr). La Scala. o The Rocky Horror Picture Show(15)(Jim Sharman,UK,1975) Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick. 100 mins. Kinky musical horror spoof with Tim Curry giving his all as a sweet transvestite transsexual from Transylvania. Cult late-night attraction. Strathclyde; Kelburne. 0 Rumble Fish (18) (Francis Ford Coppola. US, 1983) Mickey Rourke, Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Denis Hopper. 94 mins. Electrifying expressionist monochrome visuals grace an existentialist parable about the need to forge one‘s own identity, and the alienation it can bring. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (18) (Karel Reisz, UK, 1960) Albert Finney, Rachel Roberts. Life for a factory worker means toil all week and sensual dissipation at the weekends. involving an affair with the wife ofa workmate. Important British film for the first time giving a reasonably accurate representation ofworking-class life with the sort of social realism we now take for granted. More ofa fascinating document now that its considerable impact has faded, but Finney is still gloriously truculent. Edinburgh; EU Filmsoc

o The Secret of NIMH (U) (Don Bluth,’

US, 1982) With the voices of Derek Jacobi. Dom DeLuise. John Carradine. 82 mins. A widowed mouse and her four offspring. including the ailing Timothy. face the upheaval ofmoving from their comfortable nook in a farmer’s field. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

O Silverado (PG) (Lawrence Kasdan.

US, 1985) Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Brian Dennehy. l3()mins. Assorted

travellers in the West join forces to rid Silverado ofits crooked Sheriff. An attempted return to the dusty shoot-em-up ofyears gone by

provides a glossary of your favourite ,

scenes gunfights. saloon confrontations, stampedes et al but in trying to be all things to all critters ends up as a little too much ofa good thing. Lothian;Regal

0 Stella Dallas (PG) (King Vidor, US, 1937) Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Anne Shirley. 106 mins. Stella is a young woman from a lowly background who can never escape her past. A desire for wealth and position alienate the affections of her blueblood husband and unconditional mother-love makes her an embarrassment to her only daughter. Stanwyck received her