0 Open to question Bearsden Burgh

[ring Martin Baillie at 638 3890.

Hall (upper room). 8pm. Margaret

; Morton. General Secretary of

l Scottish CND is speaking and

answering questions from local




0 Round the World with Kilt and Camera City Hall. Albion Street. 7.30pm. Organised by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Entry possible for non-members. £1 at door. An illustrated talk by Alastair Scott. who hitched round the world for five years wearing a kill and carrying a camera and whose book Scot Free. the first of three books on his travels. is published this Spring by John Murray.


0 A Talk on the Philippines SEAD offices. 29 Nicolson Square. 7.30—9.30pm. Free. This is a talk (with slides and tape) by Diana Toynbee. a VSO worker recently returned from the Philippines. about her experiences.



0 Can we teach comprehension? Hillhead Library Hall. 7.30pm. A talk by Dr Mulholland about dyslexia.


0 Tactical Nuclear Weapons and

‘lntlexible Response’ The Centre for Human Ecology. 15 Buccleuch Place. 7.30pm. Free. A talk given by Graham Spinardi ofthe Dept of Science Studies. followed by a discussion.

0 Dounreay: the link between nuclear power and nucelar weapons Abbeyhill Primary School. 7.30pm. A talk by Steve Martin ofSCRAM. organised by Abbeyhill CND.

0 Round the World with Kilt and Camera Usher hall. Lothian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. Organised by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Non members £1 at the door. See Wed 12. Glasgow for full details.



0 A Holiday in Tuscany Kirk 0‘ Field Parish Church. 7.30pm. Organised by the Social Club. A talk with slides by Mr Kenneth Simpson.



0 Architecture in Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century Edinburgh College of Art. 5pm. A lecture by David Guggenheim to accompany the

3 exhibition at the College of Art of Israeli Architecture Build Ye Cities

organised by the British Israel Arts Foundation. Mr Guggenheim lectures in Environmental Design at the Balzalel Academy of Art. Jerusalem

’34 The List 7-20 Feb

0 Sport Is listed as diary: by sport. then

by day, then by event. This isa lree listings service. Please send all details not later than 10 days beiore publication. .

BASKETBALL ; . Friday 7 g

0 Murray IM v Birds and Bees : Meadowbank. 7.30pm. Div 1 (Men). . o Gearv Ouniermline Alexandra Park l SP.8.45pm. Div2(Men). Q 0 INTERNATIONAL Scotland Under 15 v i Ireland Under 15 Girls. Forrester High School. 7pm.

Saturday 8

e Inverclyde v Edzeil Stage Greenock SC. 6.30pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Birds and Bees v Seahawks Stirling University. 7pm. Div 1 (Men).


0 Seahawks V Paisley Ardnadam 2pm. Div 1 (Men).

0 Team Legendsv Magnum The Hub. Glasgow. 3pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Cumnock v Ouniermline Cumnock Academy. 3pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 E Kilbride v Dundee John Wright LC. 3pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Perth v Norton House Hotel Bell‘s SC. 3pm. Div 1 (Men).

0 Maclin Electrics v Bruins Jack Kane

. ""' \m'a‘ «K‘s» -w- -~- " \r -- ..~ 1 G I


El i

For curlers, it's the big event oi the year: and the Men’s Championships at Perth , (see Listings) will get STV coverage. In

the Iast1O years curling has come on a lot and now Scotland's 22 ice rinks can boast over 30,011) participants. However, despite recent development, s It can hardly be lied a new discipline and these championships have their origins In the very traditional Grand Match which was usually held outdoors at Loch Leven, Stormont Loch or the Lake 01 Montelth and pre-dates the ice rink. It is a great pity that the Grand Match cannot be guaranteed annually but It obviously has to depend on weather conditions. The last was held in 1979.


\ ~ ~L... “‘1 t. can! _\\\‘

km in


' SC. 3pm. Div2(Men).

