the Depression-era bankrobber. Warren Oates stars. 1973.


o The Garden at Allah (Channel 4)


Charles Boyer invites Marlene

Dietrich to come with him to the

casbah in this florid romantic

, melodrama from 1936.

0 Report Back (STV) 3.30—4pm.

Repeat screening looking at both

sides of the fence in the peace camp

at Faslane. o 40 Minutes (BBC2) 9.30—10. 10pm. On the eve ofSt Valentine‘s Day a documentary on the singles industry in America. including a Singles

Laundrette in Dallas.


0 Writers on Writing (SW) 12.30—1pm. In the first of a new series Richard Hoggart talks to novelist Edna O’Brien. 0 Report (STV) 6.30—7pm. St Valentine‘s Day examination of romance. Does it still exist in an age ' ofcomputer dating? 0 Micro Live (BBC2) 7—7.30pm. Andrew Neil presents a special

; report on the impact ofelectronic 1 information technology on the Stock

i Exchange. the Law and the Press.


0 My Britain (Channel 4) 8—9pm. David Steel makes use of his film resources to comment on the state of

the nation.


o All at No 29 (SW) 8—8.3()pm. New sitcom with Maureen Lipman

as a widow lumbered with a hefty

mortgage and a household of



g 0 Prospects (Channel 4)

First of a new drama series about two young Londoners trying to make ends meet between dole cheques.


' o Farrington oi the F0 (STV)


New comedy series set in the Foreign ' Office. Angela Thorne stars.

0 Bad Blood (Channel 4) 9.30pm. Well-mounted retelling of a true story from New Zealand, the Graham Case of 1941. Jack Thompson stars as a backwoods

: farmer who ran amok. killing seven

. men and provoking the greatest

_ manhunt in New Zealand history. Director Mike Newell


0 The Harlequin Years: Parade ( R3)


The Polish composer Alexandre

Tansman highlights the rivalries

between the Conservatoire and the

Schola Cantorum in the lively avant Lgarde period following World War I:

38 The List 7 - 20 Feb



Since the Oscar-winning triumph oi

, : Mephlsto,KlausMaria Brandauerhas

consolidated his International

reputation as an accomplished and

‘. : versatile actor, playing a Bond villain in Connery's Never Say Never Again,

s co-starrlng with Rediord and Streep in

1 Out oi Alrica and scoring another

personal success in Colonel Redl,

' currently showing at the Glasgow Film

Theatre. In Ouo Vadls he plays the insane and

3 tyrannical Emperor Nero, a juicy

assignment ior such welghtythespians

as Peter Ustlnov and Charles Laughton in the past. A lavish, six-hour Italian

production, the mini-series uniolds

'5' . overthree nights on Channel 4. Dotted , among the cast are Max Von Sydow,

Frederic Forrest and Christina Ralnes, all employed on a script chlelly attributed to Ennlo de Conclnl, writer at the highly praised series Octopus-Power oi the Maila.

Based on the bestselling novel by Herman Sienltlewlcz, Ouo Vadls is set in AD 63 and covers the iallure oi the

, Piso conspiracy.

‘I was whistled very much. very often. Milhaud and Stravinsky. everybody was whistled. It was very nice.‘ A view of Parisian musical life in the 1920s its artistic tone set by Jean (‘octeau’s manifesto ‘l-e (‘oq et l'Arlcquin' is presented in a series of 12 weekly programmes. Erik Satie's ballet ‘Parade‘ introduces the harlequinade period


0 Radio, Radio (R1 ) 2pm

The series looking at innovative DJs this week John Peel receives acknowledgement.

0 in Concert ( R1 ) (i.3()pm Blancmange from the Ilammersmith ()deon. London.

0 Weimar Season: Feb 8—16: The Threepenny Opera (R3) 8pm

The Weill’Brccht collaboration of John Gay‘s lighthearted political satire. ‘The Beggar’s Opera‘. which begins the ‘Weimar Season‘ on

Radio 3. is the archetypal work of

the period 1925—33. the second half of the Weimar Republic. It was a time in which artists rejected the Romantic period in favour of their contemporary world . Brecht‘s ‘In the Jungle of the Cities is the second play On Wed 12 Feb (R3) 9pm and Brecht is also the subjectofModern European Authors on t) Fem R4) 4pm?


