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SATURDA : _ Glasgow

, o Karate Meditation Day The Glasgow Buddhist Centre.32‘) Sauchiehall

Street. 3330524. £7 incl. lunch. Led

l by Dharmavira (2nd Dan). the

' emphasis is on karate as DO. ie as an ‘- art form and method ofpersonal development. For those with some

j prior experience of karate.

| suquv 9

j Edinburgh

0 Fundamentals oi Movementand

; Improvisation Workshop The

. Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. L 667 5438. IOam—Spm. £12/£‘). A

workshop led by dance therapist

Kedzie Penfield.


e Beginners Meditation Course. The 3 Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. 333 0524.

‘H' Ruin“, 1‘

to join the Torchlit Vigil around CSB

a torch. There is a Ceilidh In the Peace Camp (bring musical instruments) on the Friday, wortshops and NVDA (Non-Violent Direct Action) training on the Sunday and Monday is NVDA Day. Hotvegan meals will be supplied. Contributions ot vegetables/wholeioods needed and


Faslane, on Saturday. Bring a candle or

FRIDAY 14 Edinburgh

0 Myers-Brigg Indicator Workshop The Salisbury (‘entre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5438. Fri 6—9pm Sat 10am—5pm. £20. Led by Sister Agatha Bugeja. this workshop aims at pinpointing your gifts and preferences using a technique based on C J. Jung's research. Bring lunch to share.

SUNDAYIG Edinburgh

0 Vipassana Retreat Day The Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5438. l0am—5pm. {hi/£5. Insight meditation. focusing on awareness ofbreath through walking. standing. 'I'ai (‘hi and sitting meditation. with Gelda MacGregor.




0 Glasgow Vigil Against Trident Every Friday at junction of Buchanan Street/Argle Street. 6—7pm.


0 Cate Victor Hara (‘ornerstone (are. Lothian Road. 8pm onwards. Bring own wine. refreshments.

Poetry music. song. with Paul Baker. back from his Central American

volunteers tor crbche/cooking/bansport.

Bring warm waterproof clothing, ribbons, wool and rainbow banners to create a colourful protest. To telephone the camp ring 0436 820 901. The Camp Is on the A814 between Helensburgh and Gareiochhead. Take the train Ior Neiensburgh from Glasgow, Queen Street, and then the 134 bus for the peace camp.

Peace March. talking about his experiences.



3 0 Waiting ior Kinnock-oriighting back now? McLelIan Galleries, : Sauchiehall Street. 12—5pm. £1/50p.

A day ofdiscussion and debate

organised by the Revolutionary . Communist Party,with refreshments and child care




0 Nationalise or privatise- does It matter? McLelIan Galleries. Sauchiehall Street. 8pm. Free. A public meeting organised by the Socialist Party ofGreat Britain

FRIDAY 14 Glasgow

0 Orange Action - to stop Trident now The Rainbow Campaign. Faslane Peace Camp. Fri l4—Monl7. For details see panel.


' 0 National Youth CND Conierence 1986

Queen Margaret Union. Glasgow University. Rally 11am. Workshops Registration 9am. (£2 for workshops 21 year-olds or under). The Conference continues on Sunday. Workshops on Apartheid and Nuclear Weapons. Peace Camps. Irish Neutrality, Building Youth CND. and Women in the Peace Movement. Youth CND are organising a coach to Orange Action (see Listings for Fri 14) details can be obtained at the conference. For further information ring 3312878 or 332 4312.

TUESDAY 18 Edinburgh

0 Video— ‘Notes on Nuclear War’ Chaplaincy Centre. Bristo Square. 7pm. According to Scottish CND. ‘the best video yet made on the nuclear issue', this showing organised by Edinburgh University CND.

WEDNESDAY 19 Edinburgh

0 Who decides nuclear arms policy?

' Morningside Peace Group. The Open Door. 420 Morningside Road,

10.30am. A talk by Christine Soane.

; 0 Seeds oi Hope in Central America Stockbridge CND. Stockbridge

Primary School. 7.30pm. A Talk by

§ Paul Baker ofSEAD (Scottish Education and Action for

Development) who has recently

_ returned from Central America.




0 Space Weapons: ‘Star Wars' and anti-satellite weapons The Centre for Human Ecology, 15 Buccleuch Place. 7.30pm. Free. Two Short talks given by Alan Walker and Graham Spinardi, followed by a discussion.

I l




0 Womens Writers Group Every Thursday. Fairhill Community Centre. Neilsland Road. Coatbridge. 1.30pm.

SATURDAY 8 Edinburgh

0 In Conversation with Susie Drbach Wilkie House. Cowgate. 2pm. £2/£1. (Tickets on sale at door from 12 noon onwards). Wheelchair access. creche available. A dialogue with Susie Orbach. author of ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’ and therapist at the Womans Therapy Centre in London. about women and psychotherapy. Lunch available from 12 noon. Organised by Womanzone Bookshop. tel 667 2926.



0 Womens Seli Deience Group Neilsland Primary School. Laithstone Hall Road. Hamilton. Every Monday 7-9pm.



5 0 Womens Health Group Adelphi

Nursery School . Commercial Road.

Gorbals. Every Tuesday 10am.

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0 Our Mental Health Glasgow Women i

in Health Group. Women’s Centre. 48 Miller Street. G1. 7.30pm.

75p/50p. A discussion specifically for

women working in the NHS but anyone interested is welcome.

0 Womens Health Group Pivot Community Education Centre. Moodieburn. Every Wednesday. 7.30pm.


' 0 Creating 3 Medicine Wheel The

Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5438. l()am—5pm. £8/£5. A woman-only event with Julie Weisman. experiencing North American Indian traditions and rituals.



0 Open Reading Lavendar Menace. 11a Forth Street. 8pm. Free. Open reading for all women. Bring own

poetry/stories to read.

t _ i


TUESDAY 11 Glasgow

0 NVDA and what it means to me 5 Rhualian House, Montgomerie Drive. Giffnock. 7.30pm. NVDA is Non-Violent Direct Action. and 3

giving the talk is Helen Steven of the J

Iona Community. For further info

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