__ MUS_I

o The Barrie Band Banncrman‘s Ban Blues/Swing duo; guitar. fiddle and mainstream sit-in band. Hall. Mitchell Theatre. Granville Cowgatc. Every week a different .3 American song, 0 T-Zone Nico’s. Sauchiehall Street. ! Street.

1 line up. i _ I 332 1585. Modern. Lunchtime. 1 0 Saints and Sinners St Vincent l OJim Knight RoYaIOak. Infirmary E 8 3 Alternate “'CCRS- E Street. NCWJaZZ venue.

E Street. 557 2976. Glasgow Edinburgh 0 Bobby WishartOuartet Halt Bar.

: . i '_ Woodlands Road. Kevboards.

t. WEDNESDAY 19 0 George McGowan Orchestra Daniel ; 0 Texas Funk/1mm Jazz Club disco electric bass and drum's with Wishart i

Radio f Brown's. St Vincent Street. . bar. above Coasters. West Tollcross. on sax, Bop and fusion,

, 1.30-4.30pm. Jazz from the Big band i 0 Mike Hart's Syncopaters Learmomh -

: 0 Tide and Island Radio Scotland, era. i Hotel. Learmonth Terrace. Edmbu'gh

5 1.40—2pm. Recorded music from ' Frank Panlfim QUlNlel Studio 000- ' Lunchtime. New lady singer with the 0 Swing '85 Malt Shovel. Cockburn [rckmrL Scougmd, Walcs‘ Brittany Byres Road. Lunchtime. Great fun. . band who soon set off on Street. 225 6229. Hot club sound. btit

i and Calida, '_ Skilfulsax leads.various sets. international festival trips. clarinetand sax lead.

' Always instrumentals there to join I 0 Capital Jazz Band Grosvenor Hotel. 0 Delta Devils Maxies Bistro. West

in. ; Grosvenor Street. Lunchtime. Nicolson Street. 667 0845.

0 Reverend BfOlhefS ShOFC Bar. , 0 Bill Fanning Big Band Shadows. ; 0 Contos Platform ()iie. Rutland Guitar-based blues and American

. Leith. $53 5080. RCClS imd jigs by th ' Bath Street. 332 0532. Swing music. ? Street. 225 2433. Latin Jazz with Swing.

E waterside. " Lunchtime and all afternoon. ‘30s . vibes. congas and percussion. 0 Melanie O'Reilly and Francis Cowan 0 Alan Johnson Waverley Bar. St , and '40s style. 0 Tent White and The Dexters Shore Bar. Leith. Mainstream singer Mary‘s StrCCI. Scottish traditional 0 Cumbernauld Theatre Lunchtime Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. with guitarist. Intimate ambience. andlcontempiorary SUITES in Jazz. Tom MCGrath and others. 226 3816. Cavernous noisy bar. adjoining restaurant. Dockland.

1 par our-size upstairs ar. : - 5 sh htly smaller band minus two brass 0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street.

a 0 Edinburgh Folk Club Osbourne Edmburgh ; plfyers - still raunchy. Haymarkct. Solid trad band in Hotel. York Place.557 5746. C ome 0 Take Three Carlton Hotel. North 0 Basin Street Stampers Basin Street. Edinburgh‘s main venue for the All Ye. Bridge. Sax. gUitar. bass. Haymarket Terrace. Satchmo‘s early form ofJazz.

0 Robin Turner Royal Oak. Infirmary = o Tam White and The Dexters - music. ' Street. Takes his turn in the late ' Platform One. Rutland Street. Tam 0 Jack Findlay or Tom Findlay Quartet night basement folk pub. ; with the 9 piece band including brass Alternate weeks. Fingers Piano Bar. GIasgow ; :c;::;n§haw1rio platform Onc‘ ! FrederiCk Street. 0 Smith/Lyell Quartet De Quincev‘s.

. Radio Rutland Street Lunchtime. Union Street. 333 0633. Alternate

. . i 0 Mike Hart’s Selection Basin Street. ' GIasgow WCCkS- ChCCk for details-

o Travelling Folll Radio Scotland. Haymarkcr, Small traditional jazz 0 Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo Plus Hosted by Archie Fisher. band. wonderful selection ijazz _ O The Cotton Club Jazz Dance Disco Friends Glasgow Society of 8204mm]. posters on the stairs. Sco3tt Streit. 332 0712. Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221

1 10. l) m—- .30am. 6112. .30 . G'asgm” 3""0" 9 Edinpb h ' Edit pmil o Hamish lmlach Star Folk Club. Radio urg In my

. Canon place, Singer ()fgrcat stature. 0 Swing ’85 Malt Shovel. Cockburn 0 Liz McEwan/Jim Henry Dragonara

' Changed his name from Hyme 0 Jazz Classics Radio 2. 4pm. Street. 225 6229. Django meets Hotel. Belford Road. Good songs

, Shimlack when he started flying to Re-mastered gems from the early Goodman. and voice. Mainstream and soul jazz.

