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SATURDAY 25 Edinburgh

0 A Day of Massage with Samata Legard'l‘he SalisburyCentre. 2 Salisbury Road. (m7 543S. Illam-Spm. U2 L"). A Workshop for those who already hay c some experience of tnassage. a chance to practise techniques. Bring a towel and massage oil.

0 Burns Night Celebration and Ceilidh 'I‘he Salisbury Centre. b’pm.

{2.5” USU. Burns' verse. songsand mttsic frm the Iidinburgh Ceilidh Band and others. plus vegetarian haggis.

0 Intermediate Shiatsu Massage Course I.ister I Iall. 3o I.auriston Place. Illam 5.30pm Sat and Sun. £2ll. ()pen to those who have completed the Introductory Workshop. wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a blanket. Advance hooking and 50’; deposit required. Contact .‘ylacrobiotics L'niversal c o P. (iillan. 5 Steels Place. 447 358i).

TUESDAY 28 Glasgow

0 Discovering Dance I lillhead Primary School. Cecil Street. 7—‘).3(lpm. Non-stylised natural dance course with .lohn Grant.

,\s \\cll .l\ llil\ coui Iltc \\ oi kshop ol lcl\ classes III llll i\ c'lllclil


\\ oikshop l\ l‘.t\c'\l on the premise

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that e\er\onc dmccs ll.lllll.lll\ .md thataswcll.tsbemg lun.d.mccc.m give you .1 healthy posture. increased mmemcnt I.l|l‘..‘c .md .t \Ie.lll\c' outlet lot encizzy

SUNDAY 2 Edinburgh

0 Candlemas Celebration the Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5438. 8pm. £2 £1. Circle dancing. live music. entertainment with Sidney McClintock. Kate Ilollingbury. and Marg Hall.

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SATURDAY 25 Glasgow

0 Norman Church Buildings in Scotland i

with particular reference to Glasgow Cathedral (ilasgow Cathedral. 1 lam. Free. A talk by Richard Fawcett. organised by the Society of Friends oI‘Glasgow Cathedral. It you turn up early. there is coffee at 10.30am.


0 Sale of Redundant Library Stock

l.eith library ( Foot of Ferry Road ).

9am. Free. 'l‘he average cost of a book will be 2Ilp. and there are refreshments and creative workshops for kids at the ’l‘homas Morton I Iall behind the library.

: SUNDAY 26 g Edinburgh

0 Scottish History't‘he Iidinburgh

'I’heosophical Centre. 2S(ireat King Street. 7.30pm. A talk by

well-known Scottish author Nigel

i ’I‘ranter.

0 Poetry Reading Christopher North

Ilouse l Iotel. Gloucester Place. 8pm. Maureen Sangster. 'I‘essa

Ranslord and Ian l lutehinson read.

Organised by the School ol Poets.


? Glasgow

0 International Youth Year Committee

First meeting in the New Year to ; planthe 1986 event. McClellan

Gallery. Sauchiehall Street. 7.3tlpm. Further information: Iid D‘Arcy Il4l




0 Nuclearweapons and international law [Edinburgh l'niversity CNI). Chaplaincy Centre. Bristo Square. 7pm.

WEDNESDAY 29 Glasgow

0 East Alrican Wildlile Reserve Chemistry Building. Glasgow University. 7.30pm. A talk by Dr David IIouston. organised by the Glasgow Association of University Women.

THURSDAY 30 Glasgow

0 The Coming at Christ YWCA. 2 Somerset Place. 7.45pm. A talk by Brien Masters. part of the Introduction to Anthroposophy

series. See also b Feb. I Edinburgh

; 0 Technological Momentum and the

Arms Race —the development of countertorce accuracy 15 Buccleuch Place. 73le. A talk by Donald


Mackenzie ofSANA (Scientists against Nuclear Arms).

0 Poetry Reading [Edinburgh [.‘niversity Literary Society. 5. 15pm. Contact organisers for precise details of venue. Audrey Thomas. the Canadian poet. reads her work.