0 Classic Concert ( R1 ) 2.30pm Remember a ‘Strange Kind of Woman’ or ‘Smoke on the Water“? The heavy sound of Deep Purple I during the 70s are revived in Part 3 of the rock series.

0 Weimar Season: Machinist Hopkins (R3) 2.45pm

Max Brand's work is the opera highlight ofthisscason. It is set in a contemporary nightclub. boardroom and factory in which the faceless l machines sing to question the means I by which factory workers achieve I their rights.

' 0 Jazz Classics in Stereo ( R2) 4pm

Featuring Johnny Dodds. The Clarinet King.

0 From Morning to Morning (R3) 7pm The first of three plays interwoven

. into the Weimar Season is by Georg

Kaiser. one of the best known writers of(ierman Expressionist



0 BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (R3) 12 noon

Matthias Bamert conducts the first UK performance ofSuite from Wiener Chronik 1848 by Kurt Schwertsik

0 Monday, Monday (R Forth) 6pm. Mark Hagen interviews Peter

Richardson. Nigel Planer and

Adrian Edmondson from The Comic Strip.

0 Art ior Art's Sake (R Scotland) 7pm Forsaking art for commerce? Douglas Young investigates the business of art.

0 Janice Long: The British Record Industry Awards (R1)7pm

The coveted British Record Industry Awards for 1985 and the Radio 1 Award for the best British Newcomer voted by listeners to the network are relayed during the programme. ()n Tuesday 11 Simon Bates (R1 ) 9.30am. will be interviewing some of the artists and winners.

0 Something to be Said (R3) 8pm

for example ‘Get stewed: Books are

a load ofcrap.’ The dry wit of Philip

Larkin is assessed Kingsley Amis. his longstanding friend. is among the contributors.

0 Scottish Waveband (R Forth) midnight—2am.

Feargal Sharkey‘s No 1 hit. A Good Heart. was apparently specially recorded to sound good on car radios. See how he sounds as himself in conversation with Colin Somerville.



o Weimar Season (R3) 1.05 m

Dajos Bela who led one oft e most celebrated bands of the 205 and recorded music for the new German sound-films.

0 Film Stars (R4) 7.45pm

A new ten-part series featuring a stream ofstars First Marlon Brando,

o The Mind in Focus (R4) 7.45pm Most people know where they stand on sex and religion. but do they know why they hold these views? Peter Evans begins a new series which considers the influences that bend and sway opinion.


0 Masters, Pupils and disciples in the Weimar Republic (R3) 10am

Weill was a pupil of Busoni and Eisler a pupil ofSchoenberg with whom he fell out. while Zemlinsky taught Schoenberg. Schoenberg said that Weill‘s was the only music in which he could see no merit. but he did admire Lehar‘s. . . a few eternal triangles for Valentine‘s Day in the intriguing background of friendships and influences during the Weimar period.

0 Fingers inihe Jam (R4) 12.25pm Presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and devised by Colin Sell and Robert Cushman. the programme features songs about and around adults and childhood. parents and children.

0 Gloria Hunnilord in Paris (R2) 2pm Gloria Hunniford sends messages for listeners from Paris with love in this broadcast from France for Valentine‘s Day. Sacha Distel goes along for romantic credibility.

0 Love: Poetry and Song (R Scotland) 8pm.

The Scottish mind turned to love, not always reverently. in poems and songs. First performed at the Edinburgh Festival

0 Dancing Near the Precipice (R3) 11pm

Compellingly decadent. cabaret and

late-night revue from Berlin in the 20s.


O AlrightAllnight (R Clyde) 12.06am. Live broadcast of disco music from ! the Club de France, Coatbridge.


0 Monday, Monday (R Forth) 6pm. Mark Hagen lines up Sir Richard Attenborough in conversation if not in chorus.

o The Misanthrope (R Scotland) 8pm. Radio Scotland begin a new Spring Season ofdrama with six plays of widely different appeal. The first is Moliere‘s The Misanthrope, translated into broad Scots by Hector MacMillan and coincidentally coming at the same time as the Liz Lochhead version of Tartuffe at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh. The Misanthrope is quite different, both in the original and in adaptation and should make an interesting juxtaposition.