0 Rock Week (R Scotland) 25—31 Jan 242 is Calling You The Story of Pirate Radio in Scotland Saturday 25

i This begins a Special Week of Rock

2 programmes from Radio Scotland.

The station was not always part of the BBC. being first floated as an idea in 1966 as a ‘pirate‘ radio station. This is a reflective and

. nostalgic documentary looking at some of the people and influences of

the station with original recordings. The Rock Week continues with Rock on Scotland Specials every night. beginning Monday 27 at midnight. specially recorded during the Edinburgh International Festival 1985. It features some up-and-coming bands. including ‘Wet Wet Wet‘.‘del Amitri‘ and ‘The Primevals‘. all from Glasgow.

0 Beatstalking the History at Scottish

Rock Music begins a nightly programme at9. 10pm on Monday 27. tracing rock from Bill Haley to Lloyd Cole via ‘Nazareth‘ and the ‘Bay City Rollers‘.

0 Reporting Scotland. BBC 1. 6.35pm on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 will

include two short features on five

Glasgow bands. amongst them. ‘Kick Reaction’. ‘Love and Money‘

and ‘The Big Dish‘. and Tom Ferries‘

regular rock show at 10.10pm will also be featuring special items.

0 Folk on 2: My Kind of Folk (R2) 6pm. Norman Buchan. opposition spokesman for the arts. co-author of 'The Scottish Folk Singer‘ and revivalist ofScottish folk music.makes his choice of favourite records

0 ln Concert(R1)n.30pm.

‘The Cult‘ are in concert.

0 The Miller's Reel (R Scotland) 7.30pm. The tale ofa lover and his lass

. devised by Donald Campbell from

the songs and letters of Robert Burns. With David Hayman and Phyllis Logan. Music by the Edinburgh Quartet.

0 There Was a Lad (R Scotland) Burns Night celebrated from Scone Palace. chaired by actor Ian (‘harleson. with Norman MacCaig. William McIlvanney


0 Classic Concert (R2) 2.30pm. Second in the series ofsome truly classic rock. specially recorded for Radio ()ne over the last 15 years— this week The Faces in a 1972 recording

0 Jazz Classics in Stereo (R2) 4.02pm. Jelly Roll Morton is featured this week with a selection of recordings made in New Orleans and New York in the 1920‘s and now re-recorded in Robert Parker‘s ‘audio miracle‘.

0 Modern European Authors ( R4)


Osamn Durrani getting to grips with Robert Musil‘s ‘Man Without Qualities‘.

o Jude the Obscure (R4) 9.0me.

Published in 1895 the novel created an outcry on account of its apparent immorality. So vehement was the criticism. that Hardy abandoned writing novels altogether and after

this wrote only poetry. With Michael Pennington as Jude and Elizabeth Garvie as Sue Bridehead. First of six parts.


0 Oh Yes it is(R4) 12.27pm.

First ofa 7 part series taking an affirmative look at pantomime and its history. Narrated by Richard Briers and written by Gerald Frow. o A Certain Distance (R3) 7pm. Nobel prizewinning poet and essayist, Czeslaw Milosz talks to Graham Fawcett about his work and some of the pressures behind it.

o The Boss King Show (R Clyde) 7pm. Between 7 and 8pm Ross will be playing music recorded at Aztec Camera‘s live performance at Glasgow‘s Barrowland Ballroom.

0 Getting Into Gear (R4) 8.30pm

Five years after a census found the East End of Glasgow to be one of the most deprived areas in Europe, the Government. in 1976. set up GEAR - the Glasgow Eastern Area Renewal project. It comes to an end in April 1986 after a ten year attempt to revitalise this desperately run down area by co-ordinating the efforts of public bodies who all agreed to give it priority funding. Margo MacDonald looks at the tenements. factories. services and employment prospects of the East End and examines what GEAR has engaged and achieved.


o Acts and Galathea (R3) 2pm.

An interesting recording ofone of Handel‘s most popular operas, done on original instruments and using a chorus ofonly solo voices. A Swiss radio recording.

0 The Picnic (R3) 7.30pm.

The play. by Anthony Horowitz, is based on an incident in 1981 in the Forest of Ovransky when the KGB visits a picnic attended by a group of Jews and a woman is taken away. Timothy West plays the KGB man and Miriam Margolyes his prisoner. The music was sung by a Russian group. recorded in 1945 at a displaced persons‘ centre in Belgium.