" overseas gigs. days. 0 East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. 0 Take Three Maxies Bistro. Nicolson

- Angle Park Terrace. Straight early Street.

Edinburgh Glasgow tunes and arrangements. | 0 Charlie McNair’s Band Preservation

i 0 Highland Line Clancy‘s. Dundee o Bourbon Jazz Band Beacon Hotel. . Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816.

Street. 229 2056. See 9 Feb. Park Terrace. Dixieland Band. 0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin 0 Shetland Fiddlers Society West End I Lunchtime. Glasgow I Street. Havmarket Terrace,

Hotel. Palmerston Place. 225 3656. g o Ricki Fernandez and Friends The i . . Dixieland inusjc, for all players or lovers of fiddle 5 Tron Bar, Tron Theatre. Parnic 0 Glasgow Society at Musrctans

. music. i Steet. Lunchtime. Good crowd. I Annual swa'emle’s Day concert M0” l 1

l i Glasgow o Burton/Nicholson Ouartet i Blackfriars. Albion Street. Bebop i Exceptional pianist, and leader at a -. ; V. and beyond. group that includes Lachlan MacCoil, . < . 0 Smith/Lyall Quartet Halt Bar. 2 guitar, Brian Shields, bass, and John ; ? WOOdland Road. Drtvmg _ Rae, drums, David Newton obliquer ; revealsthat the whole point oi his 3 quartet is to ‘start in the same place 3 y and end in the same place, which I tor i

sax/keyboard with bass and - one reel that a lot at jazz doesn‘t do'. FBI I ' Y 7

: 0 Sue Robertson Maxies Bistro. West Nicolson Street. Classic songs

occasional people sitting in. On stage the same evening in . I accompanied by Davy on guitar.

Edinburgh Edinburgh's Queen’s Hall (14 Feb) will ;

' Glasgow be the top British mainstream/swing {the Frauds Cowan Trio with Melanie 0 Jazz on Record Glasgow Rhythm tenor sax player Danny Moss (above). is] Hell'YJhcthdcrlf? slewing???“ Club Berkele Street. 7.45 m. wm‘ ms Quartet he "m 3'50 be tree" at ' 6.") or on d‘s‘sfi

. y . p apnea,an 3y mingaviers Black 3"" Dick Lee on clarinet and sax. FranCis Come and listen. informal talks on How on Sunday‘s Feb He has played on guitar. Melanie vocals. gagtimc. New Orleans. Swmg with among many omfl'andmg : a 0 Brian Kellogg Trio Royal British ebop. Avant Garde. pem’mners Frank 3mm” Sarah I Hotel. Princes Street. 556 4901. Edinburgh Vaughan 3"," Louis Amsyr’ong and . sesident piajnist. Post fifties.

. 0 Steve A uelles/Uan 0 sales and taken his sax and clarinet to every 0110ng 2311 term:- .

; ClartTracrgy ouiniei'orieen‘s Hall. continent. . ; ' Faisal“ 533"“ “WWW

Clerk Street 228 1155 (Usher Hall) Platform presents on 7 Feb in the 2 ~ " ; Emp"““m~ Abbeym‘mni- ,0"? 0f

10pm. £2,50'(£3, 50 {ion membersy ' dueen's Hall an evening oi music irom i ECM. He also plays English horn. , Edinburgh‘s Venues for dIXICiand

l See panel. the new wave or young players in i Arguelles is an astonishing drummer : and "ad- .

I 0 Melanie O'Rellly and Francis can" ; London. Diango Bates and Steve and percussionist. The Clark Travey i ' 39"“3 0' "Willi" 385'" Street

i Carlton Horei‘ North Bridgc_ COO] . Argueiles, two Loose Tubes, periorm ; Quartet, also in their twenties, include j Haymarkct TCWCG- Very anOyablC Mainstream songs accompanied by I as a duo. Diango is last becoming one I the eponymous drummer, son oi Stan, 2 Small 8mm- b d _ U G I _ understated yet complex guitar ; oi Britain's leading pianists, in much i and the frightenineg tluenttrumpet oi ' Wm 9" 0 311 all {WM “"8 work. g demand. lie was here last year, taking Guy Banter who has already worked i “0161- Ma'n‘ly mainstream .

o Spirits oi Rhythms Basin Street, 2 the chair in Dudu Pulrwana’s band. with Dizzy Gillespie, Gil Evans, Clarit Standards- 0355“? “"3 UP 0f Clarinet Haymarket. 5 With a quartet he has recorded ior 2 Tony and Jaco Pastorlus. ' twinge; asidéromggggiir:.n)tmg

. - - ipiant. a“. rum ' ' J(. cfifitflflfixg‘fflffiiflfii'k‘"‘ l l - Dnoonararazz Dragonaranotci.

The List 7—20 Feb 19