10.30pm. Free. Folk-rock.

O Makossa Preservation Hall. l Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. ' Crowd-pleaser of a reggae band. with a reggaefied version of Hey Joe that has even more guitar solos than Hendrix‘s.

Glasgow : O Psychic TV Rooftops. Promoted by The Sub(‘lub. this promises to be the gig oithe fortnight. A very. very. rare appearance indeed. Don’t miss it.


0 Small Businessmen (Tobe confirmed) Jailhouse. (‘alton Road. lllpm. Free.

CHEM}- Glasgow

0 The Nolans Pavilion Theatre. 121 Renfield Street. 332 1846. 6.3()and 8.45pm. £5.50. £5. £3.51). Two performances from the singing sisters.


0 Jurtiezut Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Kiam Jailhouse. (‘alton Road. 10.30pm. Free.




0 Centurion Shadows. Free.


0 Bennington Heights Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Fat Sam’s Band Jailhouse. Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

f WEDNESDAY 19 Edinburgh

0 Blues BrothersJailhousc. Calton

Road. 10.30pm. Free.

0 Ege Bam Yasi Assembly Rooms. George Street. Pretty weird. eh? Experimental combo who tonight are playing live (ie without backing tapes) and without their notorious props.


O Nightrider Shadows. Free.


f 0 Idle Frets Preservation Hall.

Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. 0 The Mirrors Jailhouse. Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free.


O The Crows Warehouse. 23 Kirkgate. Sec Sat 15.


1985 saw a litter oi Glasgow bands signed up and then dropped unceremoniously irom major recording deals. With only one single released (‘All I EverWanted') in the twelve months since The Fruits oi Passion signed to Siren Records, a number oi people must have been wondering it they were the next to experience that crushing disappointment, so it is happy news indeed to see this excellent pop band re-suriace in the New Year with not only a new single, ‘Loves Glory’, but a major support tour with Feargal Sharkey. Sharon Dunleavy‘s vocals are easily the mainstay oi the band, this cute

22 The List 7 20 Feb

blond has a suprisingly strident voice which she demonstrated with biting accuracy on ‘All I Ever Wanted'. The new single, ‘Loves Glory’ is another bag at beans altogether, rather slow and heavily tinged with country and western sentiment, thanktully more in the style at Lone Justice than gooey C&W.

On previous live experience, The Fruits have proved to be a competent and disarmingly young outiit and their Edinburgh and Glasgow gigs should be prooi at that. See them at Glasgow

; Barrowlands on February 11 and ' Edinburgh Playhouse on February 10. , (Andrea Miller)

. cassette.

than anywhere else in Scotland,


Like it or lump it, and most oi us are undecided, the pop video is here to stay. In the visually-concerned 80s it's common practice tor bands to send demo videos to record companies in place oi the time-honoured audio tape, as most top companies just aren't prepared to put their money where the music is. Bands are waking up to this, but it’s still a luxury beyond most pockets. Channel 5 Televisual Communications on Edinburgh’s Shandwick Place are oitering a deal to

make pop videos of broadcast quality

ior as little as 2150; about a day’s iilming. (Michael Jackson's Thriller cost something in the region at a million dollars).

Channel 5’s story began in 1981, when tounder Paul Blyth was playing in an Edinburgh band called The Strutz, who had the distinction oi releasing Britain's iirst video single. The Strutz begat Laughing Academy, and after seven video releases they are only now making their iirst record, since videos can be produced more cheaply than records by replacing the pressing stage with duplication irom a master

Channel 5 now think they are cheaper

: perhaps Britain. This is not to be

.' mistaken tor ‘cheap ‘n’ nasty‘ big 3 budgets are supertluous in the lace oi

imagination and a gleeiul exploration i

' oi the limits oivideo technology. Paul

5 cleverly made than many costing ; (whisper it) 100 times more.

; Laughing Academy on Muriel Gray’s Border series Studio One, and ; showings at a video testival in the Third

3 5" “Wei Channel 5 have divemfled' i theatre in the world an otiice block are

; still very much under consideration.

1 many bands have approached Channel n 5, presumably because they aren’t

Haig is probably their most celebrated customer; the video ior his Heaven Help You Now was made tor £800 and is tar more visually satisfying and

AttertheiriirstTV airing, The

Other projects have been scratch videos ior nightclubs, numerous training iilms and iashion ideas tor boutiques - a phenomenon which has been terribly popular in London but has yet to catch on here. Untortunately, not

aware oi its existence. It must, though,

i only be a matter at time. This is one

; televised. (Mall)

revolution that can'ttail to be i

(Channel 5 can be contacted at 54 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh. Telephone 031 226 2915)


0 Listen goes on the road! Lite on the open motorway, all the sights and more - the back ot a transit van and dubious bed and breakfast joints have not i turned the head oi Listen’s anti-rock chic-cry! (Even It It might have addled her brains a bit). So let’s get down to I the news this week. I


5 0 Lite on the Road Part One. Supposed super impresario Elliot Oavis oi

Precious (see panel) is apparently not

iniallible. Coming underthe heading oi

Major Managerial Mistakes was 20

Gallon Oavis’ error in titling up a petrol

tank with diesel, thus making bright young things Wet Wet Wet more than a tad late ior their London gig. The whole shebang had to taxi trom Brighton to

London to avoid delay— onlyto be

stopped ior speeding the next day by a

: traitlc cop who had enjoyed seeing the

band on The Tube the evening beiore (it’s a iair cop, gov . . .)

0 There is hope ior us all, my dears. in

the racy world at pop music anything

over 24 years old is considered verging on the ancient, so the news that Pet Shop Boys singer, Nell Tennant is a

. decrepit 31 Years Old comes as a

shock, to my system at least. Added to

~ that is the tact that the aiorementioned 1 Tennant has a bald patch the size at a

skating rink on top oi his head and well . . . You don’t see that on The Wogan

Show, do you?

: 0 Regular Music and their devotees may i be happy enough, but how will

{ Edinburgh’s Bingo Regulars react when

the Empire strikes back- the sound oi

l ‘The Handsworth Revolution’ moves

North on 23 February when reggae

; band Steel Pulse call out the hot : numbers. Rumour has it thatanother

winning combination, Sigue Sigue

l Sputnik, are playing this new music

j venue in March and could be ioilowed g by LA's long awaited psychobillies-

; The Cramps.

o Rumours that The Much Loved Apollo

(do you remember everyone

complaining about how tatty it was

i when it was still open?) is to be

: re-turbished as a stand-up venue

: seems to be just that. lam assured that ? plans to make Status Ouo's tavourite

; 0 Big Country are to record hall at their iorlhcomlng album in obscure Glasgow 9 studio Park Lane. The band, who

recorded the soundtrack tor Restless

; Natives there last year are home-loving

boys who much preterto record in

Scotland than go south.


1. Preiab Sprout: Johnny Johnny (Kitchenware)

2. The Shop Assistants: Somewhere in China (53rd and 3rd)

3. Halt Man Hali Biscuit: 99% Oi Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd (Pro Plus)

I 4. James Brown: Living in America 5 (Scotti Bros) 3 5. Tommy Tate: What Gives You The

_ ,__J

Right? (Move)