{re—THINS SATURDAY CLUB Thins l Bookshop 53-59 South Bridge. 556

_, MEDIA LIST " mi

(USA 1985) 75 mins. Highly popular . and successful animated feature for bears and others intent on defeating

l 6743. Saturdays 10—11.30am. Free.

| Open to children ofall ages. Puzzles. quizzes. competitions. games and stories.

0 359 GALLERY 209 Cowgate 225 3013. Mon—Sat 12.30—5.30pm.

369 Saturday Morning Art Clubs Starting 8 Feb. 8—12 years. £7 (£3) for 8 weeks. Fun with painting. drawing. collage. fabric. waving and puppet making. Also a chance to start work on the ‘Spring Fling‘ painting competition. for which the theme will be ‘Peace'.

Saturday Afternoons starting 8 Feb 12— 16 years £7 (£3) for 8 weeks. The Cowgate is one of the oldest streets in Edinburgh. Paint. draw. or photograph its looming buildings and the people who live in them.

0 TOY LIBRARIES Rent-a-Toy instead ofa book for the under fives and handicapped children. The most interesting amongst the playful is available from 12 locations in and around Edinburgh. £5 per year or £2 per term. Contact Mrs Tebble at WRVS. 556 4284 for further details. 0 YWCA 7 Randolph Place. 225 4379. Tomato Sauce Theatre Company Children‘s Theatre workshop for 10—14year-olds. Sats 10.30am—12.30pm. Membership £2.50per annum. Rehearsing now for a production to be performed in the summer.


0 CANONGATE TOLBOOTH MUSEUM 163 Canongate. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Closed Sun. Free.

Art, Laughter and the Bright Eyes of Childhood The art of the playful. A selection ofdelightful historical toys from the Museum ofChildhood whilst this is being expanded (due to oqen again in the summer).


0 FILMHOUSE 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. Junior Matinees under 15 years 80p. Adult £1 . Tickets available on day of performance only. Details ofspecial ‘parties after the film‘ from the box office.

Sat 8, 2pm: The Water Babies (U) (UK/Pol 1978) 92 mins. Charles Kingsley‘s tale ofTom. sticklebacks and Mrs Do-As-You-Would-Be-Done-By. Directed by Lionel Jeffries.

Sat 15, 2pm: The Care Bears Movie (U)

the Evil Spirit who is trying to rid the world of Feelings! Tenderheart and his twelve Care Bear disciples to the rescue!

0 REGAL North Bridge Street. Bathgate. ()506 630 869. Sat matinees 2pm. 30p child and adult. Selected programmes from the Children's

Film Foundation. includes a feature. cartoons andaserial.

‘1 Theatre

0 KING’S THEATRE 2 Leven Street.

229 1201. Box office Mon—Sat

10am—8pm. Bar. Rest. [D] Aladdin Until Sat 22 Feb. 7pm every day excl. Suns. 2. 15pm Weds & Sats. £5 £2.50. Halfprice cones available

on some days. A lad in a spot of

trouble sees the light with a lamp. There is plenty of I lanky Panky from

Twankey delightfully sent tip by

Stanley Baxter whose costumes

; literally go over the top during a highway code striptease!

O THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. Box ()ffice 226 5425. 9.30am—5.30pm and before perls. Coming soon Bumpelstiltskin 22 Feb. 2 and 4.30pm. £2 (£1). The fairytale re-told by the Edinburgh Puppet Company with a strong sense of real theatre. Book early.


0 Emu's Pink Windmill Show (STV) Fri 14 Feb 4.25pm. Weekly for 10 weeks. Rod Hull wrestles with his leggy. feathered friend. Emu. as the squawky bird finds himselfup to his neck in it with King Boggle.

: Grotbags. Robot Redford and Croc. ' 0 Bill the Minder (STV) Starting Mon

17 Feb 4.10pm. 5 days a week for 3

weeks. Long before Dennis

Waterman got the part. Bill was a minder to a family of irascible children. including Nero the worrit. Knut. Hannibal and Boadicea (the

3 nice one). He was the invention of 1 Heath Robinson in the book Bill the

Minder. published in 1912. beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written. BeVanfield Films had the bright idea of making it into a series ofanimated films for television and Grafton will shortly publish a book of the series. A record of the music used is also available (price £1 .99—£2.50).



n Keep your Watch of [/70 Correct time, \\-'\ ,-l

a Pas/hen [t 50 that the ants toward

HOUR hand

te sun. (/(worzg MINUTE HAND) , . . g


Draw an imaj/nar

line barn/gen the hour hand and 72.