SC. 3. 15pm. Div 2 (Men). Saturday 15

0 Norton House Hotel v Murray IM Lasswade SC. 3pm. Div 1 (Men).

ADMINTON Saturday 8/Sunday 9

; 0 Midland Group BP Open Junior

(Under 13, Under15 and Under18). Grangemouth Sports Complex. 9.30am—9pm on both days. A championship which will include a variety of playing standards from the

f school ages along with the top

players ofthe Juniors at Under 18 age-grouping. Players like Ann

2 Gibson (Dumfries) and Nicola

Lochran (Glasgow) should produce excellent competition. while Fraser

5 MacDonald (Perth) and Gordon Haldane (Kirkcaldy) ofthe Men‘s

Under 18 will also be well worth watching.

Saturday 15

o RSL Midlothian Open Junior Under

14 Ladywood Sports Centre.

Penicuik. An all day event starting with girls matches at 10am and boys

' in the afternoon starting at 2pm.


o Buster Browns v Perth Meadowbank SC. 3pm. Div 1 (Men).


é )3 g

\, I‘L

Indoors at Perth, it’s anybody's guess


at this stage who'll take the title and as yet the Iinallsts have not emerged.

' Pictured here is Billy Howat (Ayr), last

0 Seahawks v Falkirk Ardnadam.

2pm. Div 1 (Men).

0 Paisley v Birds and Bees Barrhead SC. 3.45pm. Div 1 (Men).

0 Ountermline v Bruins Dunfermline HS. 2pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Cumnock v Team Legends Cumnock Academy. 3pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Edzell v E Kilbride RAF Edzell. 3pm. Div 2 (Men).

0 Gearv Inverclyde Alexandra Park

O FalkirkvAIl Blacks Coasters Arena.

12.15pm. Div 1 (Men). 0 Paisley v Murray lM Barrhead SC.

1.45pm. Div 1 (Women).

I a 1 Friday 7—Sunday9

0 Royal Caledonian Curling Club Scottish Pairs Championships Murrayfield Ice Rink. Edinburgh. Fri afternoon start. continuing all day Sat. Sun semi finals 12.30pm. finals 3pm. 2 pairs from all entered ice rinks will compete. Admission free.

Wednesday 12-Sunday 16

0 Scottish Mens Championship Final Perth Ice Rink. Wed start at 7.45pm. Thurs and Fri all day. Sat 10.45am and 3pm. Sun semi finals 10.15am. finals 3pm.

- Wednesday 19-Sunday 23

0 Scottish Ladies Championship Final

Hamilton Ice Rink. Wed start at ; 8pm. Thurs and Fri all day. Sat

competitions morning and afternoon. Sun semi finals 9.30am. finals 2.30pm.

; Edinburgh ; e Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 2 7.30pm. Powderhall Stadium.

Beavcrhall Road. £2.20 Stand. £1 .30 Ground. inc programme.

Glasgow 0 Tuesdays, Thursdays 7.45pm,

3 Saturdays7.30pm.Shawfield

Stadium. Rutherglen. £1.50. inc programme.


0 Scottish UnderZO Ladies Foil. 0 Scottish UnderZO Mens Foil. Both start at 9.30am at George

Watson's Boys College. Colinton Road. Edinburgh. Spectator

3 admission is free ofcharge.

year's champion and serious contender

. lor1986.

Curling is also a ladies’ sport and Isabel Torrance will be a name to look Ior at Hamilton later in the month. Gaining two consecutive wins at junior level and then going on to take the senior title, it is talrto expect her among the iinallsts although anything can still happen in the heats. Positive growth In the sport has meant a greater number at rinks involved and this is

e rellected in the unpredictable outcome

oi the championship competitions.

0 Open Ladies Epee.

0 Open Ladies Sabre.

0 Scottish UnderZO Men's Epee.

0 Scottish UnderZO Men's Sabre. Epee: 9.30am George Watson’s Boys College. Colinton Road. Edinburgh. Sabre: 1pm George Watson‘s Boys College. Colinton Road. Edinburgh.

This is the first time that there is : specific ladies competition at Epee asthisisacategory which will be

included in the Commonwealth championships.