SATURDAY1 Edinburgh

0 Writers Workshop with Rosalind Brackenbury ’I‘he Salisbury Centre. 2

. Salisbury Road. M7 5438.

Illam~5pm Sat and Sun. £20 £16. An experienced leader of Writers' Workshops in Iidinburgh. Ros is a poet. novelist and a regular

contributor to Resurgwu‘e magazine.

SUNDAY2 Glasgow

0 Study and Discussion ‘What is Humanism‘ Glasgow I Iumanist Society. L'nitarian Centre. 72 Berkeley StreettNr Mitchell Library). All welcome. Further info 0414240545.

MONDAY3 Glasgow

0 The Evolution of Bird Societies Art Gallery and Museum. Kelvingrove. 7.30pm. A talk by Dr .leremy Greenwood organised by the Scottish ()rnithologists Club.

0 Politics oI Health Meeting Planning Iixchange. 187 Bath Street. ()3: 27(14. 7.3llpm.

TUESDAY4 Edinburgh

0 The Evolution oI Bird Societies IIeriot—Watt I'niversity. Chambers Street. 7.30pm. A talk by Dr .leremy Greenwood. organised by the Scottish ()rnithologistsClub.

WEDNESDAY 5 Edinburgh

0 After the summit, what now? The Open Door. 420 Morningside Road. 10.30am. A talk by Prof .Iohn Erickson. organised by Morningside Peace (iroup.

THURSDAY 6 Glasgow

0 Consciousness in the Scientitic Age YWCA. 2 Somerset Place. 7.45pm. A talk by Brien Masters. the final one in the Introduction to Anthroposophy series organised by the Anthroposophical Society. Glasgow Study Group.


0 The Longterm Effects oI Nuclear Warfare: The nuclear winter The Centre for I Iuman Ecology. 15 Buccleuch Place. 7.30pm. Talk by Bob I Iarwood and Alan Longman.




0 Reading and Discussion—Susan McNeill Lavendar Menace Bookshop. 1 la Forth Street. 8pm.

Against Women.

Victoria Street. ltlpm—Zam. £2/£l. Women only disco in aid of the Womanzone shop.

Part of the programme of readings by lesbian authors. Susan McNeill is editor of Women Against Violence

o Womanzone Disco The Place.


0 Women's Day at Faslane Illam i

j onwards. Discussion group and meal

at the peace camp. Ilow to get there; trains from Glasgow Queen Street Station to I-Ielensburgh every half hour. From IIeIensburgh get a 134 Bus which stops outside the camp.

Further details from Women for Peace. who meet at the Glasgow Women‘s Centre. 48 Miller Street every Thursday at 7.30pm. ()r ring Rhu at Faslane: (I436 82090].

SUNDAY2 Glasgow

0 Womens Meditation Morning The Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 32‘) Sauchiehall Street. 333 0524. 10.15am. A women only event for those who have taken the Beginners‘ Meditation Course.

MDNDAY3 Edinburgh

0 New Directions for ‘86 WW ‘A. 7 Randolph Place. 225 437‘) (Maureen or.lennifer). Mons 3 6'; It) Feb. 10am—3pm. A two—day course designed for women who want to go back into a career or job after having had children or a break front working and need new ideas and confidence about where to start.


FRIDAY 24 Glasgow

0 Centrepeace 143 Stockwcll Street. 552 8357. 7.30pm. First in a series of meetings for teachers. youth leaders and anyone interested in starting a peace group ‘Using slides.tapes. films and videos.’

SATURDAY 25 Glasgow

0 Scottish Christians for Nicaragua Gorbals Church.

Iiglinton 'Cumberland Street. ll).3Uam—4.3()pm. 50p. A series of workshops. talks. videos and group discussion led by people recently returned front Nicaragua.


0 BeerAid Ileriot Watt University. Grindlay Street. 12 noon - 11.30pm. Free before 5pm. 50pm after. No entry after 10.30pm. A beer festival for Africa. Matric studs and CAMRA members only.

WEDNESDAY 30 Glasgow

0 Glasgow Parliamentary Debating Association Glasgow City Chambers. 7.30pm.

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