[BIDDI— 0 Report (S'IV) 6.30—7pni.

With 1986 designated as Industry Year the Report team focus on Dundee as a case study to illstrate what is being done to revive Scottish industry. l’rayer'.’

o Travellers in Time (1313(2) 8—8.30pm.

Pictures from the Pole unearths unique footage ofCaptain Scott's final South Pole expedition undertaken in 191 1.

o How to Survive the 9 to 5 (Channel 4) 10311-1 1.20pm.

First of a new series examining stress at work and promising practical advice on how to increase job satisfaction. That‘s always assuming one has a job in the first place.

0 Privilege (Channel 4) 11.20—1.10pm.

Paul Jones plays a massively popular singing idol. deployed to control the violent impulses of British youth in this futuristic film directed by Peter (War Game) Watkins.


0 Every Second Counts ( BBCl) 8.15—9.05pm.

New quiz programme with competing husband and wife teams hosted by the charmless Paul Daniels.

0 Sondheim's Broadway(BB(‘2) 8.20—10.50pm.

British television premiere of Sondheim‘s Sweeney Tod musical starring George Hearn as the demon barber of Fleet Street and Angela Lansbury as his landlady. partner and piemaker.

0 Saturday Live (Channel 4) 8.30—10pm.

Pamela Stephenson hosts another slab of live alternative entertainment featuring the Dangerous Brothers. Nigel Planer. Raw Sex. the Inspirational Choir and Paul Hardcastle.

o Sleuth (1313(‘1 ) 9.25—1 1.40pm. Michael Caine's cinematic coming of age as he matches wits with Laurence ()Iivicr in this deft. theatrical mystery. 1972.

0 Death Hunt (S'l‘V)

10.30pm—12. 15am.

Routine action film with Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin clashing in the snowy wastelands of 1930s Canada. 1981.

0 You Are What You Eat ( BBCI) 6.20—6.30pm.

Handy little series probing the British diet and related health problems. Tonight the topic is take-away meals and junk food.

0 My Britain (Channel4) 8—9pm.

First of a new series allowing individuals to voice a personal view of the land. Tonight's viewpoint is that of rock entrepreneur Miles Copeland who visits Liverpool and is chastened by the ‘aggressively negative' young people he encounters there.

0 Screen Two ( BBCZ) Honest. Decent and True. A small ad-agency is assigned to create a promotional campaign fora new lager targeted at the youth market in this satirical ' examination ofthe inherent self-deception at play in the world of advertising.

0 Allie (Channel 4) 10.30—12.40am. Caine received his first Oscar nomination as the selfish Cockney romeo learning that there is more to life than casual sex. 1966.


0 Wish You Were Here (S'I'V) 7—7.30pm.

Holiday options this week include Dubai. complete with desert safari and camel racing. Bulgaria and an ()utward Bound course in the Scottish Highlands.

0 Wogan(BBC1)7—7.4(lpm.

Our Tel announces the grand total raised by the Children in Need appeal. confidently predicting an excess of£4 million.

0 Horizon (BBC2)8.10—9pm. Long-term statistics on the cause of air tragedies reveal that four out of five crashes over the past decade can be attributed to pilot error. In ‘The , Wrong Stuff‘ Horizon concludes that . many airline pilots are simply not suited to commercial jobs.

0 The British Record Industry Awards (BBCl)

Noel Edmonds hosts the annual rock bean feast at which Prince proved ' himselfsuch a purple prat last year. Nominated in the eleven categories are Sting. Madonna. Eurythmics. Madonna. Bruce Springsteen. Madonna. Stevie Wonder.

Madonna. Wonder if Madonna will win anything?

russoav 11 ~

0 Duo Vadis (Channel 4) 9—1 1.05pm. See panel.

0 Hideaway ( BBC] ) 9.30— 10.20pm. First of a new 6-part thriller in which

a small-time villain attempts to opt

out of his underworld lifestyle and retire with his family to a village in Derbyshire. His final job upsets his associates who are soon on his trail.

0 Arena (BBCZ) 9.55—10.45pm. Portrait of multi-talented ; octogenarion French novelist Marguerite Yourcenar. the only woman memberofthe Academie I Francaise. ;

o Dillinger(STV)1().35pm—12.35am. Rough. tough. romantic biopic of

The List 730 Feb 31