0 Exiles in their own Country (R4) 9.15pm.

David Marquand. broadcaster and politician. looks at the current American political scene from the point of view ofthe Democratic Party‘s ideology and thinking.


o In the Valley at Sorrow: Scots voices from Spain (R Scotland) 3.45pm. Scottish survivors from the Spanish Civil War talk about their experiences ofit, their reasons for fighting. and reflect on what their ultimately doomed resistance to fascism achieved.


0 Danger: Sickness at Work (R Scotland) 7pm.

Now it seems there is some support for that suspicion that work makes you ill. This documentary examines

the unexpected dangers lurking in the seemingly innocuous office tippex, photocopier and VB. U.


0 Old Alliances (R4) 3.02pm

Trevor Royle‘s play about a man relinquishing his tea plantation in Assam to return to the estate of Kincraig in Scotland. where he lived as a child. Produced by BBC Radio Scotland.


0 The Ambassador (J. Lee Thompson, US. 1984) Robert Mitchum. Ellen Burstyn. Rock Hudson (Guild Home Video) Mitchum is the fair-minded American ambassador to Israel. vainly seeking to promote peaceful co-existence in the Middle East and managing to antagonise all sides in the process. Every conceivable element has been thrown into this over-plotted mish mash; terrorist attacks. kidnapping. blackmail. assassination attempts. marital discord et al. The result however. is a unpersuasive mix. In his final screen role Hudson plays trouble-shooting. security chief Frank Stevenson and 10% ofthe video release proceeds from The Ambassador will go towards AIDS research.

0 l Ought to Be in Pictures (Herbert Ross. US. 1982) Walter Matthau. Ann-Margret. Dinah Manoff (CBS/Fox) Teenage Brooklynite Manoff hitchhikes to Los Angeles to look up her long departed father Matthau. a sometime screenwirter and full-time gambler-boozer. Neither is what the other expected and their reunion is fraught with recriminations in an atmosphere of mutual hostility. Typically sentimental wisecracks and wisdom formula from the Simon ‘Odd Couple‘ factory with Matthau on restrained form in a tailor-made role.

0 irreconcilable Differences (Charles Shyer. US, 1984) Ryan O‘Neal. Shelley Long. Drew Barrymore (Guild Home Video) Divorce with a

difference as 9 year-old Barrymore

makes use of the Emancipation of Minors Act to take her parents to court and extricate herself from their uncaring clutches. Cue for flashback scenes. establishing their relationship and how solo successes as a novelist and film director irreparany damaged the family unit. Cute premise. coated with gooey sentiment to provide lightweight

romantic drama. Some pert comedy. I

a fine cast and perhaps an oblique critique of the American dream syndrome. Watchable throughout.

0 The Lonely Guy (Arthur Hiller. US.

1984) Steve Martin. Charles Grodin. Steve Lawrence (CIC Video) Aspiring novelist Martin is abandoned by his girlfriend. thrown into the streets and onto his wits. Re-adjusting to the single life he finds himself friendless and unhappy so he writes a bestselling book on all the lonely guys in the world. But he still can‘t gain a commitment from the woman of his dreams! Martin plays it relatively straight in this funny. genuinely romantic deadpan farce. Hiller‘s direction is surprisingly trenchant and the whole production is extremely agreeable. Recommended.

0 The Mean Season (Philip Borsos. US. 1985) Kurt Russell. Mariel Hemingway. Richard Jordan (Rank Video) Miami Journal reporter Russell latches onto an apparently motiveless killer who exploits him as a means ofeasy publicity for his unsavoury activities; duplicating a previous series of murders. Sensationalistic murder-mystery of dubious intent. A disappointment from the director of the charming

; Grey Fox.

0 Teachers (Arthur Hiller. US. 1984) Nick Nolte. Jobeth Williams. Judd Hirsch (Warner Home Video) Trench warfare is the order of the day in the classrooms of the John Kennedy High School as misfit pupils and malcontent teachers clash in the name ofeducation. This bile-laden. black-humoured drama is an obvious attempt to emulate Hiller's 1971 success The Hospital but without the lacerating wit ofa Paddy Chayefsky script it‘s more of a blackboard jumble than a pointed

: satire.

Hemingway and Russell looking moody in The Mean Season.

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